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Email marketing for the store: Mini-guide to start off on the right foot

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If used well, email marketing remains an effective tool for most businesses: 8 guidelines to develop a perfect email marketing strategy. Despite the growing predominance of Social Media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools for the store as well as for most businesses. It is in fact an excellent channel to keep in touch with customers, but how can it be used to increase sales? Here is a brief guide to find out how to do it. We assume that each of your clients has at least one e-mail address. An e-mail account is, in general,…

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design your own brand

How to design your own brand?

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Just as you read it … in this article, we will discuss with you to design your own brand. It is a matter of giving a few brushstrokes on the fundamental steps you must take to give identity to a company, project or personal brand. Yes, nobody has said that it was easy and above all, we do not take responsibility for the results … #1 – Make a brand workshop Every creative process must begin with a reflective and participatory period. Your brand, your company, or your project will coexist in a market full of competitors, customers and suppliers.…

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Print Advertising

7 Tips For Your Print Advertising

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When talking about graphic design applied to marketing and promotion strategies, it is important to remember that not all designers have the same skills, and in marketing matters, for any business, it is important to apply some rules or advice so that the design of all the marketing material has better possibilities of reaching its objective, which is to put in the minds of the people, and the print advertising that promotes and induce the public to purchase. Also remember that when it comes to small businesses, there is a disadvantage against the large advertising companies that exist everywhere, however,…

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advertising on social networks

The importance of advertising on social networks

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Online advertising has incorporated new platforms and business opportunities for companies and brands, there are many types of advertising channels on the Internet. According to the latest studies the most used by brands is advertising in searches, but has gained a presence in the plans of the companies the advertising on social networks. Since the business models of the social platforms in the last years, has been oriented in subtracting presence to the organic contents so that the companies invest in advertising on social networks with the purpose of obtaining a greater scope for publications. The importance of advertising on…

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In any business it is important to understand which channel of communication with the client is better fulfilled. Your advertisements or emails can be viewed, clicked on the link, but still not buy. In order not to waste money, you need to be able to count the effectiveness of each channel and choose the performance metrics that brings more money and regular customers. 11 PERFORMANCE METRICS FOR ADVERTISING It is important to understand what audience, on what platforms and with what offer (offer) to launch advertising. Performance Metrics will help assess how correctly these success components were selected, here you…

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local web marketing

6 ideas for a truly local web marketing strategy

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In the past I often saw local companies open Twitter channels for local web marketing, which may be operated in areas of the province. The reason? Because Twitter was considered the second Social Network after Facebook and therefore “we must be there”. The results were mostly poor: compared to budgets spent on articulated publishing plans, few followers were collected and even fewer visits. Twitter is just one example, but it helps me to redefine the strategies of local web marketing, i.e. those strategies that for objectives or needs must operate in narrow geographical areas (think of a local store: generally…

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Advertising on Facebook

10 Little-Known Tips and Tricks about Advertising on Facebook

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The system for displaying posts on Facebook is designed in such a way that each post sees only a small percentage of the subscribers to your account or page. This leads to the fact that the news does not see everything and, accordingly, important information may pass unnoticed. The solution to this problem can be paid posts and advertising on Facebook. The marketing portal Kissmetrics has published 10 tips that will help to use advertising on Facebook as efficiently as possible. 1. Facebook Lead Ads One of the new types of campaigns on Facebook is  Lead Ads, which allow advertisers…

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target audience

How to identify the target audience of the site for advertising

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The topic of the post is the definition of the target audience of the site, product and advertising on the Internet. In order to start an advertising campaign for a product or service, you need to take on the definition of the target audience, that is, the beginning of the demand itself. It is demand that generates supply. Therefore, you need to analyze who these people are, who are looking for our product or service. It is from this it is worth starting an advertising campaign. Now we will discuss where you can get the data. Stand in the client’s…

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Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising: The Future Of Advertising

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Definition of Social Media Advertising The Social Media Advertising was created to increase the visibility of a particular brand on the network, focusing particularly on the world of social networks and online communities. The use of these unconventional channels makes the image of the company or brand that you want to sponsor incredibly closer to the users of the network, which are transformed into potential customers. In this way the communication becomes one-to-one, managing to transfer the promotional message directly from the brand to the customer, in an effective and personalized way. How can a social media advertising strategy help…

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Local SEO Tips

7 Useful Local SEO Tips For Small Business Owners

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The promotion of large projects is different from the promotion of small business sites, there are a number of important points and local SEO tips that need to be known and applied to achieve the desired result. In this article, we will look at 7 useful local SEO tips that are applicable to small businesses … 1. Understanding the target audience We need to clearly understand our potential customers, our target audience, that we should focus on it, and do not waste the budget for those who are not interested. Local SEO Tips: Do you know the portrait of your…

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Advertising Strategies

7 Brilliant Advertising Strategies From History That Have Changed The World

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Advertising strategies, as you know, the engine of trade, and making the engine work for itself is sometimes difficult. The stories of brilliant advertising strategies prove that one creative idea can create a world-famous brand, make a famous unknown company and help to earn real money bags. We are talking about advertising strategies that have changed the world! HARLEY-DAVIDSON The most famous motorcycle in the world is not just a means of transportation, but a cultic bike, embodying the freedom and rebellious spirit of several generations. At the end of the 20th century, the company’s marketing specialists launched a large-scale…

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