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Instagram Stories Ads

5 Tips For Success with Instagram Stories Ads

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The success of Instagram Stories in 2018 has gone well beyond the most optimistic expectations, as demonstrated by the 400 million and pass of daily active users. For this reason, the fact that more and more companies have started to publish advertisements within them is not a little astonished. It’s known as Instagram Stories Ads, and these advertisements are an excellent tool for online communication for companies, as they guarantee the achievement of new audiences to display the brand, products, promotions and the core business, involving at the same time the audience that already has interest in its activity. The…

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advertise locally

How to use digital resources to advertise locally

Local Advertising by

Local advertising is an effective and convenient tool, sometimes even totally free, to get in touch with customers close to you. In this article we will find out how to use digital resources to advertise locally … and we will try to cover few questions those often rise in our mind when we talking about advertise locally … Why local advertising is important? Where to place online ads aimed at local customers? What are some special features of “local” ads? Online advertising has changed the way sellers and buyers meet: once there were the Yellow Pages or the telephone directory,…

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Local link building

Local link building: What is it? 8 practical tips

Local SEO by

What is Local link building? The local link building is that segment of the local off-site marketing strategy that includes all the actions of optimization for search engines whose goal is to promote a site on the web through the construction of a network of incoming links. To make a local marketing strategy effective, off-site activities play a fundamental role in the construction of a network of connections that enhances local link building and increases the popularity of our site. Before the advent of 2.0, when the web was not made up of relationships and social media did not exist,…

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LinkedIn Algorithm

6 Tips To Beat The LinkedIn Algorithm

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The use of social networks has evolved over time. At first they were not as established as they are today. Its development in society has led to the management of these platforms also evolve as time progresses. LinkedIn is a clear example of this advance given that it is changing from an online curriculum to a platform that looks more like Facebook every day.  In it, certain users make publications that are more personal than professional and this feature along with some other has led to this social network to establish a stricter algorithm in their publications. In this article…

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Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads: How to Segment the Audience?

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One of the key elements for the success of a campaign on Facebook Ads is the correct segmentation of the public. Here’s how to effectively put it into practice … Effective audience segmentation is one of the winning moves for a successful Facebook Ads campaign. In fact, “segmenting” means being able to identify that slice of audience that represents the perfect recipient of your ads. Facebook is a basin populated by users of all types, from countless combinations of different characteristics. An announcement cannot be for everyone, for two reasons: the first of a practical nature refers to its exorbitant…

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Advertising ideas

Creative OOH Advertising Campaigns to Draw Inspiration From

Advertising Industry by

Despite the massive use of digital marketing in today’s landscape, prints and out-of-home (OOH) advertising are still among the most effective when it comes to reaching a localized target audience. Whether you are promoting a business that caters to the communities around you, or you want to expand the reach of your brand to new communities, using OOH advertising can be your best strategy. Royalty Free Photo As the technology around OOH advertising improves, we are also seeing some very creative campaigns, new and exciting content, and even OOH advertising being used as a part of a more integrated, online-and-offline…

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SEO strategy for eCommerce

SEO strategy for eCommerce: The optimization of the online store is not a one-shot job!

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Developing an SEO strategy for eCommerce is an activity that must be carefully planned and must necessarily include medium and long-term steps. Those who deluded themselves to obtain the desired results in the face of a single one-time investment ended up irremediably to be disappointed, spending time and resources for a short-term result that had no other effect than a meteor effect: a moment of light and then oblivion. SEO activities need time to be effective, gradually gain thickness and are constantly monitored and re-calibrated. For this reason, a good strategy must provide that every single aspect is durable and,…

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Email marketing for the store: Mini-guide to start off on the right foot

Local Marketing by

If used well, email marketing remains an effective tool for most businesses: 8 guidelines to develop a perfect email marketing strategy. Despite the growing predominance of Social Media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools for the store as well as for most businesses. It is in fact an excellent channel to keep in touch with customers, but how can it be used to increase sales? Here is a brief guide to find out how to do it. We assume that each of your clients has at least one e-mail address. An e-mail account is, in general,…

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design your own brand

How to design your own brand?

Web Design by

Just as you read it … in this article, we will discuss with you to design your own brand. It is a matter of giving a few brushstrokes on the fundamental steps you must take to give identity to a company, project or personal brand. Yes, nobody has said that it was easy and above all, we do not take responsibility for the results … #1 – Make a brand workshop Every creative process must begin with a reflective and participatory period. Your brand, your company, or your project will coexist in a market full of competitors, customers and suppliers.…

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Print Advertising

7 Tips For Your Print Advertising

Advetising Media/Local Advertising by

When talking about graphic design applied to marketing and promotion strategies, it is important to remember that not all designers have the same skills, and in marketing matters, for any business, it is important to apply some rules or advice so that the design of all the marketing material has better possibilities of reaching its objective, which is to put in the minds of the people, and the print advertising that promotes and induce the public to purchase. Also remember that when it comes to small businesses, there is a disadvantage against the large advertising companies that exist everywhere, however,…

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advertising on social networks

The importance of advertising on social networks

Social Media Advertising by

Online advertising has incorporated new platforms and business opportunities for companies and brands, there are many types of advertising channels on the Internet. According to the latest studies the most used by brands is advertising in searches, but has gained a presence in the plans of the companies the advertising on social networks. Since the business models of the social platforms in the last years, has been oriented in subtracting presence to the organic contents so that the companies invest in advertising on social networks with the purpose of obtaining a greater scope for publications. The importance of advertising on…

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