The Development Of The Advertising Market

Advertising Market

The advertising market is part of the economic system is functioning in unity with other markets and developing within the framework of the general laws of the market economy, ensuring social demand for advertising services. In 1980 – 1990, it was the active development of the advertising industry almost worldwide. Particularly active this process took place in all over the world. Currently, the advertising market is a segment of the developed economies of many countries in the world and includes an extensive system of economic, legal, social, cultural and other relationship to emerge and develop between the main actors

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The Concept and Basic Information about The Advertising Market

The Advertising Market

The Definition Of “Advertising Market” In a narrow, economic sense, the advertising market is a place where the supply and demand for advertising services, and where there is the cost. The advertising market is an independent sector of the economy, in which the interaction of subjects of the market – advertisers, advertisement producers, advertisement distributors and consumers of advertising. In a broad sense, the advertising market is a social institution designed to provide public demand for advertising services. It is part of the social system and evolves with the evolution of the economic, social and cultural processes. Therefore, the

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The Advertising Industry

Advertising Industry

Advertising industry is a sector of the economy, which defines advertising as a product of economic activity and provides a social need for advertising services. Promotional activities are special kind of communication activity of people who have an economic basis and accompanies humankind throughout its entire history of the development. Historically, advertising emerged and developed in the course of the evolution of society, associated with the transition from subsistence to commodity production, the emergence of the market the market of goods and services means the dissemination of information about the proposed sale goods and services, as well as the

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The Types Of Advertising

Types Of Advertising

Types of advertising – A division of advertising on some of its varieties by a classification bases, depending on the purpose and objectives of advertising, advertising tools, methods of advertising exposure, the functional purpose of advertising and other criteria. Advertising is a special kind of communication activity that accompanies humankind throughout its entire history of the development. Historically, the long-term advertising concept meant everything connected with the spread of information society of goods and services, using all available resources at the time of communication. Gradually, the development of advertising has led to the fact that from it seceded and

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The Advertising Objectives

Advertising Objectives

Universal strategic goal of advertising or advertising objectives – cause the target audience of advertising desired advertiser reaction. In terms of advertising communication, it is customary to distinguish two main goals, characteristic for the absolute majority of advertising messages … Forming the object of advertising awareness. Formation of the relation to the object of advertising. The main purpose of the marketing mix of advertising aimed at achieving the main objectives of marketing communication system: formation of demand and sales promotion. In marketing practice is divided into three main groups of tasks that, depending on their goals, can solve the

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The Functions of Advertising

Functions of Advertising

There are four universal functions of advertising that performs any advertising campaign … 1) The economic functions. 2) The social functions. 3) The marketing functions. 4) Communication functions. Here we are going to describe you about the four advertising functions … but before that we are going to recommend you to read our previous article “The Definition of Advertising Exposure“. If you have already read about the definition then let’s know about the functions of advertising. 1) Economic Functions Of Advertising Advertising at its core is primarily economic phenomenon, which has a significant impact on the market players and

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The Definition of Advertising Exposure

Definition Of Advertising

Definition Of Advertising: The word “advertising” is derived from the Latin word Reclamare, which means, “to approve, shout, shout, cry”, reflecting the existence of the primary advertising communication – oral verbal advertising. This lexeme has survived in a number of Western European languages and through French influence has taken root. The concept Werbung, used in the German language, focuses on the impact of advertising function, as shown by a related root of the word – a well-known verb “to recruit”. In English, the beginning of the XIX century was widely used verb “Advertise”, which in XV-XVI centuries, as indicated

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