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Contextual Advertising: The Way To Get To The First Page Of Search

How to quickly bring the site to the first position in the search engines?

This question is puzzled by the majority of managers of commercial sites, where the profit directly depends on the number of visitors.

Of course, you can attract specialists to optimize sites, but the first results of their work at best will appear in a few weeks, and most likely – months.

In the meantime, the site takes 50, 60, 70 and other places – it’s appropriate to remember about contextual advertising.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a paid placement of advertising text messages that appear depending on the keywords (context) chosen by the site owner.

The most popular is the search advertising – SEA (search engine advertising), i.e. showing banners / text blocks on the search results page in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).

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The main advantages of contextual advertising

Contextual Advertising

  • High speed of launching an advertising campaign (just a few minutes),
  • High efficiency in attracting users,
  • The ad is shown only to the targeted visitors to your site (sampling not only by keywords, but also by geography),
  • A small minimum budget of the advertising campaign (from about $ 50),
  • Contextual advertising is less irritating to the user (in comparison with banner advertising),
  • The principles of payment – most often you pay for clicks on your advertising, and not for impressions, as in banner advertising,
  • Almost all sites present very high-quality statistics that allow monitoring the course and effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

The main disadvantage is that the attendance of the site is not fixed. Efficiency is short-lived and ends with the end of the campaign. Therefore, it is important to remember here such an aspect as the retention of visitors on the site.

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The economic effectiveness of contextual advertising

Contextual Advertising

  • The average price of the transition (click) now is – 0.10-0.15 Cents (depends on the specific area of the goods / services),
  • 100 visitors will cost $10-15,
  • According to statistics – about 0.5-1% of visitors become buyers,
  • From this it turns out that one buyer costs from $10 to $30.

At once I will note that for each business the figures will be individual.

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Rules for the selection of keywords and the compilation of ads are described in detail on the sites of contextual advertising.

Of all the subtleties of this type of advertising, one thing is important – avoid too general words. For example, you sell mobile phones. If you specify a key query – mobile phones, then your ad will be displayed and on request ringtones for mobile phones, instructions for mobile phones, etc.

Local Advertising

Direct Mail, Advertising in Mailboxes

Effective coverage of the general public or a particular group of people through advertisements in the press or in Internet advertising is not always achievable or expedient. Site audit allows you to conduct analytical activities in all areas. Perhaps you need to set out a very long story, perhaps you know from experience that people respond better to coupons that qualify for a discount, and not on coupons included in ads that you still need to remember to cut. Or maybe you just want to emphasize that your appeal is purely personal.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail Advertising

For these and many other reasons, you may decide to either study the use of advertising publications distributed by principle in each house, or resort to direct mail advertising (direct mail). Each of these methods has its own specific advantages, and before deciding which is better, one should carefully weigh all the arguments, and in some cases, it may be worthwhile to make comparative measurements of the corresponding costs and results achieved, but in many cases it is correct to solve, which way is most likely to be better, ordinary common sense will help you.

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Direct Mail Flyers of mass distribution can be used to pinpoint certain groups of the population, when the main factors are territorial factors or type of property. It is just as easy for this advertising medium to cover many different categories of the population. With the help of these and similar methods, it is possible to fairly accurately identify and cover specific groups of potential buyers or, conversely, to ensure full coverage of towns, cities and larger territories. If you wish, you can include coupons and even product samples in the mailing list.

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Direct Mail Advertising sent by mail has such distinctive features as: high audience selectivity, flexibility, absence of competitors’ advertising in postal items, personal character, but relatively high cost, image of junk. Well, advertising distributed by principle to each house has certain advantages over advertising sent by mail: envelopes are not needed, you do not need to write down the address, invest items and pay postage, and the exact delivery date can be combined in time with the propaganda program.

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Direct Mail Today your advertising can be delivered by postmen. Advertising leaflets work most effectively when their distribution is part of a comprehensive program. But, advertising, distributed by principle to each house has its own drawback, in the minds of many this type of information dissemination is associated with ill-fated word advertising, which is often used in a dismissive sense, otherwise this property can be called trash.

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How to Improve Your Ads on Google AdWords without Spending More!

Obviously, there is no confusion that about bigger advertising campaign in Google AdWords is almost always better. So the question becomes: How can we make a bigger ads campaign and keep the same costs (or maybe even lower)?

This is where extensions come into play!

In this article, I’ll show you why they are important, and how to start incorporating them into your Google AdWords strategy.

What is an extension to Google AdWords?

An extension to Google AdWords is a piece of additional content that expands your ad with more information. There are many different types of extensions and each one offers relevant information for your potential customers.

Obviously, setup of such extensions will take some time and effort. But you’ll definitely get back the reward with improvements in your ads in terms of clicks, Cost-Per-Click (CPC), placement, and ads rank.

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Why should you use Google AdWords extensions?

Extensions expand your ad by offering you additional ways to interact with your business. They are immediately under the ads and can show different pages on which the user can find different and additional information.

Highlight the benefits that the user will have, such as free shipping or redemption within 90s, etc.

You can add a phone number or a place or place to download an app.

In addition, you will probably increase your ads Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and above all the conversion rate.

Using extensions usually also increases your ads rank, resulting in better placement in the SERP, and often lower Cost-Per-Click, as well as higher chance of your ad being shown. As Google says, “Extensions typically improve CTR and overall campaign performance because they make ads more useful.”

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Google AdWords

What types of extensions are available?

There are several types of extensions you can use on Google AdWords …

  • Sitelinks extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • Call extensions
  • Message extensions
  • Location extensions
  • Price extensions
  • Extensions for app
  • Review extensions

To help you choose the best extensions for your business, let’s expose some of the most useful extensions …

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Callout extensions

To increase the size of your ad and provide useful information to potential customers, consider callout extensions, a really good weapon at your disposal to add a text line below your ad.

The text of a callout is limited to 25 characters, so try to be short, specific, and convincing. You can set account, campaign, or ads group extensions and can also specify when you want them to appear. You will need at least 2 callouts to be displayed, the advice is to create at least 4.

Sitelinks extensions

Sitelinks allows direct access additional pages of your site from Google. In addition to what they will be targeting when they click on the ads. You can provide up to 6 additional links that point to relevant information about your business, such as details on a new product, your business hours, a video, a webinar, or an offer.

Sitelinks appear below the ads and are accompanied by an additional description (strongly recommended). Because the dimensions count and the price is the same!

Each link you add can be accompanied by an 80-character description in which you can insert keywords and mini-texts to encourage clicks.

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Call extensions

Regardless of the size of your business, it is best to give users the ability to call you for questions, get more information, make orders, or fix issues.

A call extension, adding a phone number or the “Call” button (on Mobile) will encourage people to call your business. The number can be assigned by Google and is tracked separately.

Location extensions

Location Extensions are a great move for companies that focus on a specific geographic area. If your business is trying to attract attention to a particular location, use location extension to highlight your closeness to your potential customer.

Companies with multiple locations can use this extension to show the home closest to you.

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Best practices for Google AdWords extensions

Adding extensions to your ads will make them better, more relevant, more clickable, and certainly more visible at the top of the SERP.

The good news is that these extensions are free. You will pay the same price when a user clicks on your ads, but you are sure to communicate more information about your business without a price increase.

Google will only show your extensions if you believe it will boost your ads performance, so be sure to keep this super-relevant information for your potential customers.

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How To Advertise On The Internet? Mini Guide For Strong Businessmen

How to advertise on the Internet? Maybe I’ve talked about that before, but I like to repeat the concept. The Internet is the most democratic means of communication that the most enlightened minds have gently donated to us.

How to advertise on the Internet? To support our companies and sell our products?

How do you advertise on the internet? This is what is the real dilemma of all the entrepreneurs!

From here, the idea of this mini guide designed for the aggressive entrepreneurs who want to win. It’s a set of tricks and tips to use the web (as it should) and find new customers …

1. Search engine advertising: Text, Banner or Company Ads

Advertise On The InternetIf you have a product, you believe in and you are determined to make it known to the people of the Internet, the Google Sponsored Spaces are the right answer! All you have to do is create an eye-catching ad, choose the keywords with which you’d like to find it and decide which users would like to show you your marketing campaign.

Within a couple of hours, your ad will be ready to be viewed and clicked by so many new customers. Simple and painless! Other than the money spent on advertising on radio, TV and print … With advertising on the internet, go straight to the target or by intercepting who you are looking for!

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2. Placement on Google: When “the one who gets the better home” does not work?

Advertise On The Internet

Fortunately, Google and other search engines are not supporters of “unionism” and do not assign the gold medal to the elderly. To win the race and get to the finish line, all of them play with equal weapons.

If you’re really interested in advertise on the internet, do not give it up for defeat in the face of market giants. You have all the cards in place to play it all the way down and earn the best positions on the search engines.

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3. Social Network: Your clients are not interested in the photo of your cousin’s wedding

Advertise On The Internet

Maybe you do not know (or maybe yes), it’s actually that on Facebook and other social networks, you can find new customers through dedicated sections dedicated to sponsored ads. Eh yeah, you got it right. Social Networking not only serves to publish your photos, increase your customers’ involvement, or spread family wedding photos.

For example, you can use Facebook to buy advertising space to shoot at the target that interests you (choose it by age, gender, geographic area, interests) and thus reach thousands of new customers potentially interested in buying your product.

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4. When e-mail does not only serve to invite the friendliest colleague to lunch

Advertise On The Internet

Have the courage to say that you did not do it at least once in your life! And how can you be wrong? You never managed to have your phone number … But I recall that your goal is to advertise on the internet. So let’s go back to us and see how to make “smart” use of emails.

It’s called email marketing, and is an effective tool for promoting and selling your own products.

Again, you are talking to customers who are potentially interested in your product but, unlike advertising on Google, by sending a promotional mail you are encouraging your customer to buy: a good product, graphics and well-designed texts and an aggressive promotional offer will do the rest.

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5. The blog is not the secret diary where stories of your clandestine relationship

Advertise On The Internet

Finding new customers is not one is a breeze, especially when the one who faces it is a cute, prepared user who can move on the internet and therefore has all the features to evaluate on your own, what are your competitors, who has the best offer and so on.

That’s why, if you really decide to advertise on the internet, you have to distinguish yourself.

An idea to get started? Open a corporate blog. An “all your” space where you can tell who your business is, where you show your customers how to use your products and especially where to involve your potential customers with valuable information about your industry.

Conquer your customers’ trust and stupid. This is the way.

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6. The persuasive power of videos? We are not in the movies but almost

Advertise On The Internet

Surely you already know where I want to go parade. For advertise on the internet and attracting the attention of your viewers, you should aim at video marketing.

Today, there are great websites that allow you to promote and share your movies with thousands of users. YouTube and Vimeo are an example.

True, creating a good product requires some time and resources, but the result is assured. The password? Short, impact and featuring an ad hoc soundtrack.

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7. Viral marketing is not the name of the latest influenza virus running in the office

Advertise On The Internet

When a marketing idea, beyond any logic and fantasy, is called “viral marketing action “.

That is, such action is so strong and out of all the scheme that all of them are outraged. And believe me if I tell you that there is nothing more effective than what is unexpected.

Shuffle the patterns, blend the cards on the table, look over your nose and find out how easy it is to astonish and let everyone talk about you. All you need is fantasy.

Local Advertising

How To Promote Your Local Business

Promote your local business online can be a full time job to learn about your services or products to internet users …

We point below 5 very effective ways to promote your local business online …

  • Indexing of the pages web search engine
  • Advertisements on search engines
  • Sheets of business premises
  • Social media
  • Email Marketing

1) Promote Your Local Business Through Indexing Of Web Pages On Search Engines

Promote Your Local Business

A free method to promote your online business is in use the organic results of search engines. A user when searching for a solution to a problem or need often search on the internet through search engines like Google.

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Search engines based on demand the user puts the (Query) returns the results fit the user’s search pages showing internet sites. Usually you would want your customers can view your website on the first page of search engines but since many companies offering services and similar products are not so easy to get positive results.

We listed below some steps to make sure to get a good indexing in Google results …

Step 1– Make sure that your business website is indexed on search engines. To do this simply go to Google, type in the search command “” (replace with your site) and check whether there appear or not your site’s pages. If they do not appear the pages of your site, your site is not indexed and therefore you can report it to Google at by add the portal to Google Search Console and sending the sitemap for scanning. You can do same to submit your site to Bing go on this page Bing – Webmaster Tools.

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Step 2– Even the graphics have a certain importance for placement. As you know for some years, an increasingly large part of the web traffic comes from users of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). To improve the usability Google has begun to appear in search results, the mobile-friendly sites designed with a responsive graphics designed specifically to be viewed from smartphones and tablets. To find out if your site is mobile-friendly just check with Mobile-Friendly Tools, you will need to just enter your site’s address and shortly you will have the answer from Google.

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Step 3– Rate of creating valuable content for your website and make them easily indexable on search engines (text, images and multimedia content related to the keywords that your potential customers are looking for).

2. Promote Your Local Business Through Advertisements On Search Engines

Promote Your Local Business

An immediate method to appear on search engines when someone is searching for keywords that lead to your local business is the use of paid advertising associated with searching (Ex. Google AdWords). In this case, your ads will appear above or next to organic results, you can select the title and the description with which want the ad to your ad to your potential customers.

Any business can take advantage of the AdWords campaigns; you just need a Google account and a business website. Our advice is still be followed by an internet marketing professional to optimize the available budget to invest.

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Since the AdWords pay per click campaigns you pay according to the clicks your ad receives. A click received may have different costs like 10 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents, $1 etc., If you pay the click 20 cents with $20 of budget received 100 visits to the site, if you pay $1 with $20 campaign you will receive only 20 visits. An experienced trader knows definitely do better than you make your budget to invest to bring more customers as well as use this platform every day, knows advanced techniques and knows how to analyze your competitors better. If you invest money in campaigns DIY will almost certainly happen to have poor results and your invested money will end up almost immediately with low yield.

3. Promote Your Local Business Through The Boards Of Local Business

Promote Your Local Business

If you have a business (shop, office etc.) and propose your products or services in a specific city can use the Local business cards to get in touch with your potential customers just “around the corner” (Google My Business). These localized listings appear in search results when a user searches for a particular product or service in a given specific location.

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In Google’s localized cards your company can enter the business address, phone number, a description, opening times, the cards of your products or services, photographs, video and real-time updates as may be discounts and promotions targeted.

4. Promote Your Local Business with Social Media

Promote Your Local Business

Social media are no longer just for fun for users but professionals or entrepreneurs who want to promote their business using them as channels of communication with their potential customers to share news, tips and much more.

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For Facebook, for example, it is important to properly create a fan page for your business, and continuously post content on a regular basis in order to make inroads in the user. If this is not enough you can always start a campaign for a fee by selecting the target of potential customers through filters that range from the user’s interests, location, age, etc …

5. Promote Your Local Business with Email Marketing

Promote Your Local Business

The email marketing is a method to send information of your products or services to your customers and potential customers. This strategy is used to drive targeted traffic to your business website.

There are many companies that offer email marketing services and you can find a partner with whom a contract for sending newsletters with estimable or monthly basis in order to give continuity to your promotional activities.

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You have to pay attention to the payment terms contracted, it can be a CPC (cost per click), CPV (cost per view), CPM (cost per mile) or CPS (cost per sale), among them there is certainly neither an advantageous than another for your business

This is just a few steps to promote your local business online. We will share more in future articles but in the meantime if you dig out any point please let us know via comments.

Local Advertising

Tips To Advertise In The Print Media

In this article of Local Advertising Journal we will tell you why you should advertise in the print media for your company and how to do it efficiently.

Many people will tell you that investing in the print media is lost money, that it is already dead. We tell you that tens of millions of people in the world still read written press and especially on Sundays.

This article focuses on the national and regional written press to start from the basics. Once you are successful you can expand to the international press.

Print Media

One of the main reasons for advertising in print media

  • It is not ephemeral

Therefore, your advertising would last a lot longer than in digital media.

How do I know if I need to advertise in the print media?

A global survey of over 29,000 consumers conducted by Nielsen showed that advertising in the print media is the best-performing advertising with 63% interest in other media …

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If you have an adult or senior audience: Print media have to be read by those who are older than 35 years of age. According to the Newspaper Association of America’s 66% of adults over 35 have read a newspaper at least once in the week.

If your business traffic comes from mega-sales: A print media can make your message reach more customers who prefer this type of business.

If coupons are an important part of your business: The print media is the ideal medium for coupon distribution.

Print Media Ad Sizes

Print Media

The larger the advertising, the more users noticed. According to Starch Research, the numbers based on size are …

  • Full-page: 42%
  • Page 3/4: 38%
  • Page 1/2: 34%
  • Page 1/4: 26%
  • Page 1/8: 23%

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Print Media Advertising Cost

Print Media

Many companies advertise in the press, using full page advertising if their customers are not necessarily frequent buyers or if their customers are buying items with a high price.

It is much more expensive but over time you will receive more customers. However, advertising of a less secure size will allow you to have a more flexible budget and be able to be present more frequently.

The price of advertising in the written press varies according to …

  • Circulation of the newspaper / magazines
  • Ad size
  • The frequency of publication
  • Section in which the ad is located

In this case, we recommend that you visit the headquarters of the press or send an email to ask about their prices.

* In some cases, press charge taxes for certain types of advertising such as erotica, gambling, etc.

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Frequency of Ads

Print Media

It is advisable to advertise in a print media at least once a week. The publicity in the written press according to its periodicity of publication is classified in …

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Yearbook

Of course, we recommend you to advertise in a press or in extreme cases, minimum in a weekly.

What are the best days to advertise in print media?

Print Media

Each day has your target audience …

  • Monday and Tuesday: Little publicity those days.
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Food stores, supermarkets, fast shopping, home delivery services are the kings of these days.
  • Friday and Saturday: Restaurants, tourist sites, spas and entertainment often use these days.
  • Sunday: Perfect day to announce any product or service. Coupons are usually given on this day.

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Section of your ads

You have several options when buying press ads, you can buy a print run (which is the cheapest) or specific sections. The most read sections in a newspaper are …

  • Main news section (80% of readers)
  • Local News (75%)
  • Sports (55%)

Where should you place your ads?

  • Above the fold (upper half of the page).
  • On the right page or the right edge of that page.
  • Next to an item (not surrounded by other ads).

Print Media

Where NOT to place your ad?

  • On the event page.
  • In obituaries.

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Tips to advertise perfectly in print media

  • Find out about the press ideological principles.
  • Give complete contact information and if you can name it. People do not like to call a mysterious number.
  • Be constant.
  • Take care of writing and spelling.
  • Use coupons, special offers and gifts for your readers.

Examples of misplaced print media advertising

Print Media
In the advertising of the headband a travel agency announces: “it earns a dreamed vacation” and below the main news is the sinking of a tourist boat.
Print Media
On the left: “I said no, but she raped me”; To the right: “We tell you YES when others say no!” With an arrow to the other article.
Print Media
Left: a news article titled “My sister committed suicide accidentally”; Right is regretted an announcement: “Oops!”.

It is advisable to place your ad in the local pages of the newspaper (in addition to the classifieds), on the contrary, announcing it in the main sections is not as favorable as you think because there are many possibilities to leave the side of a terrible human catastrophe that you can unintentionally associate that episode with your company.

Local Advertising

12 Tips To Local Advertising With Social Media

Local advertising with social media means promoting a local business with social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram. In addition, you will also need photographs, videos and local SEO optimization to always following a precise social media marketing strategy.

This article is a first approach to the world of social media and internet marketing aimed at anyone who manages a local business but cannot expand their business with traditional media (print or flyers), or not yet obtained good results by investing in social media.

What you need to local advertising with social media?

  • A website made respecting the local SEO
  • A section “Blog” or Web pages to insert useful content for its customers
  • A Facebook page
  • A profile Instagram
  • A Twitter Profile
  • A list of useful contacts who report their events
  • Establish a budget for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Why invest in a website and social media?

A website is like your business card, and if its not optimize with local SEO, your potential customers will never find you. If you do not have a site council to evaluate WordPress, a simple to use platform full of very useful for the internet marketing functions.

Having a blog or to submit content with ease is crucial to create local advertising campaigns to promote certain initiatives such as private parties. Many local businesses still use a “Facebook Profile” to advertise, knowing that they can effectively promote their business on Facebook only using a “Fan Page”. Twitter is a social network underestimated by many people, even though they can reach users who can give a lot of visibility to events or news. The best local advertising is certainly at the time that offered by Google, but for search only; using Facebook Ads can be even more beneficial.

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After this introduction, it is finally time to read our 12 tips to local advertising with social media …

1) Create a website with a blog section

Local Advertising

The site must have at least the following pages: Events, Photo, Video, Contacts. It is very useful to include other sections like “artists” present where DJ’s and musicians who perform in the room, and “private parties” which illustrate the packages available to reserve to customers who want to celebrate birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

2) Local SEO: Search the best keywords for your business

Local Advertising

Using the tool for search of keywords Google AdWords, you’ll find the best keywords for your business, for example: “Disco Miami”, “Live music Toronto,” “Private parties New York” and so on. Of course local SEO is a topic much wider and you should therefore read the Google Help, or contact a digital marketing consultant. Once you find the most useful keywords for your business, you can write the contents of your site.

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3) Create a Facebook page

Local Advertising

Many people do not even know the difference between a “personal profile” and “one page”, but only the Fan Page can be considered a professional tool for internet marketing campaign. If you want to create a personal profile related to the room must be something like “Stefano Local Name”. People do not like talking to “abstract entities”, they prefer real people. The page Facebook needs to be update regularly by posting the events of local, involving customers and friends and sharing useful content for their community.

4) Facebook Ads

Local Advertising

Local advertising services provided by Facebook are very useful for a local business. With Facebook Ads can promote a post, page or an event with a high level of “target marketing”, choosing age, interests and location of your potential customers. Having so many “like” is not the most important thing; it is so much more to have a community of users who have a real interest in your services.

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5) Take advantage of “Micro-Communities”

Local Advertising

Very often local clubs organize theme nights such as a party-based theme or a concert-tribute to a particular artist. To promote this type of events social media is a great tool because it is very easy to identify their target within groups, Facebook pages, blogs or forums dedicated, also when an event has a very specific topic, Facebook campaigns are more effective because it can place inside the “interests” very useful tag to increase the effectiveness of the promotion of a post. If for example you have to promote a concert-tribute band dedicated to “specific artist”, it will be very useful to include in the “interests”, within a sponsored post with Facebook Ads.

6) Google AdWords

Local Advertising

As I said earlier, local advertising offered by Google is the best in the world both in terms of cost and in terms of yield. Google AdWords is very useful to promote a restaurant or in a city than in a district, as well as can be very effective in promoting the opportunity to rent their room for a private party. I do not consider very effective instead to promote a concert (for this kind of events is better Facebook), in the evening unless that does not include a host of national and international importance and the opportunity to buy the ticket online also.

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7) Mobile Marketing

Local Advertising

There are millions of mobile phones user and now people when looking for a local option rely very often to the App as Trip Advisor, Forsquare or the same Google. The geolocation apps are many and should in any case be present and monitor the comments and photos you share your customers, because competition is often release negative feedback that can deter customers. Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool to be found because it often, especially in big cities, to seek such an Asian restaurant, or a room with good live music where to take a girl, turning to their smartphones. However, my advice is not to take it too much if you leave a few negative comments because there are many suspicious of this kind of activity, so that also intervened Anti-Trust on TripAdvisor.

8) Photos and Video

Local Advertising

It is very helpful to take photos and videos in the evenings and publish the day after the page Facebook stimulating views, shares, and comments. Nowadays just a next generation mobile phone to get good results. Your photos on Facebook are usually get a lot more views than a normal post.

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9) Press Online

Local Advertising

The least of your local events on the 10 largest portals of local and national events should be reported. When an event is very important it is useful to publish more than a statement about it, to have a better ranking on Google is better to have communication. If you do not have an online press office, you should use Google to search for sites that talk about events in your city. You can also use Twitter or email to report your events to webzine, journalists and bloggers.

10) Create a weekly newsletter

Local Advertising

Each week send a newsletter with all the main events that will be held at the venue. You can retrieve the emails of your customers with a free enrollment or by entering a specific form within your site.

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11) Create an Internet Marketing Strategy

Local Advertising

To better optimize your local advertising expenses, board of realizing a real annual internet marketing strategy, planning activities and costs. By taking into account the occasions such as Halloween, Carnival or Festival of Women, for example.

12) Include your business on Google Maps

Local Advertising

Enter your business on Google Maps is free and simple. You just need to create a Google Plus page. Then enter the appropriate badge within your local site and request verification of your business to Google. Appearing on Google Maps can help you find new customers.

In the end, thanks for reading the article, you can now choose whether to try to put into practice our advice alone or if you want to learn more about it ask a digital marketing consultancy.

Local Advertising Local Marketing

The use of display advertising in the local marketing

As a rule, small companies do not have enough money for a full marketing campaign, and they are forced to adhere to the following four local marketing principles:

1) Create a website (for landing pages, SEO, etc.);

2) Use social networks pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);

3) Create a YouTube channel to upload videos to the website;

4) Optimize listings places on Yelp, Google+, Google Places, etc.

Suppose that you have done all this … What next? How to make local marketing work smarter?

local marketing

The display advertising in the local marketing

In the traditional search marketing (SEO and PPC), a user enters a search query “pizza” and sees a number of local restaurants page issue. Prototyping allows advertising to attract customers when search is not performed.

For example, a user can type a search term “pizza” before and prototyping networks noted that he/she was looking for restaurants with a pizza in the region. Therefore, the potential customer can watch videos online or to seek weather forecast and your display advertising will attract it.

The following strategies will help you to include display advertising into an existing local marketing strategy.

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1. Show display advertising when a user is reading relevant content online

local marketing

When a potential customer is reading restaurant reviews on Yelp or Zagat, your ads will come in handy. To do this, buy keywords on the “Google Display Network” or “Bing Content Network”. These keywords are different from those used for SEO: they should not be long. For example, a “fashionable hairstyles,” would be a great keyword for the beauty salon. Prototyping keywords are not expensive, but be careful: You should look for keywords and understand what effect they will give. Use Google manuals for proper use of keywords. It is also important to start small: not seize large regions, and focus on the campaign in the social networks.

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2. Targeting websites and landing pages

local marketing

Select the number of sites that need to target advertising banners. For example, for a restaurant to be the best site and for B2B business List of sites for targeting submitted to the “Google Display Network”. For the successful targeting, you will need several series of banner ads. Although targeting banners more expensive than the usual placement of advertisements, it is more efficient and faster return on investment. Keep in mind that targeting relevant channel on YouTube is beneficial as well as the targeting of relevant pages on the target site.

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3. The use of behavioral targeting

local marketing

Prototyping networks collect information about users (searches, geo, time of request, etc.). Most search engine users do not realize that advertising banners and displays them based on their search behavior. Also, they do not know what its characteristics can be changed on the page “Ads Preferences”. Obviously, you can use display advertising based on interests and demographics of potential clients. Such targeting is quite expensive, but effective. Use geographical data in a banner.

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Prototyping advertising is indispensable in the local marketing, as it allows you to attract more customers and to use advertising effectively. Prototyping advertising associated with additional costs, which, however, quickly recovered.

Local Advertising

Newspaper Advertising: Tips For A Successful Campaign

This article is part of the topic Local Advertising, and we have already talked about Press Advertising. Today, we will explain briefly how to create your newspaper advertising. The advertising campaigns in newspapers still remain one of the most effective tools to attract new customers, and especially for small and medium-sized enterprises. In this way, in fact, a trader can speak directly to its customers through the graphic advertising, visual impact, effectively promoting their own business. Buying an advertising space in a local newspaper, you will indeed grow exponentially in the awareness branding, or the reputation of your brand.

The main advantage is that you can target your audience by geography, so if for example you own a restaurant, you can let you know within your city. In this article, you will find answers for some of the most common questions: How to make an effective advertising campaign in local newspapers? What should be the design of my advertising? What is the best way to present it? In such places, is it important to be present?

Newspaper Advertising

Newspaper Advertising: Realize the design

It is extremely important that the public, which is distinguished from the others, will notice your advertisement. To achieve this, you can use something appealing: it can be a slogan or a particular image. But not exaggerated: if you use too strong colors or images, you can achieve the opposite effect; much better to use a more subtle approach, stimulating the curiosity of the public. You will have to decide what is best for your business by focusing on the characteristics and features of your product. Concentrate on the title is the most important element of your advertisement. Take some time and think of something that will make your unique advertising that catches attention.

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Newspaper Advertising: Repetitive event

Newspaper Advertising

It may seem counterproductive, but being “repetitive”, in the positive sense of the term, it is worth your advertising. Obviously, in this case, we must not exaggerate, but to publish more often your advertisement will allow you to have a greater impact. Organize the advertising message in such a way that meets your long-term needs, but at the same time is flexible enough to allow you to make minor changes in the running. Some of these may include, for example, the size, font and color: be careful, however, not too upset your message; it is important, in fact, that communication remains consistent, so that your advertising campaign is truly effective and which is ongoing.

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Newspaper Advertising: The slogan should be clear

Newspaper Advertising

The slogan is definitely part of the advertising message has more impact: what you notice immediately is that it can capture the attention of your potential customers, remain imprinted in their memory. Make sure, therefore, that the font, size and color of your render it readable slogans, at a glance.

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Newspaper Advertising: The key is the message

Newspaper Advertising

On the one hand, it is definitely important to include in your advertising all the information about your company name, address, contacts, etc… On the other hand, however, it is essential that consumers remain imprinted your offer and product advantages. You can put some pictures side by side with short texts of emotional impact and, if possible, you can enter specific data about dates, events or people, such as the testimonies of those who are happy with your products. It is important to remember to include what is called “Call to Action”. Something like “Come and see” or “Visit our website” usually work very well. You can find on the Internet a few examples of successful advertising campaigns.

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Newspaper Advertising: Display Advertising

Newspaper Advertising

Of course, our suggestions also apply to advertising on the Internet, the so-called “display advertising,” which is through banner advertising. Display advertising in general is not very expensive and can be very effective. It also allows you to use the opportunity to think about your product and your business in a creative way. Display advertising can be useful both for large and for small businesses.

In the end, advertising in newspapers or the network can be very effective to promote your business … so it’s worth a try!

Local Advertising

Location Advertising Will Move Million Dollar Amounts In The Immediate Future

What will make the difference between getting connected with consumers in the near future and that the messages are more or less blurred amid all that is being received in these times? Brands have to find that element that will make a difference, the issue that will make consumers connect better with one brand than another and receive better products than others. Location advertising is the issue that could completely mark the difference, which could work as an absolutely differentiating element, could be how the ads are served? When is the message sent to the consumer? Is it the most appropriate time to do it and the one that best fits to what they want to hear and need to receive at that moment?

Location advertising

Therefore, one of the issues that seems to be getting more and more fashionable between brands and to which they seem to be lending more and more attention to it begins to be the use of location advertising with intentions. That is, it is now much easier than ever to know where the consumer is and therefore offer messages that fit that location. Logic makes it clear that the results to be achieved are going to be much better and much more efficient if you offer a message associated with what the consumer wants at the time they wants it. An advertisement about a restaurant is going to get better when you are wandering around a city at noon looking for what to eat than when you are, for example, comfortably sitting at home after the meal.

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One of the ways to prove that an element has more and more predicament and is being increasingly considered more and more relevant by marketers is in analyzing how much interest lend the studies and experts. The more studies there are on an issue and the more experts spend time and resources on it, the more interest it is arousing and the more attention it is getting from businesses.

Location advertising

Other ways to visualize the potential that has an issue and how decisive begins to be considered is to see what brands are doing. Combining marketing budgets can help you understand what you are considering and what you are going to do for the future.

One of the latest data on spending forecast comes from the US market, one of those that usually set the standard in marketing strategy and one that usually establishes what other markets will do later. According to a BIA / Kelsey study, it is expected that in 2021 brands will spend only US $32 billion on location advertising. Overall, mobile advertising is going to grow a lot. In five years, the forecast is to increase by 118%, which will also indirectly raise the location advertising. A very high part of this growth will be in ads that will be based on the location of the consumer.

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Location advertising

Location Advertising: What the numbers say?

Broadly speaking, mobile advertising will move from billing about $33 billion (with which it closed 2016) to $72 billion. So far, non-location advertising was who took the bulk of the pie ($20.2 billion versus $12.4 billion), but forecasts are that things will change in the future. Local advertising will be the one that grows the most by 2021 and will be increasingly closer to the non-localized. In 2021 will be 45% of mobile advertising spending (now is 38%) and will move 32.4 billion dollars out of the total 72,000 market.

This determining weight of location advertising will cause other formats to lose weight. Mobile searches as a general scenario will lose weight, just like native advertising on social networks.

Local Advertising

Top 10 Tips To Promote Yourself and Make Local Advertising Success

It is easy to talk about online promotion, but a bit less figure out that how to make it in the best way independently, without help of experts or expensive consulting. In this article you will find the top 10 tips to promote yourself and make local advertising success.

It is not to said that digital marketing agencies and consultants have their own purpose to help you, simply to get the most from their mobile and web campaigns. But when investments and contents are available, may be a good solution is to try on your own to promote your business yourself.

Local AdvertisingTherefore, here are the top 10 tips to promote your business, a local advertising journal mini-guide to help you get the best with limited investments …

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1) Local Advertising Success: Specify very clearly name and type of your business

It is important that you understand right way “Who you are and What you do?” your potential customers do not have to guess

2) Local Advertising Success: Use clear images, which define at first glance your products or services

It is often the “glance” to drive attention and then “click” of a customer concerned. On mobile, you catch the attention first with the image and then with words.

3) Local Advertising Success: Simply put, the right ones

Needless to dwell in long descriptions: immediately explains what you offer and will be easier to get your “audience.”

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4) Local Advertising Success: Locate a special offer

If there is a benefit, potential customers will be more willing to come and see you in the store.

Local Advertising5) Local Advertising Success: Make sense of the luxurious hospitality

If it is dedicated only to those who, at that time, has cut the listing, the proposal will be much more attractive.

6) Local Advertising Success: From a certain date to the commercial proposal

If you are advertising an offer (as well as an opening), “temporary” is the best way to communicate a sense of urgency. “Just for a few days” it is a message that gives wings to the persons concerned.

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7) Local Advertising Success: Use symbols that define the type of activity

A chef’s hat for a restaurant or a cup of coffee for a bar … are “icons” that recall to mind of people a type of activity. If used in the right way, they help you communicate quickly and incisively.

8) Local Advertising Success: Limit advertising in your area

Aim to people more than others can actually become your customers it allows you to save money and get more results.

Local Advertising9) Local Advertising Success: Know your area and how many people you can potentially reach

The numbers are always important, in advertising even more. Analyze well how many people you can reach in a radius around your business; it is essential for good results.

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10) Local Advertising Success: Search certain numbers

Investing knowing that reach a precise and verifiable number of people in your area, it allows you to invest without fail, knowing they will not waste a single dollar.

Now you have a small list to check you in planning your local advertising. If you need pretty pictures, appropriate icons and a platform that allows you to manage all this in total autonomy, try professional agencies or consultants.

In the end, according to experts local advertising, web design and communication have joined forces to allow you to program and test independently the power of direct marketing via mobile.