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In any business it is important to understand which channel of communication with the client is better fulfilled. Your advertisements or emails can be viewed, clicked on the link, but still not buy. In order not to waste money, you need to be able to count the effectiveness of each channel and choose the performance metrics that brings more money and regular customers.


It is important to understand what audience, on what platforms and with what offer (offer) to launch advertising. Performance Metrics will help assess how correctly these success components were selected, here you will find 11 performance metrics but we have considered KPI …


Often, using this metric determines the effectiveness of a particular contextual advertising or a whole campaign. You can calculate how effectively a particular banner worked using a simple formula.


By placing ads on any resource, you do not follow the frequency of impressions. You important number of people who go to the site. Therefore, choosing a site, watch the conditions: pay for the action, and not for the empty flickering of your banner. You can calculate how much you pay for each person’s entry into the site using CPC.




With this indicator, you can assess the involvement of your subscribers. It is also a good indicator of the topics of your letters: after all, the letter depends on the topic whether the letter will open or not. OR can be calculated using the formula.


The coefficient of clickability in a letter helps to determine whether your letter is correctly formed: is the information easy to read, how well is it displayed, and most importantly, how much your “call to action” – the words on the transition button are interesting to subscribers.


Moving to a website from a letter is not a conversion to a purchase. To find out how many of your subscribers are buying during the transition, add utm tags to links and track performance in Google Analytics.



In order not to wake up in a cold sweat from the horror that the advertising budget is spent, and the proceeds are too low, you need to know the cost of the order. It is necessary to keep track of this metric constantly and twist every day. It is considered easy: we divide the money spent on advertising on the total number of orders.


In Russia, the abbreviation DDR is often used – the share of advertising expenses. This indicator is considered the division of money spent on money earned. It seems so simple, yes? Then let’s take it faster, because it is with this formula that you can clearly understand whether you are moving in the right direction of earning or roll down the slope, merging the budget.


Indicator of the solvency of your audience. Illustrates the ratio of the cost of all completed orders to their quantity. With it, you can predict the store’s revenue (knowing the traffic to the site and the conversion to the purchase), as well as edit the marketing strategy in time. For example, to offer related products to the order, add a button on the site “learn about the receipt of goods”, set up an abandoned basket, etc.



It is no secret that the client is not eternal, there is a certain life cycle. And your task is to create conditions in which the client can make purchases from you as long as possible. Knowing the value of this indicator, you can tighten the strategy of attracting customers, improve the retention strategy depending on the communication channels, improve the triggers, etc.


Calculate how much each new customer costs. Here and advertising, and communication online, and, perhaps, calls the call center. It is important to keep a balance: laying down the budget for attraction is not to be greedy, but not to throw money around. To understand that you are doing everything right, compare the CAC and LTV indicators: the cost of attracting a new client should be significantly lower than the income from it for the entire time.


Retaining a customer is much cheaper than attracting a new one. Therefore, Retention Rate is one of the key metrics for an online store. Working on loyalty, helping the client, rather than no matter what, you will not only save money on marketing and advertising, but also launch word of mouth – recommendations that will bring you more income without your direct cash costs.

Checklist for a multi-marketer or what if analytics is not your forte?

  1. Most of the indicators for evaluating email marketing will be considered by the platform for you. Now almost all services clearly show the percentage of discoveries, clicks, and non-existent addresses.
  2. Use pass-through analytics software. Analytics program will collect data from your CRM, website, advertising sites and will give the result. For you only making strategic decisions.
  3. Set your goals in Google Analytics, and better give the setting to the experts – once a well-tuned analyst will bring many right decisions in the future.
  4. IMPORTANT! No one likes to sit and count, analyze, compare and analyze again (well, almost no one). But without analytics, NO marketing activity is possible. Test, look at the results and improve your performance every day!

We cannot improve all your indicators, but with these performance metrics you will be able to achieve great results with the help of your advertising and email marketing.

Local Marketing

6 ideas for a truly local web marketing strategy

In the past I often saw local companies open Twitter channels for local web marketing, which may be operated in areas of the province. The reason? Because Twitter was considered the second Social Network after Facebook and therefore “we must be there”. The results were mostly poor: compared to budgets spent on articulated publishing plans, few followers were collected and even fewer visits.

Twitter is just one example, but it helps me to redefine the strategies of local web marketing, i.e. those strategies that for objectives or needs must operate in narrow geographical areas (think of a local store: generally it does not make sense to look for customers 200 km away).

For this reason, today I want to try to identify the true and authentic local web marketing for those wishing to avoid national or mass media, which can geolocate their advertising campaigns but at much higher costs. When I speak of authentic local web marketing I refer to activities, groups and media that live in your own territory. Here, then, 6 ideas to take advantage of local web marketing with very low or even zero costs …

local web marketing

1. Local organizations and associations

Often with non-profit purposes, they are available to give visibility at a decidedly low cost. These are also young organizations, which can effectively exploit Social Media – with high numbers and engagement – of strong relationships of trust with local citizens. With a quick search on Google and on Facebook, they are easily found.

Banally, on social networks it is sufficient to do a search by entering your city / area of interest or through #hashtag to discover a world of local pages and interests.

2. Fan Pages, Groups and Local Social Channels

There is a “young” Web, without programming skills but with strong communication skills , which jumps the construction of a website and a web marketing strategy “with all the trappings”, opening in a few minutes Social channels which are quickly invaded by contents, often very effective. Result: Local social channels are often crowded with fans and followers, with unimaginable growth and interactions.

Often these are “spiritual” social channels, but sometimes they share people who share social causes, passions, hobbies. If you promote something relevant to the subject of these pages, why not give it a try.

Attention also to Facebook groups, often underestimated, which by the nature of notifications that reach all the members are a tool with very high interactions.

local web marketing

3. Blogger and local newspapers

The newspapers are not dead, let alone the local ones, capable of giving a very precise visibility and targeting to local businesses. In particular, online is the master. The interesting aspect of local newspapers is given by the fact that they are definitely “more reachable” than national journalists, because they can easily intercept in relevant events of the local community. With a real PR activity, you can get coverage on partially promotional news for free or almost. You have to be good – in this case – to “create the news”, so that it is sufficiently attractive for the journalist.

Here, try to imagine having a local business. You could try to find sites and blogs of this kind to promote …

  • Coupons and discounts that can be spent in your business;
  • Download an app or guide;
  • Collection of subscribers to your site (you have to offer something in return, though)

4. Google My Business – Bing Places

If you have not yet opened a page in these free services, it’s better if you move.

In practice, open the free cards related to your business, providing data on what you do, how you do it, where you do it, prices, timetables, etc. Your business listing will appear on maps and local searches. No need to explain the advantages of being so present on search engines …

5. Participate

Participating in online city life means many things: it means attending forums, groups and pages that are very popular and – where possible and consistently with the topic – showing what you are doing (but paying attention to the rules and not spamming).

It’s a practice a bit ‘to the limit, but there are those who can do it with dexterity …

local marketing

6. Social Ads

OK, you already knew this. For those who do not know, even with less than 50 euros a month you can promote on Facebook their activities on a very specific local basis, identifying very precise target users to show your ad, divided by interest, age, sex, type of mobile device used, family status and other curious socio-demographic variables.

With figures a little higher you can do the same thing on Twitter and, soon, even on emerging social networks such as Snapchat. If you do not know the advertising on Social Media, it will be good to inform you.

Not just online

There are many other minor modes, but if you already follow these 6 points for local web marketing well the results will not be long in coming. I would like to point out, however, that many offline modes such as flyers and advertisements on inserts, magazines and local flyers still carry quite a bit of success.

I say this from personal experience: it is wrong to think that your geographical area is populated only by nerd-geeks who use only internet. People locally move, attend places of aggregation and “still trust the doctor or the parish priest.”

Local Marketing

Push Marketing: Email, SMS, and Push Notifications! Turn Users into Buyers

Probably, for a lot of start-ups (and not only) the issue of increasing the number of paying customers is relevant at all times. Want to learn the secret of how to turn users who rated your trial version to those who regularly pay? According to the marketing experts with the help of push marketing everything is very simple, and the whole secret lies in one word – “COMMUNICATION”. And this communication should be properly organized. How exactly?

It’s not enough just to have a well-made site with video lessons and an extensive knowledge base. Of course, this is useful, however, you should also find an approach to your users so that they feel that you are the same person as they are.

Now we will only talk about the main points, but let this phrase become your guiding light: “People want to buy from those to whom they trust.” Push marketing is the best way to build trust with new users is to communicate with them via email, SMS and using push notifications.

Here I have collected 7 push marketing hacks that will help turn trial users into paying customers …

Did you know that 66% of companies that use the free trial model of push marketing and have a conversion rate below 25%. Why? Users fall into the Bermuda Triangle in the SaaS area. They register for the free version and then completely disappear – often this is because the company representatives do not support communication with them.

The first three days are the most difficult. If you motivate the user to actively use your application for three days, then it will be 4 times more likely to perform the targeted action.

Fortunately, sales professionals and customer support do not need to spend all their time to reach each user. Only competently using the push marketing tools of communication with the user based on their behavior and psychology, as well as the correct text, you can build a strong relationship with the client automatically.

Let’s look at 7 push marketing ways to attract paying customers with e-mails, push notifications and text messages …


Push Marketing

1. Send A Welcome Letter

Did you know that about 75% of users expect that after registration they will receive a welcome letter? They are not only interested in your product, but also give permission for you to share information with them.

When a user registers for a trial version, automatically send him a welcome letter. It is important that it is sent within an hour after registration. 90% of potential customers cool down after 60 minutes. New users can try your service in a hurry and forget about it. Sending a letter of welcome will help build a stronger relationship with them.

Try to make the greeting e-mail look like it was sent by a real person. Use the address to which the user can subsequently respond. Tell us how often you will send letters. Be sure to let us know what the benefits of your service are. Offer the user help if he has any problems (this is a kind of call to action). Perhaps some potential customers will decide to answer this letter – in that case, be sure to continue with them a dialogue.

A welcome letter like this will help attract and motivate a larger number of users to perform the targeted action …

Hi [username],

I noticed that you registered with our service, and just wanted to thank for it.

Also I would like to help you get started. Is there something that you are not sure about or have not fully understood?

I’m always here to help you, here are links to several useful videos that will help you understand where to start.

Write anytime! I’m always happy to help!

– A.H. from

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2. Send E-Mails To Attract Inactive Users

Send messages to attract inactive users. For example, 2 days after registration, send a useful reference book or a list of tips on how to start working with your service.

Most users do not work with your application, because they do not know how to do this.

A letter built using this scheme will help to involve inactive users in the process of working with your service …

Hi, [username],

Here are a few ways to use our application to help you save money:

  • Import bank reports (this will take 2 minutes).
  • Tell us about your favorite stores so that we can get coupons for you (it will take 3 minutes).
  • Tell us about the planned purchases so that we can find the best offers (it will take 5 minutes).
  • If you click here, then set all the necessary settings right now and will be able to save your money.

You can also attract the attention of inactive users by a letter with the topic “We miss you”. For example, if a user does not show activity for two days after registration, remind him/her what he/she is missing and what he/she can get from your application if he/she returns.

Hi, [username],

Where did you go? We added a few new features, which you have not yet had the opportunity to try. They can really help you in reducing the carbon footprint.

We added:

  • Search for recipes that do not include meat, which will help you eat more correctly;
  • A map of public transport that will help you find another way to travel around the city;
  • Search for bike rentals that you can use when traveling.

Just click here, sign in, and you will be able to use all these functions in a few seconds.

E-mail does not need to tell you how beautiful your application is. Your task is to motivate the user to use the service again. It is a vital part of push marketing to remind them why they registered, and how your application can help them. Make sure that your letter, designed to return the user, has a clear call to action. It should be something that will please the client and will motivate them to return.

Good examples of calls to action for a letter, whose goal is to re-engage a client:

  • Create your [product name] now;
  • Try it right now;
  • Take your own right now;
  • Look at this in action;
  • Watch this video now.

3. Propose To Extend The Trial Period

Do not need to offer to extend the trial period to each user. Those customers who are inactive by the end of the trial period can hardly be persuaded by offering them more time.

Renewal of the trial period is relevant for the segment of users who actively work with your application every day during the trial, but stop using the service as soon as the trial period ends.

Here is an example of a letter that can be sent to active users, offering them to extend the trial period of push marketing …

Hi, [username],

I noticed that your trial period is over, but you had the opportunity to enjoy our app for quite some time.

Do you want to use the trial version for a few more days? We are happy to give you this opportunity. Just let us know.

Also you can send such users a letter with a request for feedback (along with a proposal to extend the trial period). Pay attention to the feedback left – this information can help in increasing the conversion.

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Push Marketing

You may feel that there is no point in writing to SMS users when you can chat with them by mail.

However, here are two reasons to do this …

  • Less competition: Compared to 1216 e-mails, users receive an average of only 178 SMS.
  • Your message is guaranteed to be read: 99% of all SMS read, and, 90% of them are read within three minutes of receipt. Compare these data with the opening rate of e-mails (22%). Text messages also have a much higher CTR than e-mails – 19% compared to 4.2%.

4. Ask Users To Provide Feedback On SMS

Instead of emails, send SMS to inactive users or to those who have completed the trial period. Ask them to leave feedback so that you can answer their questions and suggest resources that can help them.

When you ask for feedback, be extremely brief and polite. Here is an example of SMS push marketing that you can use …

Thank you for using [tariff name]. We would really appreciate your feedback.

Hi, [username], can you give a couple of seconds and leave feedback about [tariff name]?

You have the opportunity to speak out! What do you think about [service name]?

How can I help you use the [tariff name] more effectively?

5. Send SMS About The Failed Payment

If you turn a user into a paying customer, you do not have to give it up if it fails to make a payment. Difficulties in paying happen more often than you think. In fact, 11-14% of operations simply do not pass (!).

The customer may have entered the wrong credit card number. And, maybe, problems with your site. And, maybe, the whole matter is that the user used the wrong browser?

Whatever it is, send the user automatic SMS, if his/her payment has not passed. Offer to personally help the customer complete the purchase. You can also send him/her a link with an alternative payment method.

Here are some examples that you can use …

Hi [username], it looks like there are some problems on the payment page. Maybe I should call and help you with this?

Hi [username], I noticed that you have a payment problem. Help is needed?

Hi [user name], do you have a payment page? If not, let me know, and I will gladly help finish the operation.

Hi [username], it seems that there are some problems on the payment page. Here is a link to an alternative payment option.

This is the final step. Do what you want to turn the user into a paying customer, especially if you know that he wants it.

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Push Marketing

The speed of response to push notifications is three times faster than e-mail marketing. If you want to receive answers quickly, use push notifications. Here are two ideas for increasing the conversion with this method of messaging.

6. Offer A Discount

Sometimes users come to a page with tariffs, but they will not upgrade from a trial version to a paid one. If this happens to your service, you need to do something.

For example, offer such users a special discount …

We offer you a 25% discount on [tariff name] within the next two hours. Time is limited (you can even take advantage of the time counter, but unobtrusively)!

Think about becoming our client? The time has come! We give you a code with a 20% discount [code number].

Thanks for the work! Pay for the use of our service now and get a 25% discount on the promo code [code number].

7. Motivate Users To Finish The Trial Period Sooner

You do not need to wait until the trial version is over, so that the client starts paying. An active user who likes to use your application will turn into a paying customer faster if offered the appropriate incentive. Remember that users who actively work with your application for 3 days, 4 times more likely to make the necessary targeted action. Use this push marketing feature to turn active users into paying customers as quickly as possible.

The incentive that you can offer depends on what motivates your users.

It can be a discount or an upgrade to a premium version of the service at a lower price. Or free provision of expensive consultation with an expert who can help the client effectively develop the business.

Try sending a push notification like this to motivate users to become paying customers as early as possible …

You have the opportunity to save [the amount] on our application! Switch to a more advanced tariff with a 10% discount right now.

Do you like our application? Upgrade and enjoy more features!

Want to access all the features? Upgrade and get 1 month free!


Regardless of what you choose for push marketing, remember that people like to feel special. Having started communicating with them as early as possible, and doing this as often as possible, you will make them feel part of your team, which will help to avoid the outflow of customers.

So, what will be the first push marketing method e-mail, SMS or push notification that you send to users? Have you already used push marketing to turn as many trial users as possible into paying customers?

Local Marketing

Top 10 Tips For Marketing A Small Business

By definition, marketing is used to examine the availability of inquiries from existing and potential customers of the company, to inform them about the benefits of your offer and the linear promotion of the company’s products or services. Marketing a small business is an important part of both the strategic business plan of a start-up company and the strategic and tactical plan of action of an already operating company. In other words: Without marketing, there cannot be a successful business.

Marketing a small business helps to understand and study the needs of existing and potential customers of the company and increases the likelihood that they will become customers of your company, and based on the results of the study of requests to create prerequisites for their purchases. We bring to your attention a selection of tips, which should be used to improve the marketing strategy and tactics of small business owners. These 10 tips for marketing a small business cannot replace a standard textbook and marketing plans and activities, which somehow have to create to the owners of small businesses, but rather complement them …

Promote your business with the help of “friendly channels”

Create a “friendly channel” to promote your proposals by combining them with the proposals of other small businesses. This technique of marketing a small business can significantly increase coverage and reach many more customers than if you made your offer without this channel. Surely you have familiar businessmen or even buddies among them and these acquaintances can be used with even greater benefit. An example of such a “friendly channel” is the dissemination of information through the company’s website, which belongs to your acquaintance.

You can also ask your friend to put a little information about your company or your offer in his in promotional brochures, brochures, perhaps even on business cards, presenting your business as a partner of the company. Naturally, you must respond in the same way and provide information about the company of a friend in your promotional materials. As a result, this will allow both companies to get in touch with a new pool of potential customers. Imagine what kind of free coverage you can get if you have many friends and acquaintances among entrepreneurs. Very unexpected and unusual? And you try, because the creation of such a friendly channel does not require large expenditures.

Marketing A Small Business

Include original stickers in your postal items

If your business uses such a channel as mail: in the form of envelopes or in the form of parcels, never forget to paste the brightest and colorful stickers in the most visible place of such items, informing all those who come in contact with them and read about your excellent proposal. Believe in this tactics of marketing a small business, as these stickers, especially if they are bright, they will immediately catch sight of all those who want to read the letter or open a parcel and this attention is remembered as brightly as the last thing that catches the eye of who is addressed to. Just do not forget: on these stickers there must be a minimum of information that can be read in 10 seconds, not more.

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Create a postcard of your offer and send it by mail

Also unexpected? In the age of e-mail and Skype, using ancient techniques is silly? By no means. About electronic shipments and Skype today does not know unless that full savage and all these channels use. How to allocate your offer? It was recalling the “old tricks” of marketing a small business. Create a postcard, for example, a greeting card and send it to the postal addresses of your customers or to the postal addresses of those who live in the area where your business is located. You can use standard postcards, but on the front side, glue your postcard, previously printed on a color laser printer and self-adhesive paper.

Everyone has become accustomed to promotional and promotional materials distributed through mailboxes and which hundreds of people, even if they do not read, throw away your potential customers. It is an ordinary postcard, but with your “supplement”, sent by ordinary mail (sent, but not distributed in boxes), it will certainly attract the attention of those who will pick it up in order to simply throw it away. Only again it is necessary to take into account – the message, especially the advertising should be brief. Such an “old” reception, such a postcard will be able to significantly increase traffic to your site, the address of which you naturally place on this postcard.

Add your messages when answering phone calls

When you answer phone calls, carefully include in your reply a message that may interest the subscriber and which directly relates to your business. It may be information about your new service or product that you just released on the market. Such a message about the proposal should be unobtrusive, short and bright enough to attract attention to it.

If you make an offer, it should not be aggressive. Include in your oral report on the timing of the action or a discount, all that can cause interest in the one with whom you are talking on the phone. People pay attention to that information that helps to save or helps them to get a product that has many advantages and is sold cheaper than competitors.

Never forget to make a new offer to the customer who bought it

The most important understanding and reception that many, especially beginning entrepreneurs miss in their practice and even ignore. And this is completely wrong. After the customer makes a purchase from you, immediately, unobtrusively, accurately, respectfully, offer him a new product or service. At the same time, the best method to marketing a small business is to offer discounts as a customer, which has now become permanent and to which the company has a special approach and a special offer.

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Be sure to point out that the company values relations with all customers very much, but with those who are its regular customers – especially. Do not be shy to be over obliging, but do not be intrusive. Be sure to thank the client for the attention that he shows to your company, acquiring its products or services. You can add a bit of relevance to the new proposal, saying that the terms of the action are limited. They say that … just for you, just for you …

Marketing A Small Business

Suggest seminars

Offer your regular customers (as well as inform in advertising and promotional materials and potential clients) about exclusive seminars that your company organizes for its regular customers in a desire to tell about trends and modern directions. It should be borne in mind that such events can be very successful public relations, as they can receive wide coverage in the media and accordingly good and motivating information will reach a greater number of your potential buyers.

Adjust the number of visitors to your seminars by admission, if such regulation is required. We understand perfectly well that it is very expensive to “overpower” holding a seminar of a start-up company. But believe for 90% of companies, if they do not work in the premium segment, organizing such a seminar will not be an overhead event. You can hold a creative seminar, where the participants themselves will do everything that is planned by the script.

Boards, boxes and mail, mail the old post …

If your company is a business of step-by-step accessibility and serves mainly people who live in the business location area, use the mail and services of companies that deal with the delivery of advertising to mailboxes. Yes, this is an old, “chewed” welcome, actively used by many companies, but … it works.

For example, many entrepreneurs use the services of agencies offering to place an advertisement on stands at the entrance or inside the elevator. Quite recently we saw a very interesting and creative approach for marketing a small business: as on the handles of the entrance doors were placed advertising bulletins in the form of a bright cardboard figure Carlson. So the company offered services for washing windows. Throw away the annoyance funny and funny Carlson, not many will be especially if they have children … and will surely remember this move.

Use newsletters

Never forget: The cost of attracting the attention of a new customer of your business is six times more expensive than attracting the attention of an “old” client, someone who is already your client. To sell your products or services to those who are already your client, it is sometime

s enough to simply send them newsletters. Even better, if such newsletters are personal.

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Let’s say if you know the name and patronymic of the one to whom you address your newsletter. In this case, it is necessary to address the name of the patronymic: “Dear Alex Sanchez”. A good tactic of saving money is to send them an e-mail newsletter for those who are your subscribers.

Marketing A Small Business

Exchange of goods and services

This is also an unusual device and it is possible that not all owners of businesses will meet understanding, although it has been used for a long time by many online stores when delivering the ordered goods. We propose to use this tool to promote your company’s offers through the product delivery of another company. Agree with an online store or a group of online stores and put your promotional offers in the packaging of the delivered goods.

Naturally, when choosing an online store as a partner, it is necessary to consider the target audience that this online store is targeting. It is meaningless to offer, say, Viagra to those who order goods in the online store for youth recreation.

Your marketing should always be fresh

There is no universal marketing approach that works for years. One marketing move, even the most successful, cannot fully meet the needs of customers and customers of your business. Customers can “get tired” of the same sentence and stop paying attention to it. Thus, we must always improve our marketing tactics and strategy.

A great tool for marketing a small business is to  capable of constantly investigating your audience’s requests can be feedback to your customers. Constantly interact with customers and constantly receive signals from them about a particular product and adjust your marketing in accordance with the recall.

Local Marketing

The Secret Of Effective Content Marketing

“Content is the king!” Bill Gates once said. Let me paraphrase the great computer genius: effective content marketing can make you the king of the Internet audience.

What do you have in mind?

“We are a serious company, we are engaged in the supply of goods, we provide services, and we have no time to take care of the content.”

Quite just reasoning. But your company has a website, right? You have taken care of the creation of the site, because you understand how many opportunities for business gives you the Internet. But you do not use half of these features, if you are not at all involved in creating high-quality content.

Traditional methods of search promotion are a thing of the past. The algorithms of Google and Bing, forming search results, increasingly focus on behavioral factors: the time spent by the visitor on the site, the number of pages viewed, the size of the permanent audience of the site. Users are becoming more selective, even capricious – they ignore advertising appeals and do not read useless articles. For those who want to settle in the leaders, the only way out is to attract and retain people, creating high quality, popular content.

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Contrary to the prevailing opinion, “content” is not equal to “text on the site.” The term “content” refers to the entire body of information in the text, visual, video and audio format that you broadcast to your audience using the site, e-mail, corporate accounts in social networks and other Internet channels.

Text content is an indispensable basis, but do not limit yourself to articles on the site. Look at companies that successfully distribute their viral videos, draw infographics, create presentations and record audio-lectures-podcast. Regardless of the field of activity, they are “overgrown” by potential buyers on the Internet, using all possible formats for presenting information. And this is quite possible for you too!

Effective Content Marketing


The surrounding media world daily throws tons of commercial offers on our heads. Advertising of all kinds and sorts at times hinders to find necessary, to choose the necessary, and even simply to have a rest and have fun. Against this background, unobtrusive, but high quality and useful content looks the most profitable way.

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The task of a good article or an interesting presentation is to find and entice someone who seeks answers to questions or problems, but not the seller of a product or service. Help persons do what they needs, do it for free – and they will remember you, do it again – and they will stay with you forever.


There are several signs of effective content marketing that can lead to you a huge number of real and potential customers …

  • High relevance
  • Learning Aspect
  • Ease of learning
  • Visual appeal
  • Invitation to dialogue
  • Lack of advertising!

The most important property of good content is its usefulness. Explore your customer; find out what he cares about, what information will be valuable and relevant to him. Then write about this article, conduct an interview with a specialist, shoot a video or a series of photos, make a review or organize your own research. What’s next? Repeat first, and do it regularly.

Do not forget about the form of information. Easiness of mastering is achieved by simple and understandable formulations. To read long, complex, abounding with participial turns, enumerations and commas, which involve several sentences at once, is painful, is not it? Whether it’s short sentences! They are easy to read and remember.

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The whole set of methods for achieving business goals through the creation and dissemination of quality content was called “content marketing.” This is a fundamentally new approach to the promotion of goods and services on the Internet, which places the satisfaction of the client’s information needs first.

Effective content marketing involves an in-depth analysis of the target audience and regular publications at various venues, both internal (company website, corporate blog, groups in social networks), and external (media, partner sites, etc.). In addition, it is expected that readers will actively engage in a dialogue with the authors of the content, collecting opinions, conducting surveys and competitions. Thus, you establish strong trust relationships with a large number of potential consumers of your products or services.

Effective Content Marketing


Regardless of which of the levels of the sales funnel is your potential buyer, the effecrive content marketing can gently push it to the desired action. Usually the process of involvement occurs in 3 steps …

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Step 1 – Engage the audience: The site, which is regularly replenished with high-quality text materials, is doomed to high positions in search engines Google and Bing. In addition, I want to share useful and interesting content: send a link to a friend, “like” or “tweet” in social networks. So the news spreads about you among a wide range of users. By the way, studies have shown that 70% of people prefer to learn about the company from articles of non-advertising nature.

Step 2 – Increase the popularity and trust in the brand: At the moment when the visitor receives from you really valuable information (instead of the usual advertising promises), you are transformed from an impersonal service provider into an ally. Good content is a measure of sincere customer care, which prevails over taking care of your own financial result. Would you yourself be indifferent?

Step 3 – Increase the level of sales: After you inspire confidence, it’s time to move on to conversion actions. Publish information that reveals your values and real benefits. Place customer testimonials and convincing evidence that your proposal is better than others. Your loyal audience will receive the signal and will probably contact you as soon as there is a need – and possibly without it.


“Many thinks that nobody reads the texts on the Internet. Will not all our efforts go to waste?”

The myth of lazy readers is born and supported by lazy copywriters. Each of us, being really interested in something, carefully studies all sources of useful information about the subject of interest. If your resource does not have enough reader attention, this means only one thing: it’s time to work on the content.

Local Marketing

How To Apply Emotional Intelligence In Marketing Strategy

You have heard about emotional intelligence in marketing and try to apply its principles when directing your teams. You try to manage your emotions to strengthen the bonds with your coworkers and in this way create a positive climate.

However, you have not stopped to think that you can also apply these techniques in the relationship with your clients, and even when launching marketing campaigns to get new contacts.

Why emotional intelligence in marketing is important?

The current trend in the world of marketing is to seek the response of the consumer to generate “engagement”, or what is the same, that the consumer is involved in our actions, participate and commit, as a means of loyalty.

Studies show that using emotional intelligence in marketing tactics a greater response is achieved. For example, did you know that the use of emoticons gets a greater reaction from the audience? They are not just teenagers. The messages of brands that use emoticons have 57% more “likes” on average, and 33% more are shared or commented. This is so because, by reflecting a figure of a human face with an emotion, they are also triggers of our emotions.

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Emotional Intelligence  In Marketing

Tricks To Apply Emotional Intelligence In Marketing

In addition to the use of emoticons – careful not to turn into abuse – there are some other things you can incorporate into your marketing that will help you improve your participation ratios …

1) Create a positive climate: Be careful with the subtext of your communications. One thing is what you write in your tweets, and another thing that your audience interprets of them. Test your messages with people in your environment before publishing them and you will see that, in some cases, they are subject to different interpretations. No matter what you think, it matters what your audience thinks. Especially when you play with a sense of humor, or when you enter sensitive areas.

2) People do not buy a product but buy an idea: The most successful brands are those that have been able to position themselves in the mind of the consumer, awakening a specific sensation and directing their messages towards that sensation. “The spark of life” or “you cook or enrich” are just two examples. Find the slogan that defines the idea you sell and make all your communications relevant to it.

3) Define authentic relationships with your consumers: You cannot consider your marketing campaigns as isolated elements, but as part of a set that will establish what type of relationship you maintain with your consumers. Thus, you must know not only your consumer, but also the relationship you have with them. Take into account your past experiences with your brand, remember the previous contacts you had with them. In this way, you will create an authentic and meaningful relationship.

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Emotional Intelligence In Marketing

4) Create messages that excites: Choose the words carefully and synthesize them to the fullest. Enrich them with images that capture attention and that do not need explanation. The image is a powerful resource, since the sense of sight is the one that predominates in our way of perceiving the world. Video is also becoming more and more prevalent in today’s marketing.

5) Take into account emotional intelligence in marketing funnel: What emotions do your customers associate with your product? How do you solve your problems or concerns? Use these answers to focus your messages towards your pain points and to know what kind of reactions you need to trigger in your audience.

6) Manage the times: Publish your contents from 9 to 6 maybe it is not a good idea, because it is possible that the moment in which your consumer is more receptive to receive them is at 9 o’clock at night, right after putting children to bed and when they stays calm. Everything will depend on your product and your client. You must know them well to understand the moment in which a link between them is easier to generate.

Local Marketing

9 Local Marketing Tips For Business

Are you looking to improve the local marketing results of your business? Although the Internet is full of marketing tips, many of them are not aimed at regional websites. Regional marketing is completely different in many ways.

In this article, I will present some simple (and in some cases not so simple) tips to improve the local marketing of any type of business. Keep reading to learn how you can get more out of your local marketing.

Local Marketing

5 Free Email Marketing Tools To Create Perfect Newsletters

The email marketing is still one of the main tools and more concrete used in the world of online marketing. Creating newsletters and distributing them periodically is one of the best ways to acquire new customers, increase sales of a store, and generally build stable relationships with our customers.

It is therefore vital to create newsletters that are graphically pleasing, usable and optimized for mobile devices. All the statistics are now clear that mobile users are becoming more and more numerous, so mobile optimization have to be taken seriously.

5 Free Email Marketing Tools Create Perfect Newsletters

Create Perfect NewslettersAmong the many useful tools that are found on the net, some are paid and cost even while others are free and often very valuable. In this article, I will introduce you 5 free tools that can prove to be very useful for the design of your newsletters. The illustrated services are ideal for those who do not have a high budget available and do not have in-depth knowledge of HTML / CSS.

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1) Create Newsletters with Beefree

Create Perfect Newsletters

Beefree is a very powerful free online editor. This tool can help you create newsletters that are highly impacted and optimized for your mobile. You can choose from a variety of pre-configured templates (Simple, Promo, Newsletter, E-commerce) and move them through an intuitive interface with drag-and-drop, creating a few simple steps of your email without needing any knowledge of HTML. Once you’ve created your email, you can also export it to the site and then upload it to your favorite newsletter submission program.

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2) Foundation For Emails

Create Perfect Newsletters

Unlike the previous tool, Foundation for Emails is a CSS framework that helps you create HTML emails that can be viewed on any device / client optimally. In this case, however, they are demanding minimal HTML / CSS skills, but once confident, this tool can be extremely useful and flexible. From the site, you can download the framework with pre-packaged CSS and HTML templates that can be easily adapted to any need. The documentation is also quite comprehensive and allows you to understand every aspect of the framework.

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3) MailChimp

Create Perfect Newsletters

Almost everyone knows MailChimp, which is first and foremost platform for sending newsletters. That’s why I did not want to put it in this list, because it’s not really free. But since it offers free newsletter subscriptions up to 2000 subscribers and has a number of amazing tools, I cannot help but mention it. Among the various tools, the one in this article is the tool that allows you to create newsletters without having the slightest knowledge of programming languages. MailChimp offers pre-configured and responsive newsletter templates, these can be edited directly online with simple drag-and-drop and inserting your own images.

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4) Paletton For Your Colors

Create Perfect Newsletters

Paletton lets you choose the most suitable colors for your email. Through a palette of colors, you can try different solutions among the suggested ones: monochrome, adjacent colors, triad colors or free style of 2, 3, 4 colors. You can also see a live preview of the most colorful color combinations. Finally, once you have defined the color palette, you can download it in several formats, including: textual color list, PNG graphic format, ACO format for direct import in Photoshop, GPL format for Gimp, etc.

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5. Pictures Reduced with Tinypng

Create Perfect Newsletters

Among the tools to create successful newsletters, you cannot miss a tool that can help you reduce the weight of your images. Having images with a high weight, (sometimes even several hundred kilo-grams) can greatly hurt us: email will load too slowly and the user will use precious gang on their mobile device. TinyPNG can help you drastically reduce the weight of JPG or PNG images. It also manages to do better than a Photoshop “Save For Web”, I’ve tried it and it really impressed me. It is also extremely easy to use: it uploads the image online and expects the compression to take place almost instantly.

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As mentioned earlier, many email marketing tools are found on the web, and I wanted to focus on some useful tools for the realization of newsletters. This list of 5 free tools is not exhaustive, I am aware that there are so many others that are not mentioned, which I might find in another article.

If you like, you can propose yourself some tools you use to design your emails and which is worth to count among your favorites.

If this article has been helpful to you in some way please share it so that it can also help other users on the Internet.

You can comment on the article in the box below, I always try to answer everybody. Even if you have useful tips as an in-depth article on this article, you are always welcome.

Local Marketing

Content Marketing: Why it’s important for your business?

You just heard someone mention content marketing, and then you probably have a few questions about what it is and why everyone suddenly started talking about it. Here in this article we will try to clarify the situation.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and win the target audience. The goal of content marketing is to motivate the consumer to perform beneficial actions.

Content Marketing

The key word is “VALUABLE”.

This word distinguishes the definition from one that can describe almost any form of advertising or marketing activities. You can say that the material can be part of the content marketing campaign, if people are looking for it; they want to use it, and not to avoid it. Naturally, the purpose of your content marketing is to provide as much value as possible to the broadest possible target audience. Let’s consider some examples …

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Examples Of Content Marketing

There are as many types of content marketing as there are types of content – too much to tell about all of them here. We want to introduce you to content marketing and encourage you to think like a content marketer so you can see the opportunities surrounding you to work. You will constantly see opportunities for creating content …


Content MarketingAs a rule, these are long vertically oriented graphic objects, including statistical data, graphs, charts and other information. If you need examples, here are 200+ copies of infographics on content marketing rel=”nofollow”, saved by Michael Schmitz.

Infographics can be effective in the sense that, in case of successful implementation, it can for years roam along social networks and be published on websites. You can get infographics in professional execution by hiring a contractor on the site, for example UpWork or Fiverr, or if you want to avoid some risks, you can contact a company specializing in this kind of work.

The design of a decent infographic will cost you at least 100 dollars, and can cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars, if the contractor or agency under your order will develop a strategy, plan, conduct research, copywriting and design. It is also necessary to think about the promotion of this infographics among bloggers and in the media.

Landing Pages

Content MarketingRemember the “SEO Guide for Beginners” from Moz, a provider of tools and resources related to SEO. This free benefit was viewed several million times and brought to countless customers who otherwise might not have stumbled upon Moz and the services they offer.

Many companies hesitate to discuss the work of their colleagues, but specialists are so confident that they are not afraid to face the competition face to face! Their analysis is fascinating and useful to many beginner designers. This is the difference between the simple placement of content on the site and content marketing.

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Podcasts and Videos

Content MarketingOne of the best examples of content marketing is audio podcast. Useful information about business, start-ups, corporate culture, management, sales, etc. The popular YouTube channel is also an outstanding example of content marketing, which tells about business and marketing on the Internet. Familiar viewers, not only with the basic concepts of Internet marketing, but also raises difficult questions, discussing them with opinion leaders.

Video and podcasts in general are an immensely mastered form of content marketing, because people think that it is expensive and time-consuming to deal with. However, given the lower prices for equipment, it is easier to create high-quality video and audio content today than ever before. Amateur videos of popular YouTubers give a huge coverage to brands that host advertising. At the same time, the cost of contact is significantly lower than in any other marketing channels.

You could create for your company a video or audio podcast, which narrated about the features and tricks useful to your customers. It’s easier than you think!


Content MarketingAs in the case of films, people often think that eBooks are sold by themselves. But educated marketers do not sell books to just sell eBooks. They sell them as marketing tools. The eBook is a tool that encourages clients to turn to the experts and projects mentioned in the book. Although there is no place to publish the eBook at your own expense, there is still an opinion that it is difficult and only professional experts can issue a business eBook. Publish your work, and even if it is not read, you can still use it as a form of content marketing every time you introduce yourself: “The author of the book …”

These are just a few examples of content marketing. You can also mention information materials, applications, public presentations, presentations and blogs. About the use of all of this for the purpose of content marketing written whole volumes.

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Why do you need content marketing?

Perhaps the answer to the question “Why?” Is more important than the answer to the question “What is this?” First of all, it is necessary to understand the four stages of the buying cycle …

1) Awareness: Prior to the emergence of awareness, the buyers may have a need, but they does not know how to satisfy it.

2) Study: When the buyers realizes that there is a solution, they begins the research to get an idea of the subject. For example, a person buying a car will try to find out what types of cars exist and which one will suit his/her needs.

3) Consideration: At this stage, the buyers begins to compare different products from different vendors to make sure that they will receive a quality product at a fair price.

4) Purchase: Finally, the buyers makes a decision and proceeds to the transaction.

Content Marketing

Traditional advertising and marketing are good at the last two stages. Content marketing deals with the first two: it increases awareness of opportunities and tells customers about the product, i.e. about what they could have not thought about before!

Potential customers find content, consider it valuable and by the time they contact the company-author, they are already convinced that they want to buy from them. The trust that usually needs to be built during a long sales cycle has already been created.

With the right approach, the return on investment in content marketing can be phenomenal. There are ways to not spend a penny – this is called crow road marketing, but we’ll talk about it in another article.

Content marketing also brings additional benefits: it supports other channels of digital marketing. It provides additional content for marketing on social networks and fuels SEO activities, generating natural incoming links and creating good content on your site that appears in the search engines. In fact, many companies should focus most of their activity in the field of search engine optimization and promotion on content marketing.

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Where To Start?

There are many firms offering services in the field of content marketing, often together with SEO and PR. If you are too busy to do it yourself, and are not ready to manage it in your company, then engaging a contractor company can be the best solution.

But if you want to quickly start and engage in content marketing yourself, the easiest way is to start blogging. At first it will be difficult, but the more you do this, the better it will turn out. Watching the readers, you will quickly learn how to create content for a blog or site that will attract and turn them into customers. However, the techniques are not the key to writing great content, which is the best form of content marketing.

Great Content

Content MarketingIf you have ever waded through marketing material and finished reading just because you need it, then you are faced with an example of poor content marketing. Content is good if you really want to read it. Content is good if you are willing to pay to read it.

If you watched “The Lego Movie”, you saw one of the greatest examples of content marketing. This movie was created to sell movie tickets? It was a 100-minute advertisement for the Lego designer, and instead of skipping advertising on YouTube before watching, you pay money and watch it at the cinema!

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By the way, recently Lego went around the capitalization of Mattel, the creator of Barbie dolls, and became the world’s largest toy company. Perhaps your budget is not enough to shoot a feature film to advertise your products or services …

Secret #1 Content marketing: Increase the value!

That’s the whole secret! We talked about this throughout this article. Although, when you watch the work of some marketing companies, you will be surprised that they deliberately avoid the obvious. If you are not sure how you can add value to your content marketing, ask your customers: how and what they read / watched when they were looking for your products or services.

Current information on content marketing is now quite available and there are many. You have a sea of information from the pioneers of the content marketing industry and its leaders. Subscribe to blogs of authoritative experts in content marketing, watch their performances. Here in Local Advertising Journal you can learn many useful information of digital marketing, please follow our blog and we will love to assist you with new materials and case studies in various fields of business.

Local Marketing

Local Marketing: Why and How To Use It In Your Business?

The Local Marketing is useful to all companies to reach new customers in the geographical area of belonging.

If you have a shop, an office, or a physical structure where your company provides products or services to the public the most valuable customers may be the people who live near you.

Local Marketing

Did you know that local advertising online could help you grow your business with potential customers on the web and in your area?

Local marketing is a smart and cheap way to explore the potential customers your business. When you think of local advertising, you will surely think of Yellow Pages, ads in local newspapers, brochures and flyers and even ads on the totem pole on the streets, on the crossings or at bus stops, metro or train.

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The media described above are certainly excellent local advertising channels exist but also others that probably escapes you.

Did you know that many potential customers look for products or services online and then buy offline?

Local MarketingThis means that many people are searching online each day for products and services at neighboring stores them. This is an excellent opportunity for your business so make then!

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There are several methodologies to reach local customers online, you’ll denote three very used …

  • Search Engine
  • Reviews Of Web Sites
  • Internet Sites Of Offers / Coupons

1) Local Marketing with Search Engines

Local MarketingDo you know? 97% of people use search engines to look for products and services in your local area. Mainly there are two local marketing methods to learn about your business using search engines …

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  • Present your company on Google for free with boards of local business to Google My Business to connect you with customers searching for you on Google Maps or Google+.
  • Use online ads pay Google AdWords to geolocalize your listing or Facebook Business to geolocalize your page and your ads.

2) Local Marketing with Review Websites

Local MarketingMaking local Marketing entering the presence of your company on local review sites is another interesting way to be noticed by potential customers when they are in the process of choice.

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The local review sites will report your activities and will allow users to rate your products and services. These websites are very useful not only because you can control your brand reputation (what is being said in your company) but you can also show your attention to the customers themselves thanking them for a positive judgment or responding constructively to criticism from the publisher negative reviews. Each review or testimonial is considered an excellent opportunity to acquire new customers and retain existing.

3) Local Advertising Internet Sites of Offers / Coupons

Local MarketingDo not underestimate the local advertising with the attractiveness of the local sites and coupon offers that would pose push the promotion of your company bringing you new customers.

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You can promote your offerings on social networks, or blog directly from your business website using the newsletter subscriptions.

Remember that you will be more attractive your offer you will have more customers!

Local Marketing: What, Why And How To Use It In A Simple Video … !

If this article was useful to you, helped you, gave you some interesting ideas, techniques etc. … it deems useful, let us know in the comments below.

Until next time …

If you think instead that the local marketing activities of your company would you invest too much precious time or think you are not able to follow all without a web expert please free to let us know we will help you to find out a solution to improve and grow your online business.

Local Marketing

10 Tips For Local Business Marketing

Want to make the most of all the power of Local Business Marketing to your market?

Check out these 10 Tips For Local Business Marketing Success …

The Internet is full of advice, you can find tips and marketing strategies for all sectors. Many of which are also exposed by experts, but each of these has its own market or industry. Usually these tips applied by too large companies or they are of a general nature or regionals. But if I’m the owner of a small business, a bar, a tobacco shop or a small e-commerce, what I’m doing generic techniques that it can capture the customers, for example, if my bar is located in the Toronto? Better to catch all customers who can physically come to me. The Local Business Marketing techniques are different in many respects from common marketing. What are they?

We analyze the techniques and suggestions to improve the local marketing activities for any type of business, even your own …

1) Make your Local SEO Perfect

Local Business Marketing

I will not go into too many technical details of general SEO, although you should as you make an SEO plan, we would need too much time, so we concentrate our energies on local SEO because it is an essential part of any Local Business Marketing strategy.

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The Local Search is incredibly powerful. The 80% of searches by users are for local information. And perhaps more importantly, the 50% of consumers who carry out a local search on their smartphone, end up visiting a local store within a day. This, if you think about it, it’s a very high percentage. So, you’re the owner of a small business or works for your customers, you definitely cannot afford to skimp on local search. Local SEO is essential for your business.

2) Concentrate on building an impressive Super Fast Mobile Site

Local Business Marketing

Most consumers use a mobile device to run a Local Search, so you’re forced to realize a site for your Local Mobile Responsive Marketing. The responsive web design, of course, it is important for each site, but it is particularly important and vital to your Local Business Marketing. Now I will reveal why:

Approximately 61% of consumers read reviews on mobile devices (not mobile App). From the statistics, we can deduce that a large percentage of people are looking for companies on their mobile phone. Own by Google the same data, they found that more than 50% of people looking for directions, opening hours, events, businesses and much other information through mobile search.

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So, to meet your future potential customers, wherever they are (Mobile Internet Browsers), it is essential to make sure that the mobile version of your site loads quickly and is easy to use.

3) Build a list of e-mail

Local Business Marketing

Having a list of email contacts is a very valuable asset, not only for the big Internet companies, but they are also a valuable resource for local marketing. Believe me, having edited a newsletter is gold, you might receive feedback about your products and / or services, see if your new idea is positive, inform users about new products, offers, etc …

To encourage users to register, consider offering them a gift or a discount voucher. This will make it easier to have their data.

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Keep up to date your list and respects your privacy. You must have a list of quality not quantity. No need to have a million members with invalid addresses, or not interested. Lastly, do not flood your customers with your newsletter, but do it only when you have some important information.

4) Use Social Media

Local Business Marketing

Social Media are very fashionable these days, and I’m sure you have more than one account with which to cultivate private interests and work. But be careful because it is not so easy, do not just send some message or make a small local advertising. This is a topic that would require many contents to be explained. Today they can hear all experts, because, according to them, just open an account and send messages or make a page where you advertise your product or your idea. But how many of them make the center? Maybe it’s not as simple as it seems.

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In general, you have to create interesting content for your target, also choosing the appropriate time. The content should be written in the appropriate language and must be specific and clear. Today social networks are more and more, both the prevalence for both niches. If you really are an expert or you lack the time, considered to refer to a Social Media Advertising to get real results.

5) Cross Relations with other Local Companies

Local Business Marketing

No matter how our product, physical or digital, is innovative, amazing or revolutionary. If we are not able to form relationships with other companies or customers, we remain isolated and lose, and this is true in general. Even more this concept applies in Local Business Marketing. A great feature that you must have is the ability to develop strong relationships and associated with other local entrepreneurs. Through these relationships, you can develop cross-promotion strategies in which each of you promoting the other’s activities. Assuming that you are not direct competitors, it is a situation of win-win.

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Whether it’s something as simple as an exchange of business cards, or more complicated and complex relationships, cross-promotion is a great strategy of Local Business Marketing and beyond.

6) Linked to Other Local Organizations

Local Business Marketing

Local business associations are a great way to develop these relationships, both with employees and with customers directly. First, the Chamber of Commerce is an obvious choice. Not only that, you should also look for more specific organizations. For example, if you’re a web designer, look for a group of local web design.

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No need to limit yourself to your industry, you may also search for groups where potential customers are already active even though they do not fit directly into your industry.

7) Attend Local Events

Local Business Marketing

In addition to local business organizations, you should also try to attend local events relevant to your industry. Attend is much better not to go. The best strategy is to assume a leadership role at the event. This way you do know more, you put yourself in plain sight, and assume a role of authority in your niche.

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But remember, it comes when you know what you say, do not talk much to do.

8) Be Present in the Local Directory

Local Business Marketing

You should always consider being present in as many as possible local directory. While with a single directory is very unlikely to bring substantial traffic towards you, the combination of all local directories, however, can make a difference. I do not mean to be your belief that this methodology or harbors a very high traffic, but it is very low cost and is an investment that requires very little work.

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9) Request Reviews by Customers Satisfied

Local Business Marketing

Last, but as more and no less important, is the customer reviews. While it may seem strange, even today, many review sites prohibit directly encourage the positive reviews, but you’re still free to simply ask how satisfied your customers and leave a review. On average, 70% of customers will leave you a comment. And if you also consider that 74% of consumers say that the positive reviews make them confident in doing an action, then your ROI is definitely growing and will be a breeze.

Do you remember the email list? Well, a very interesting place to ask for opinions is in your e-mail signature. Remember to always ask for a review or feedback to see if your work is going in the right direction.

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Of course, all this you can do it in person, with the right touch and sympathy.

10) Rewind all

Local Business Marketing

I hope these tips give you ideas and a bit of courage to embark on a new path through the Local Business Marketing. These are just a few tips of the highlights and is not an exhaustive list. There are many other local marketing strategies that you can use to increase your ROI.

I can assure you that whatever your business, Local Business Marketing can give you a lot of satisfaction and earnings. I politely ask your thoughts, comments or suggestions to grow together.