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Local Marketing: 6 Practical Tips For Your Local Business

What is the Local Marketing?

The Local Marketing is the set of communications and marketing activities that your business or company must implement in order to bring more customers into your store – or any other location where it will complete the transaction – and raising the profile of your brand.

In this article of Local Advertising Journal, we reveal six easy tips to put into practice for your marketing strategy at local level and to create a strong synergy between your local online activities and in-shops and vice versa.

Local marketing: Many changes for your local business

In recent years, what seemed to be the trend of the future, where the shops in the center closed in favor of an ever-increasing amount of e-commerce, it has been reduced to an almost unexpected phenomenon, but in some natural ways.

Local Marketing

It re-emerged strongly the need to forge local relationships and make purchases from small local stores where to create a relationship of trust and more human.

The web has thus become more and more a tool to understand and investigate the context that surrounds us and that we live every day. You will certainly happened to googling information about the local activities of your city or end up in a store after having appreciated the Facebook page of the same. From this radical change, as these necessities comes the local marketing.

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The mobile marketing key for local marketing

Local Marketing

The mobile devices that we use every day are becoming increasingly influential in the purchasing behavior of our customers. Google has just released a set of data that more and more highlight this trend. Big G says in fact that 64% of mobile users consult with device before they go into a shop to buy a product and 76% of consumers performing these searches visit the physical shop within 24 hours. Yes, you read that right, 76%. Of these 28% then proceeds with the final purchase.

The above data are remarkable and we have to figure out how much importance we give more and more to our traditional and digital marketing strategies. The young local marketing is a topic that is gaining increasing value, day after day, within marketing strategies at the local level and that will grow exponentially.

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In the following sections of this article we will look at 6 simple actions of Local Marketing and Local SEO that can implement the relationship between local online marketing activities and activities in shop.

1) Tailored newsletter for customers of your shop

Local Marketing

One of the most simple activities that you can immediately get started is to ask customers their email and its far nothing new. A good habit would be to combine then these mails by category in order to send each customer the email more appealing to your interests.

Take for example a customer who buys tea, herbal teas and spices excel as both online and in their store. For example, if Ariana is a loyal customer who always buys spices, but never bought teas, insert her email in the list of those most interested in spices, to send not only the offers and new arrivals, but also blog articles about spices, interesting post found online and maybe dedicate a special offer for that category.

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2) How to get more reviews: Lifeblood of local SEO

Local Marketing

The reviews for a local business are extremely important for their strategy Local SEO.

Research shows that … “88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”

Getting reviews is not difficult when you offer a service or a product of great quality that fascinates its customers who, with pleasure, give positive review naturally to your local business. But how do you get more reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google My Business or your site beyond the “natural”? A simple and practical that you can implement right now it is to give something back to your customers in exchange for a review. It may be a little discount, a gift parcel, a product for tasting or even a simple coffee offered after a meal. In this way, not only you will get an online review it probably won’t have received, but also it will demonstrate helpful and attentive with your customers that will certainly appreciate.

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3) Calculate the ROI of your advertising campaigns for your local business

Local Marketing

Until a few years ago on the advertising company, it was almost entirely the prerogative of big brand or who could afford to be followed by a team of digital marketing professionals. Today advertising tools offered by the various platforms (for example, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords) have been simplified so that anyone in a few clicks can create a paid to promote their online business. We can also track conversions that take place in shops starting from an online advertising campaign.

One of the easiest methods is to offer a coupon for people who come into the store because they saw our ad on the company. For example, imagine you have created a sponsored post on Facebook with this message “From today at our store you will find the new line of products ‘Ready to Eat’, come and discover it! 20% discount for you on all new ‘Ready to Eat’ line with the secret word ‘IWANNAEAT’!”.

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With this simple forethought, we can measure the ROI of our campaign and find out if it was actually effective or not. Simply divide the total spent on sponsored posts to Facebook for the number of people who have adopted our dedicated discount coupon. To find out what is actually there it costs per conversion, and if indeed these conversions have brought a greater gain of the spending made in advertising.

4) Dedicated Products and previews for fans and followers

Local Marketing

Would you like to increase the focus on a new product by your customers? Are you searching for a way to “pamper” your community of fans and followers of the company? Would you like to create nice and unusual initiative to bring more people into your local business? Then the next tip you will love!

Take the case of a clothing store downtown that is ready to launch its new line of sneakers for the spring collection, and who wants to do Monday, June 1. An initiative sympathetic and catalyze the attention on the new line would be to make trialing and allow the purchase of new shoes to fans and followers already the last week of May, making a call on their specific company. The creation of a dedicated product – even if temporarily, in this case – solely and exclusively to their fans not only gratify those who already follow them for a long time on the company, but will ensure that anyone who still does not be pushed to do so to access initiatives and promotions exclusively for the fans and followers.

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5) Enhance your online content in your shop

Local Marketing

The information content and in-depth relevant to your product / service and the values they embody are of great importance for those who understand what the narrative is a fundamental aspect in a local marketing strategy. All of you will have heard of content marketing and storytelling and then you’ll know how in most cases is not to sell the product, but the product narrative.

Assuming that this concept is already well established in the mind of each of you and then you produce already beautiful online content that tell your products and services, your brand and related issues, you may want to deliver this content even offline, in your store for your customers who do not follow your online communications. Create a magazine monthly print and collect post of your blog and you can give to your customers or make infographics / posters that summarize the key concepts of your enrich online content value of your products and services. It will push those who do not follow your blogs and social to want to learn to access all other content that you have produced and that you will release in the future.

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6) Go live! History and values of your local business directly

Local Marketing

The 2016 saw the explosion of the phenomenon of direct online “Facebook Live” become increasingly high numbers in terms of both production and use and other platforms such as Periscope. These tools are very useful for telling about your products and services in a transparent way in a form that users increasingly appreciate. They are simple to make – you do not have a royal or no post production – and they will be video content – in the case of Facebook – that will remain forever and that you can reuse at any future time.

Take the example of a small company that produces bags from recycled materials, from old inner tubes of bicycle with recycled PVC banners from the fairs and sells both online through its e-commerce through their physical shop. This local business could take advantage of “Facebook Live” to show the creation of their product, describe the steps that lead to the creation of the same and tell the origin of recycled materials. An equally you can use Periscope in a really very creative way. Once the product is purchased online, in the mail of thanks we could plug a live link Periscope realize the bag purchased. The link could also share it on twitter where, 24/7 would be accessible not only from customers but also from our followers and if we are lucky who do not know us yet.

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The use of live video will then provide additional content to the client, increasing the product’s value and reputation of our brand, but will also serve us to make us learn more from those who are already following us and who still does not know however that there will be so encouraged to visit our e-commerce or retail outlet.


We arrive here at the end of our article through the simple activities to implement the relationship between online and shop. Over time, surely we will continue to address the issue of local marketing that we like so much in our journal. We invite you to continue to follow us.

The activities to create a synergy between online and in-shops are so many and we have discuss only six today, we would like to know which ones you made, those who believe apply and those in which instead does not make sense to invest. We will be happy to read your comments and discuss together this exciting topic.

Local Marketing

9 Ways to increase the rating of your business in local search

If you own a physical business, you can gain an advantage in the local search engine marketing. Local search is becoming fashionable, but still a lot of companies do not use this opportunity.

What is a local search?

Local search engines take into account the user’s location and geographical inquiry. For example, the query “The best restaurant in Toronto” provides results restaurants in Toronto.

This blended search results. The user has the opportunity to go to the company website, find it on map.

1. Get a Google My Business Page

local search

The Google My Business is a directory of Google. If you have a business (you are in the phone book), it is probably already in the directory.

  • Go to Google My Business and click “Start Now”. Enter the phone number to see if your page exists. If so, you can edit it and request a confirmation from Google. If not, create one from a template.
  • To get a step by step guide, watch a video on how to add a Google business listing.
  • Finished with Google My Business, please create a page on Bing and Yahoo!

2. The region code for the primary phone

local search

  • Make sure that the code corresponds to the address of the enterprise phone.
  • Do not use the toll free number or a country as a major in the Google My Business and other search directories. You can specify them as secondary.

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3. Consistency

local search

  • Google and other search engines – just the program. Do not obstruct their work.
  • Create a list that contains all the information: company name, address, telephone number, description of the site. This information must be consistent in the network.
  • Information on your site should match the information Google My Business and other systems.

4. Address and phone number given on the website

local search

  • It is imperative to indicate your address and phone number on your site. This will not only increase the credibility of the site and its practicality, but also increase the ranking of the local search.
  • Put the address and telephone number in the felling site, make sure that they are available on each page.

5. Create pages for each location

local search

If your business several branches, make sure that each of them has its own page.

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6. Optimize your Website by location

local search

It is important to optimize the site in view of the plant site.

For example, restaurant “Salad king” has the following site headline: “Salad King | Thai restaurant in Toronto.”

7. Online reviews

local search

  • Reviews have become the most reliable source of data for buyers.
  • Reviews can also boost your ranking in local search.
  • If someone from buyers have Gmail, ask them to share their impressions on Google My Business.

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8. Use the canonical URL

local search

When you add your business listing in Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo!, make sure you use the canonical URL. If your main domain, so you and should be written. However, if your primary domain (without the www), and so you have to write.

If you do not have canonical URL will take care of this first!

9. Join the directories

local marketing

There are hundreds of directories. The more entries, the better. You can start with a list of free listings, a tool to see where your business is already listed, and what are the opportunities and receive additional entries.

Local Advertising Local Marketing

The use of display advertising in the local marketing

As a rule, small companies do not have enough money for a full marketing campaign, and they are forced to adhere to the following four local marketing principles:

1) Create a website (for landing pages, SEO, etc.);

2) Use social networks pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);

3) Create a YouTube channel to upload videos to the website;

4) Optimize listings places on Yelp, Google+, Google Places, etc.

Suppose that you have done all this … What next? How to make local marketing work smarter?

local marketing

The display advertising in the local marketing

In the traditional search marketing (SEO and PPC), a user enters a search query “pizza” and sees a number of local restaurants page issue. Prototyping allows advertising to attract customers when search is not performed.

For example, a user can type a search term “pizza” before and prototyping networks noted that he/she was looking for restaurants with a pizza in the region. Therefore, the potential customer can watch videos online or to seek weather forecast and your display advertising will attract it.

The following strategies will help you to include display advertising into an existing local marketing strategy.

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1. Show display advertising when a user is reading relevant content online

local marketing

When a potential customer is reading restaurant reviews on Yelp or Zagat, your ads will come in handy. To do this, buy keywords on the “Google Display Network” or “Bing Content Network”. These keywords are different from those used for SEO: they should not be long. For example, a “fashionable hairstyles,” would be a great keyword for the beauty salon. Prototyping keywords are not expensive, but be careful: You should look for keywords and understand what effect they will give. Use Google manuals for proper use of keywords. It is also important to start small: not seize large regions, and focus on the campaign in the social networks.

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2. Targeting websites and landing pages

local marketing

Select the number of sites that need to target advertising banners. For example, for a restaurant to be the best site and for B2B business List of sites for targeting submitted to the “Google Display Network”. For the successful targeting, you will need several series of banner ads. Although targeting banners more expensive than the usual placement of advertisements, it is more efficient and faster return on investment. Keep in mind that targeting relevant channel on YouTube is beneficial as well as the targeting of relevant pages on the target site.

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3. The use of behavioral targeting

local marketing

Prototyping networks collect information about users (searches, geo, time of request, etc.). Most search engine users do not realize that advertising banners and displays them based on their search behavior. Also, they do not know what its characteristics can be changed on the page “Ads Preferences”. Obviously, you can use display advertising based on interests and demographics of potential clients. Such targeting is quite expensive, but effective. Use geographical data in a banner.

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Prototyping advertising is indispensable in the local marketing, as it allows you to attract more customers and to use advertising effectively. Prototyping advertising associated with additional costs, which, however, quickly recovered.