Growth Marketing Revolution: Virtual Summit About Cost-Effective Marketing Strategies For Business

On November 1-2, 2019 virtual summit Growth Marketing Revolution will cover business grows opportunities using cost-effective advanced marketing strategies and tactics.

All users can join the summit for free. To attend the virtual summit you just need to register on the website and connect to the broadcast on November 1 (Friday) at 11:45 by NY time zone (ET).

Within 14 hours of the live broadcast with the best experts, 18 speakers will share practical cases, tips, recommendations and provide answers to participants’ questions.

Speakers will cover the most relevant information that works nowadays:

  • Onboarding & Activation
  • Retention & Engagement
  • User Acquisition & Growth Experiments
  • ABM & Demand Generation
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Storytelling & User Psychology

Julia Nikitina, Head of Sales at PRNEWS.IO Marketplace will be among the speakers. She will cover the cost-effective approaches for the PR in online media. Newsbreaks can be generated easily. Mind-catching and useful articles on websites can be a solution for SEO as well as marketing and HR at the same time.

Participants will be able to receive gifts from speakers and partners:

Speakers will present valuable educational materials that are not freely available.

Partners will provide a gift for using their services.

The summit is organized by Smart Payment.


6 tips from web designers for an irresistible site!

The design of a web page, whether it is a template or a bespoke design, is essential to attract users’ attention and convince them to buy. Here are 6 valuable tips for a design that inspires confidence and strengthens conversions.


The 8 best qualities of the effective collaborator

The effective collaborator has a number of qualities.


An effective collaborator feels a sense of personal responsibility and belonging to its organization and mission. The effective collaborator always assumes the responsibility of his behavior and his impact on the organization. He does not presume that the leader or organization will provide for his personal growth or authorization to act. The effective collaborator, on the other hand, initiates or exploits the opportunities through which he can achieve his personal satisfactions, increase his potential and contribute to the organization with the maximum contribution of his abilities.


Google AdWords: Management of PPC promotional campaigns

Whether it’s the first time you decide to venture into the world of online advertising or that you’re already familiar with the world of Web marketing and Google AdWords, here we have few tips and ideas to better manage your PPC campaign.


5 compelling reasons to hire an SEO consultant and increase traffic

Did you know that the first organic search results on Google receive about a third of the total clicks generated by users? This means that an optimization of the site is practically obligatory to scale the positions on search engines. The suitable figure to carry out a similar task is the SEO consultant, now indispensable for anyone who wants to succeed with his own online activity, even at the local level.

We imagine a company that operates purely in the territory and therefore needs to involve potential customers. The main work is done online, especially at the level of local research and therefore the work of a qualified professional is fundamental: an SEO consultant from any city must know the local reality as well as obviously know how to move on a global scale. Is this enough to guarantee me a good ranking? If the work is done professionally and you have time to wait for the results, yes. There are 5 advantages to hiring an SEO consultant.

1. Keyword research and planning

The search for keywords can also be carried out independently, but self-learners can do well to keep the site afloat on search engines; if you want to emerge the work of the SEO consultant is fundamental because it is based on a competence deriving from study and updates and on the use of professional tools.

2. Continuous control over the content

In addition to analyzing the research trends and the trend of the keywords, an SEO continuously monitors the performance of the contents to understand which strategies to adopt to keep it optimized. To give a practical example at a local level, suppose you are live in Sydney, therefore you should hire professional of LD SEO Sydney will evaluate the effectiveness of a content based also on the reality of the territory, considering all the variables that could lead to improving the palatability of the business. If the activity to be promoted is in the field of fashion, as we know, is the most trending, the potential clients will be very demanding on the subject, therefore the contents will have to be detailed and constantly updated.

3. Constant monitoring and analysis of research trends

Unfortunately it is not enough to add some keywords to the content to increase the ranking of a site; an SEO consultant analyzes research trends and keyword performance consistently, thereby tuning strategies to maximize traffic to the site.

4. Creating internal and external links

In order for a content, although excellent, to be considered credible by Google it is necessary that it has inbound and outbound links to and from authoritative resources. For the first case, it is sufficient to link to reliable and official sources, while for the second case, it is necessary to carry out a correct link building activity, or generate links from authoritative sources towards your site. This latter task falls within the competence of an SEO consultant.

5. Technical advice for site development

The intervention of the SEO consultant is not limited only to the content but also invades the technical field, especially with regard to the formatting of the site text, the organization of the pages and the correct use of meta tags.


Chatbot: What it is and why it is important for companies?

Chatbot messenger: artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize business strategies.

The immediate interaction between company and customer is a fundamental tool to achieve significant business success: about 30% of consumers interact with virtual agents at least once a week constantly increasing the global turnover of chatbot services that will arrive in 2024 close to 995 million dollars.

The data emerging from the research of the digital communication company Amdocs and the reports of Transparency Marketing Research, a leading organization in the field of market research and analysis, leave no room for doubt: instant messaging systems, commonly known as chatbots, represent the last frontier of digital marketing 4.0.

Instant Messaging Apps are now an integral part of every individual’s everyday life, people love to communicate in an immediate and essential way, not only on a personal level, but also in the commercial sphere: according to Facebook, about 63% of users register a particularly positive opinion companies willing to communicate directly with their customers.

Within a market strictly dependent on the direct interaction between brand and customer, it is essential for company marketers to develop personalized communication and promotion strategies that are particularly focused on the needs of the specific user: a chatbot is undoubtedly the most appropriate tool to obtain considerable results in the innovative world of online sales.

What is a chatbot? What are its characteristics?

The chatbot is a software based on artificial intelligence that can simulate a one-on-one conversation with the user and provide the answers necessary to meet the needs of customers: in other words, it is a conversation window managed directly by the companies for entertain direct and immediate relationships with its consumers.

The particularly innovative features that distinguish the chatbot are the immediacy of communications, the ability to record multiple data and the ability to provide the user with an interactive and immediate experience: any business with the aim of differentiating themselves from their competitors and building a valid online reputation will have to invest its resources in the implementation of its marketing strategies with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

There are two particular types of smart platforms …

1# Informative chatbots

software that base their functioning on well-defined and previously planned rules. Information bots have basic and limited functions and are usually used to find information about the user.

2# Utility chatbots

Complete and structured platforms with advanced technologies, able to automatically learn multiple information and to provide the user with detailed and qualified indications through fluid and natural conversations. Online chatbot utilities do not require programming and are able to understand natural language by constantly optimizing its performance.

Chatbot: The possible functions of the software within a company

The chatbots can be essential tools to optimize your web marketing strategies, we find out what are the most common application areas of smart instant messaging systems within the commercial realities …

Customer service and customer support

The support activities and customer care are without scope the ideal fields of application for chatbots: the instant communication platforms allow the company to provide constant support 24 hours on 24 to their users by sharing qualified information and answering the most frequent questions of customer center. A chatbot is the ideal tool to automate the communication between brand and consumer and make it efficient and immediate.

Business automation

A chatbot platform is able to automate business processes and functions significantly optimizing costs and timing: with the implementation of an artificial intelligence system, the company will be able to perfect the use and analysis of business data.


A smart bot system can be an indispensable tool to optimize the shopping experience by increasing sales and conversions: the automated chat is able to easily develop targeted marketing messages convincing the user to perform a specific action.

Information and entertainment

A chatbot messenger software can be essential for developing relational marketing and entertainment: the distribution of personalized content, based on information obtained through automated chat, is an activity aimed at improving the corporate image and sharing a customer satisfying experience.

Outbound activities

The implementation of its corporate communication strategy with the use of a chatbot messenger within the Social Network can be the winning tool to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the customer: a company present and willing to communicate with their consumers in an immediate and informal way is particularly appreciated by their target audience.

Chatbot: The benefits of smart communication for your business

A recent US business survey conducted by BI Intelligence highlights the constantly growing trend of the business regarding smart communication: automation through the use of chatbot has enabled US companies to save about $23 billion in 2017.

It is evident that artificial intelligence and the immediate communication technology systems do not only lead to an improvement in business performance in the strategic field, but also guarantee a considerable optimization of resources in economic terms.

Let’s find out what are the benefits that the use of a chatbot guarantees to a commercial reality …

Improving assistance and communication

The use of a chatbot guarantees the customer constant assistance 24 hours a day: immediate and instant communication contributes to the promotion of an authoritative and qualified company image.

Automated data collection

The chatbot software is able to store user requests and store useful information to personalize the marketing campaigns of email marketing and digital marketing: the artificial intelligence system automatically categorizes the collected data and provides a quick and immediate analysis.

Optimization of the purchasing process

An automated chatbot is able to guide the user during the buying process by providing immediate and personalized information and optimizing the corporate image in the eyes of the consumer.

Incentivisation of loyalty

The chatbot platforms are particularly suitable tools for sharing and promoting discounts and personalized offers: the one-to-one communication guaranteed by the instant messaging service is able to dedicate to each contact a unique and original type of communication, encouraging customer loyalty.

Brand personality

With the use of a smart bot, the company brand assumes a virtual identity: the user, through direct messages, has the perception of communicating directly with the company, establishing a personalized contact with the customer and directed to loyalty.

Chatbot: 5 tips to start using an instant messaging tool

Here are 5 useful tips to start using a chatbot software in an appropriate way …

1) Develop a suitable digital marketing strategy

A smart bot system is an indispensable tool for implementing the functions of a company, but before investing its resources in creating an instant messaging business platform, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of its objectives and its marketing and communication strategy: the chatbot is a tool to be integrated within its own communication plan, by itself it is not enough to obtain significant results.

2) Define the primary features

Analyzing the objectives to be achieved, it is possible to elaborate a list of functionalities to be assigned to the chatbot: it is recommended to start with the priority activities and then implement the operation at a later time.

3) Design conversations

Designing conversations and planning the user experience trying to predict the user’s actions is an indispensable activity to ensure the proper functioning of the chatbot software: trying to analyze the user’s needs the company will be able to provide authoritative answers in any situation by creating a real workflow of your bot.

4) Monitor the chatbot with training systems

The activity of a smart bot starts with a training phase and then continues during the actual online use: the chatbot is a smart system able to constantly optimize based on the information shared by the users and for this it requires an initial period of tests to test their functionality.

5) Periodically analyze the collected data

A chatbot is a tool able to find innumerable information about the user thanks to the direct interaction system: the company must periodically analyze the collected data in order to optimize its marketing and communication campaigns, personalizing them and making them targeted based on the different needs of consumers.

Do you want to grow your business and improve your business results?  


How do slot machines work?

When a phenomenon becomes popular, people begin to talk about it more and more and myths begin to be created around the issue and, at least, misleading information about the phenomenon in question begins to circulate. And the slot machines did not have to be the exception: there are too many myths and a lot of misinformation in the field of slots. Therefore, here I want to clarify some things and provide accurate information so that our readers can make a well-informed decision when choosing which type of slot machines to play and how online slots work.

So I’ll start by explaining why you can trust my information and not so much in some of the publications that you could read elsewhere: I use the best resources and consult the best sources, such as the manuals of the manufacturers of the machines real and online slots, the current regulations of the Nevada Gaming Commission for slots machines, and my own experience of more than five years in analyzing various webs of slot machines and other casino games.

The manuals of manufacture and the documentation of the manufacturers and the programmers of the slot machines offline and online respectively tell us a lot about the true probabilities of this game and also about the laws that regulate the way in which the slot machines work. And I think this is the time to clarify that the ones offered by online casinos work exactly like their real-life counterparts that you could find in your local casino.

To explain how slot machines work in a simple way, the first thing I want to comment on is that, whether it’s an online machine or an offline machine, each turn is completely random. This random result is the product of a random number generator algorithm that nobody controls when the player presses the START button and the round begins. But neither other variable influences the result, because nobody knows how much time has passed since someone has won the last jackpot, nor does anyone register if your card to play slot machines is inserted in the machine or not, and neither Nobody records if the machine has been running for a long time or if this is your first round. also check: xbox issue.

These statements on my part may have taken some unsuspecting new players who, I imagine, would be wondering “What does this have to do with the operation of slot machines?” The answer is simple: This has a lot to do because it means that each round has identical possibilities to the previous play. And period. And this, which seems simple, has a great implication in the world of slot machines: The key to winning in this game more often is to apply the rules with intelligence, but nothing the player does can modify the result. That is why there are no real “techniques” of the game, as it could happen in poker and other skill games.


SEO trends you need to pay attention to in the next 5 years

SEO is still one of the most important online marketing channels for lead generation in business. It’s the one channel that has remained consistent, despite changes in its algorithms and the market changing their interactions between social media and mobile applications. Regardless of the changes in the digital space, the search for content remains a top priority for people. And being seen on Google is key for bridging the divide between users search intent and their knowledge gap.

Local SEO

To benefit from organic search, your website has to rank on the first page of Google for lead generating keywords. The methods to achieve this becomes more difficult as time goes on. For any website owner that is currently doing or considering to implement an SEO strategy, it’s crucial to pay attention to the SEO trends that will affect the chances of your site ranking for lead generating keywords.

Niche selection is crucial.

The English speaking market has many keywords that are saturated with competitors. These competitors are often early adopters who have been able to amass a large amount of authoritative links and have established trust with Google to be able to rank for that keyword for many years. Competing with them head on is a recipe for disaster as you will be handicapped due to their advantage. And you will be playing catch-up for ages before you even get the chance to start competing with them.

The way to overcome this is by outperforming your direct competition by gaining an advantage in the micro-niche markets. So the keywords that you go after need to be those ones that your competition isn’t targeting. You then build up the trust to rank for these niche keywords so you can rank well for the other keywords in your market.

For example, if you wanted to rank for the keyword “protein powder”, the chances of ranking for that keyword are so slim due to the intense competition from existing manufacturers and affiliates. Targeting keywords such as “low carb protein powder for bodybuilders” is actually a keyword that you would have a better chance of ranking for.

Publishing content.

People still think that they can rank a website for keywords simply by adding a few of them in the title or meta description. What’s needed is a content strategy that will allow their site to rank for several keywords (directly and indirectly)? You can choose t publish content in the form of videos, images or text, but the content must be compelling and descriptive enough for two reasons.

  • It allows search engines to understand exactly what the content is about.
  • It incentivises people to link to and share the content.

Diminishing returns of links.

Ever since the release of the Penguin algorithm, there has been diminishing returns on the amount of links that’s built to a web domain. Links are still important and the right type of links will improve your website’s overall SEO performance. However, the wrong type of links can also negate any SEO gains that you may be making. (Click here to see how link building for SEO works).

Google and other search engines want to eliminate webspam. So if links are published or shared in a way that doesn’t demonstrate or deliver value, or breaks Google’s terms of service, then it’s likely to negatively affect your site’s SEO performance.

Pay attention to your site’s technical factors.

Technical SEO had fallen to the wayside for many years, but the importance of the technical aspects on a website is now more important than ever. The thing is if the search engines cannot crawl or find the content on your website, the content will never get indexed. And if the content never gets indexed, it will never rank on Google. So it is important to address all of the technical factors so that the search engines can find the content that you intend to rank for.

Resource: Are you guilty of ignoring your site’s technical SEO?

Savvy webmasters

Webmasters are more savvy about SEO and the way that it works. If you are approaching them, they understand that there needs to be an exchange that benefits both parties. Webmasters aren’t as willing to give out links as freely as they used to. So you must ensure that you pitch a strong value proposition that will incentivise them to share the link and content with their audience.

To win in the SEO game, you need to stay ahead of the curve. And to do that, you must know the trends that are likely to affect the industry. Work the evolving SEO trends to your advantage so you can implement a successful SEO campaign.


The Best Website Designs of 2018

Last year, it was predicted that 2018 would be an innovative and exciting year. Well, it was correctly foretold. In this article, you’ll discover the web design techniques, tools, and trends that will define digital product and website design in 2018. So, let’s quickly see what web design trends you can expect to find during the course of 2018.

Drop Shadows and Depth

Using of shadows is not something new. You might be wondering why since it’s all about the designs of 2018! Although shadows have been an essential part of web design for a long time, you will now see some stimulating variations thanks to the progress of web browsers. With parallax and grids layouts, web designers are playing with shades more than ever to create illusion and depth of a world beyond the screen.

Vibrant, Saturated Colour Schemes

2018 is surely the year for wonderful excess colours online. In the past years, many designers and brands were stuck with web-safe colours. But nowadays, more designers are becoming brave in their method to colour – including vibrant shades and supersaturation combined with headers. And when it comes to the headers, they are no longer just horizontal. They are reimagined with hard angles and slashes!

This is somewhat helped by high-tech advances in devices and monitors with screens that are more appropriate for reproducing wealthier colours! For instance, when Lucky VIP casino online was designed, the web designers used a lot of vibrant colours. That’s because this type of colours makes it appealing for players on the site. Plus, with the huge array of colourful games that it consists, it makes it so pleasing to scroll on the site! It equally sets it apart from the rest!

Particle Backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are a fantastic result to performance issues websites work into with a video background. The animations are minor JavaScript which enable movement to be formed as a natural part of the background! Like it is often said, an image may say more than hundred words, and a moving one definitely does. Likewise, particle backgrounds instantly attract the user’s attention, so brands can produce an unforgettable impression of themselves in only a few seconds!

Experimental Video and Animation

Web designers usually shake up design with video and animation. However, it is not in the ways that you have traditionally seen it used. There will always be a need for scroll-triggered animations and explainer videos. And 2018 will bring with it more tentative uses of video in the form of animated thumbnail images, virtual or augmented realities, particle backgrounds, and even cinemographs!

Micro Interactions

Animation doesn’t always need to be bold and big. This is particularly the case now as typefaces and colours become rebel and brasher against more safe and traditional norms! Alternatively, what you are going to see more of during this year are micro interactions. Designers will be able to use animation as a sort of reward or signal for visitors that properly engage with their websites. Instead of frequently throw movement at visitors, this understated touch will delight and surprise visitors as they involve with less apparent elements on the site. according to bbm games it should be done.

The best thing about web design is that it’s a continuously developing thing! Between the integrated animations, bold gradients, and bright colours, 2018 is gearing up to be one of the most amusing years in recent memory round the web!


Local Gym: Ten mistakes to avoid at the local gym

“I want to go to a local gym, could you recommend one?”

It is always difficult to point out a local gym because each of has different services. So, before signing up for any subscription, ask for a free trial lesson. It serves to concretely test the changing rooms, the showers, the gym, the ventilation and the courtesy of the staff. It is better to check during the hours when you plan to use the gym: in this way it will be possible to evaluate the crowding, the queues that are created in front of a car or the shower cubicle.

The centers that include divided rooms for the classic courses and the fitness room are to be preferred. Check that in the equipment of the gym there are isotonic machines, free weights and cardio machines. In addition, there should always be a space used for abdominal exercises and stretching. A point of merit also to the centers that include a relaxation area with sauna, turkish bath and relaxation area.

After subscription at local gym, most people’s make mistakes at workout that should be avoided for better fitness. Here we have collected at least 10 mistakes to avoid at the local gym.

1) Do not ask for advice: If you are new members and have chosen to train in the weight room, look for instructor and ask for advice on the type of training you want to follow without fear or embarrassment; you’re just asking that person to do their job.

2) Neglect the heating phase: This is an invitation to avoid muscle soreness or tearing. The best method for warm-up is to practice cardio-fitness for at least 8/10 minutes, then stretching, before moving on to real training.

3) Ballistic stretching: This is one of the most common errors that cause stretching and sometimes lengthening of the ligaments, making them more vulnerable. Do not “float” while stretching, rather stretch the muscle in question gently for at least 20-30 seconds?

4) To expect too much: If you are at the beginning, or it is a lot that you are not training, ask yourself this question: Did I give myself too high a goal? If you cannot sustain an activity for more than 20 minutes, or exercise over 80% of your heart rate, you should review your training program.

5) Dehydration: Did you know that if you train for 45 to 60 minutes even in a conditioned environment you lose a liter, a liter and a half of liquids? For both men and women it is advisable to drink eight to twelve glasses of water a day.

6) Weightlifting technique: You are training your biceps with weights of 18 kg and you are very proud of your talent when an instructor suggests you slow down your movements and control your breathing. Suddenly the 18 kg seems too heavy. Because? Because you are taking advantage of a moment of inertia and not your strength. You must therefore slow down and carefully follow the instructor’s advice.

7) Do not take rest: You have reached your training plateau and the more you increase the intensity of your exercise, the more you feel the situation gets worse. Relax. The more you exercise, the more you need rest because your body needs time to recover energy. Do not need to get too serious, take rest, stream the English Premier League online, cheer and bet for your favorite Liverpool FC, as you know Liverpool FC betting can win you money.

8) Overwork of some muscle groups: Do you always do the same types of exercises every time you train? If so, you are running the risk of reporting injuries.

9) Lack of variety in your program: As already mentioned, the body can derive many benefits from a focused and constant activity. However, if weight loss is your primary goal, you should not only vary the choice of exercises but also the duration, intensity and frequency.

10) Occasional training: It is better to train everyday now and then to train at all, but you will not get the benefits you can draw from a constant training program.


Apply For a Small Business Loan Online

Implement tiny organization mortgage refers to enterprise house owners applying for funding by way of an Internet-based software. A number of loan vendors, like business economic establishments, credit ranking unions, and non-traditional financial companies, now supply online reasons to rush up the approval process for monetary financial loans. Even though the quantity funded, costs, and compensation options vary by the mortgage company and by a form of bank loan, most of the net apps are extremely connected. It’s important to notice which the Modest Business Administration won’t provide you with electronically submitted needs. Nevertheless, they are doing offer applications which can be downloaded and printed out for that applicant’s reward.

As a way to utilize to obtain a minor business loan online, candidates really need to initial make certain they satisfy the specifications vital to the economic institution and with all the bank mortgage kind. Most skilled banking institutions and credit historical past unions call for individualized and business economic statements, credit rating checks .as well as an operating enterprise plan from candidates. While a business may perhaps full and submit a digital software program, it might be questioned to fax, mail, or in any other case existing the required information towards the lender before the application is taken into consideration for acceptance. Non-traditional financial institution mortgage companies, however, generally usually do not demand as much documentation as regular loan companies; for that cause, the only merchandise needed for loan thing to contemplate can be a concluded software program. Remember that simply because these mortgage suppliers usually do not demand credit rating historical past checks or other fiscal info, their interest rates could be a whole lot elevated than other loans.

The subsequent action essential to use to obtain a small company financial institution financial loans online on the web is always too full the loans online application. Most programs ask for easy particulars: title, deal with, working day of beginning, make get in touch with figures, social defense figures, as well as other people. It is absolutely best to produce assured that all details are right forward of publishing the applying.
Applying for tiny business mortgage usually refers to company proprietors creating utilization of for the financial institution bank loan. Expert banking institutions, credit score unions, the Little Company Administration (SBA), and unbiased fiscal businesses give you monetary loans to modest organizations. The financial loan quantities, prices of fascination, and situations of reimbursement differ from monetary institution to loan provider, but all of them generally hold the exact same loan needs.

When applying for any tiny organization mortgage, business homeowners need to initial analysis the kind of bank loan they want to make certain they qualify for it. Some loans are created specifically for start-up expenses, although some could need a business to get been in procedure for almost any specific time frame of time. Nevertheless, other people are general-purpose monetary financial loans available to any business that satisfies particular needs.
The subsequent action in making use of to get a tiny business home loan is always to be sure a business has each one of the crucial financial paperwork necessary to use. Most classic bank loan companies need companies to publish business and private fiscal files, credit rating research, as well as a comprehensive business put together. Bank loan companies use this information to ascertain if an applicant offers a high-risk, in which situation he/she’s going to most likely need to spend a greater charge of curiosity with stricter mortgage phrases. A low-risk business proves its power to income and, for that purpose, repay the loaned cash.

When all documents are gathered, an organization should use for the little organization mortgage. Programs could be accessed within a lender’s workplace or during the lender’s website.