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Instant Articles

Instant Articles and Advertising: Facebook Wins Three Times

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What Are Instant Articles? Instant Articles are the feature of Facebook created by a joint initiative between number of publishers, in particular newspapers (New York Times, National Geographic, Guardian, NBC, BBC, Atlantic and Buzz Feed), including the innovative newspaper in the second round. Why Instant Articles Are Born? Instant Articles formally emerge to meet the increasingly widespread demand among Internet users to access faster than shared content on Facebook but present on external sites. In fact, in the face of a growing number of people who accessed information sites directly from posts shared on Facebook, it was a 8-second average…

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Facebook Marketing Tips

5 Facebook Marketing Tips To Promote A Local Business

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If you are looking for ways to use Facebook to boost your local business, then here we have five Facebook marketing tips to give more visibility to your local business by leveraging the Facebook page and the affection of your customers. Small local business are often frightened by the use of the web as a promotional tool, partly because they are convinced that such global tools are not suited to a purely local reality. In reality, consumers expect to use online channels to communicate with both big brands and the store at home. Among all popular social media platforms, Facebook…

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