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Tips To Advertise In The Print Media

In this article of Local Advertising Journal we will tell you why you should advertise in the print media for your company and how to do it efficiently.

Many people will tell you that investing in the print media is lost money, that it is already dead. We tell you that tens of millions of people in the world still read written press and especially on Sundays.

This article focuses on the national and regional written press to start from the basics. Once you are successful you can expand to the international press.

Print Media

One of the main reasons for advertising in print media

  • It is not ephemeral

Therefore, your advertising would last a lot longer than in digital media.

How do I know if I need to advertise in the print media?

A global survey of over 29,000 consumers conducted by Nielsen showed that advertising in the print media is the best-performing advertising with 63% interest in other media …

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If you have an adult or senior audience: Print media have to be read by those who are older than 35 years of age. According to the Newspaper Association of America’s 66% of adults over 35 have read a newspaper at least once in the week.

If your business traffic comes from mega-sales: A print media can make your message reach more customers who prefer this type of business.

If coupons are an important part of your business: The print media is the ideal medium for coupon distribution.

Print Media Ad Sizes

Print Media

The larger the advertising, the more users noticed. According to Starch Research, the numbers based on size are …

  • Full-page: 42%
  • Page 3/4: 38%
  • Page 1/2: 34%
  • Page 1/4: 26%
  • Page 1/8: 23%

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Print Media Advertising Cost

Print Media

Many companies advertise in the press, using full page advertising if their customers are not necessarily frequent buyers or if their customers are buying items with a high price.

It is much more expensive but over time you will receive more customers. However, advertising of a less secure size will allow you to have a more flexible budget and be able to be present more frequently.

The price of advertising in the written press varies according to …

  • Circulation of the newspaper / magazines
  • Ad size
  • The frequency of publication
  • Section in which the ad is located

In this case, we recommend that you visit the headquarters of the press or send an email to ask about their prices.

* In some cases, press charge taxes for certain types of advertising such as erotica, gambling, etc.

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Frequency of Ads

Print Media

It is advisable to advertise in a print media at least once a week. The publicity in the written press according to its periodicity of publication is classified in …

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Yearbook

Of course, we recommend you to advertise in a press or in extreme cases, minimum in a weekly.

What are the best days to advertise in print media?

Print Media

Each day has your target audience …

  • Monday and Tuesday: Little publicity those days.
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Food stores, supermarkets, fast shopping, home delivery services are the kings of these days.
  • Friday and Saturday: Restaurants, tourist sites, spas and entertainment often use these days.
  • Sunday: Perfect day to announce any product or service. Coupons are usually given on this day.

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Section of your ads

You have several options when buying press ads, you can buy a print run (which is the cheapest) or specific sections. The most read sections in a newspaper are …

  • Main news section (80% of readers)
  • Local News (75%)
  • Sports (55%)

Where should you place your ads?

  • Above the fold (upper half of the page).
  • On the right page or the right edge of that page.
  • Next to an item (not surrounded by other ads).

Print Media

Where NOT to place your ad?

  • On the event page.
  • In obituaries.

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Tips to advertise perfectly in print media

  • Find out about the press ideological principles.
  • Give complete contact information and if you can name it. People do not like to call a mysterious number.
  • Be constant.
  • Take care of writing and spelling.
  • Use coupons, special offers and gifts for your readers.

Examples of misplaced print media advertising

Print Media
In the advertising of the headband a travel agency announces: “it earns a dreamed vacation” and below the main news is the sinking of a tourist boat.
Print Media
On the left: “I said no, but she raped me”; To the right: “We tell you YES when others say no!” With an arrow to the other article.
Print Media
Left: a news article titled “My sister committed suicide accidentally”; Right is regretted an announcement: “Oops!”.

It is advisable to place your ad in the local pages of the newspaper (in addition to the classifieds), on the contrary, announcing it in the main sections is not as favorable as you think because there are many possibilities to leave the side of a terrible human catastrophe that you can unintentionally associate that episode with your company.


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Local Marketing

Local Marketing: 6 Practical Tips For Your Local Business

What is the Local Marketing?

The Local Marketing is the set of communications and marketing activities that your business or company must implement in order to bring more customers into your store – or any other location where it will complete the transaction – and raising the profile of your brand.

In this article of Local Advertising Journal, we reveal six easy tips to put into practice for your marketing strategy at local level and to create a strong synergy between your local online activities and in-shops and vice versa.

Local marketing: Many changes for your local business

In recent years, what seemed to be the trend of the future, where the shops in the center closed in favor of an ever-increasing amount of e-commerce, it has been reduced to an almost unexpected phenomenon, but in some natural ways.

Local Marketing

It re-emerged strongly the need to forge local relationships and make purchases from small local stores where to create a relationship of trust and more human.

The web has thus become more and more a tool to understand and investigate the context that surrounds us and that we live every day. You will certainly happened to googling information about the local activities of your city or end up in a store after having appreciated the Facebook page of the same. From this radical change, as these necessities comes the local marketing.

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The mobile marketing key for local marketing

Local Marketing

The mobile devices that we use every day are becoming increasingly influential in the purchasing behavior of our customers. Google has just released a set of data that more and more highlight this trend. Big G says in fact that 64% of mobile users consult with device before they go into a shop to buy a product and 76% of consumers performing these searches visit the physical shop within 24 hours. Yes, you read that right, 76%. Of these 28% then proceeds with the final purchase.

The above data are remarkable and we have to figure out how much importance we give more and more to our traditional and digital marketing strategies. The young local marketing is a topic that is gaining increasing value, day after day, within marketing strategies at the local level and that will grow exponentially.

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In the following sections of this article we will look at 6 simple actions of Local Marketing and Local SEO that can implement the relationship between local online marketing activities and activities in shop.

1) Tailored newsletter for customers of your shop

Local Marketing

One of the most simple activities that you can immediately get started is to ask customers their email and its far nothing new. A good habit would be to combine then these mails by category in order to send each customer the email more appealing to your interests.

Take for example a customer who buys tea, herbal teas and spices excel as both online and in their store. For example, if Ariana is a loyal customer who always buys spices, but never bought teas, insert her email in the list of those most interested in spices, to send not only the offers and new arrivals, but also blog articles about spices, interesting post found online and maybe dedicate a special offer for that category.

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2) How to get more reviews: Lifeblood of local SEO

Local Marketing

The reviews for a local business are extremely important for their strategy Local SEO.

Research shows that … “88% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations”

Getting reviews is not difficult when you offer a service or a product of great quality that fascinates its customers who, with pleasure, give positive review naturally to your local business. But how do you get more reviews on Trip Advisor, Facebook, Google My Business or your site beyond the “natural”? A simple and practical that you can implement right now it is to give something back to your customers in exchange for a review. It may be a little discount, a gift parcel, a product for tasting or even a simple coffee offered after a meal. In this way, not only you will get an online review it probably won’t have received, but also it will demonstrate helpful and attentive with your customers that will certainly appreciate.

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3) Calculate the ROI of your advertising campaigns for your local business

Local Marketing

Until a few years ago on the advertising company, it was almost entirely the prerogative of big brand or who could afford to be followed by a team of digital marketing professionals. Today advertising tools offered by the various platforms (for example, Facebook Ads and Google AdWords) have been simplified so that anyone in a few clicks can create a paid to promote their online business. We can also track conversions that take place in shops starting from an online advertising campaign.

One of the easiest methods is to offer a coupon for people who come into the store because they saw our ad on the company. For example, imagine you have created a sponsored post on Facebook with this message “From today at our store you will find the new line of products ‘Ready to Eat’, come and discover it! 20% discount for you on all new ‘Ready to Eat’ line with the secret word ‘IWANNAEAT’!”.

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With this simple forethought, we can measure the ROI of our campaign and find out if it was actually effective or not. Simply divide the total spent on sponsored posts to Facebook for the number of people who have adopted our dedicated discount coupon. To find out what is actually there it costs per conversion, and if indeed these conversions have brought a greater gain of the spending made in advertising.

4) Dedicated Products and previews for fans and followers

Local Marketing

Would you like to increase the focus on a new product by your customers? Are you searching for a way to “pamper” your community of fans and followers of the company? Would you like to create nice and unusual initiative to bring more people into your local business? Then the next tip you will love!

Take the case of a clothing store downtown that is ready to launch its new line of sneakers for the spring collection, and who wants to do Monday, June 1. An initiative sympathetic and catalyze the attention on the new line would be to make trialing and allow the purchase of new shoes to fans and followers already the last week of May, making a call on their specific company. The creation of a dedicated product – even if temporarily, in this case – solely and exclusively to their fans not only gratify those who already follow them for a long time on the company, but will ensure that anyone who still does not be pushed to do so to access initiatives and promotions exclusively for the fans and followers.

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5) Enhance your online content in your shop

Local Marketing

The information content and in-depth relevant to your product / service and the values they embody are of great importance for those who understand what the narrative is a fundamental aspect in a local marketing strategy. All of you will have heard of content marketing and storytelling and then you’ll know how in most cases is not to sell the product, but the product narrative.

Assuming that this concept is already well established in the mind of each of you and then you produce already beautiful online content that tell your products and services, your brand and related issues, you may want to deliver this content even offline, in your store for your customers who do not follow your online communications. Create a magazine monthly print and collect post of your blog and you can give to your customers or make infographics / posters that summarize the key concepts of your enrich online content value of your products and services. It will push those who do not follow your blogs and social to want to learn to access all other content that you have produced and that you will release in the future.

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6) Go live! History and values of your local business directly

Local Marketing

The 2016 saw the explosion of the phenomenon of direct online “Facebook Live” become increasingly high numbers in terms of both production and use and other platforms such as Periscope. These tools are very useful for telling about your products and services in a transparent way in a form that users increasingly appreciate. They are simple to make – you do not have a royal or no post production – and they will be video content – in the case of Facebook – that will remain forever and that you can reuse at any future time.

Take the example of a small company that produces bags from recycled materials, from old inner tubes of bicycle with recycled PVC banners from the fairs and sells both online through its e-commerce through their physical shop. This local business could take advantage of “Facebook Live” to show the creation of their product, describe the steps that lead to the creation of the same and tell the origin of recycled materials. An equally you can use Periscope in a really very creative way. Once the product is purchased online, in the mail of thanks we could plug a live link Periscope realize the bag purchased. The link could also share it on twitter where, 24/7 would be accessible not only from customers but also from our followers and if we are lucky who do not know us yet.

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The use of live video will then provide additional content to the client, increasing the product’s value and reputation of our brand, but will also serve us to make us learn more from those who are already following us and who still does not know however that there will be so encouraged to visit our e-commerce or retail outlet.


We arrive here at the end of our article through the simple activities to implement the relationship between online and shop. Over time, surely we will continue to address the issue of local marketing that we like so much in our journal. We invite you to continue to follow us.

The activities to create a synergy between online and in-shops are so many and we have discuss only six today, we would like to know which ones you made, those who believe apply and those in which instead does not make sense to invest. We will be happy to read your comments and discuss together this exciting topic.

Local Advertising

12 Tips To Local Advertising With Social Media

Local advertising with social media means promoting a local business with social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram. In addition, you will also need photographs, videos and local SEO optimization to always following a precise social media marketing strategy.

This article is a first approach to the world of social media and internet marketing aimed at anyone who manages a local business but cannot expand their business with traditional media (print or flyers), or not yet obtained good results by investing in social media.

What you need to local advertising with social media?

  • A website made respecting the local SEO
  • A section “Blog” or Web pages to insert useful content for its customers
  • A Facebook page
  • A profile Instagram
  • A Twitter Profile
  • A list of useful contacts who report their events
  • Establish a budget for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Why invest in a website and social media?

A website is like your business card, and if its not optimize with local SEO, your potential customers will never find you. If you do not have a site council to evaluate WordPress, a simple to use platform full of very useful for the internet marketing functions.

Having a blog or to submit content with ease is crucial to create local advertising campaigns to promote certain initiatives such as private parties. Many local businesses still use a “Facebook Profile” to advertise, knowing that they can effectively promote their business on Facebook only using a “Fan Page”. Twitter is a social network underestimated by many people, even though they can reach users who can give a lot of visibility to events or news. The best local advertising is certainly at the time that offered by Google, but for search only; using Facebook Ads can be even more beneficial.

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After this introduction, it is finally time to read our 12 tips to local advertising with social media …

1) Create a website with a blog section

Local Advertising

The site must have at least the following pages: Events, Photo, Video, Contacts. It is very useful to include other sections like “artists” present where DJ’s and musicians who perform in the room, and “private parties” which illustrate the packages available to reserve to customers who want to celebrate birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

2) Local SEO: Search the best keywords for your business

Local Advertising

Using the tool for search of keywords Google AdWords, you’ll find the best keywords for your business, for example: “Disco Miami”, “Live music Toronto,” “Private parties New York” and so on. Of course local SEO is a topic much wider and you should therefore read the Google Help, or contact a digital marketing consultant. Once you find the most useful keywords for your business, you can write the contents of your site.

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3) Create a Facebook page

Local Advertising

Many people do not even know the difference between a “personal profile” and “one page”, but only the Fan Page can be considered a professional tool for internet marketing campaign. If you want to create a personal profile related to the room must be something like “Stefano Local Name”. People do not like talking to “abstract entities”, they prefer real people. The page Facebook needs to be update regularly by posting the events of local, involving customers and friends and sharing useful content for their community.

4) Facebook Ads

Local Advertising

Local advertising services provided by Facebook are very useful for a local business. With Facebook Ads can promote a post, page or an event with a high level of “target marketing”, choosing age, interests and location of your potential customers. Having so many “like” is not the most important thing; it is so much more to have a community of users who have a real interest in your services.

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5) Take advantage of “Micro-Communities”

Local Advertising

Very often local clubs organize theme nights such as a party-based theme or a concert-tribute to a particular artist. To promote this type of events social media is a great tool because it is very easy to identify their target within groups, Facebook pages, blogs or forums dedicated, also when an event has a very specific topic, Facebook campaigns are more effective because it can place inside the “interests” very useful tag to increase the effectiveness of the promotion of a post. If for example you have to promote a concert-tribute band dedicated to “specific artist”, it will be very useful to include in the “interests”, within a sponsored post with Facebook Ads.

6) Google AdWords

Local Advertising

As I said earlier, local advertising offered by Google is the best in the world both in terms of cost and in terms of yield. Google AdWords is very useful to promote a restaurant or in a city than in a district, as well as can be very effective in promoting the opportunity to rent their room for a private party. I do not consider very effective instead to promote a concert (for this kind of events is better Facebook), in the evening unless that does not include a host of national and international importance and the opportunity to buy the ticket online also.

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7) Mobile Marketing

Local Advertising

There are millions of mobile phones user and now people when looking for a local option rely very often to the App as Trip Advisor, Forsquare or the same Google. The geolocation apps are many and should in any case be present and monitor the comments and photos you share your customers, because competition is often release negative feedback that can deter customers. Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool to be found because it often, especially in big cities, to seek such an Asian restaurant, or a room with good live music where to take a girl, turning to their smartphones. However, my advice is not to take it too much if you leave a few negative comments because there are many suspicious of this kind of activity, so that also intervened Anti-Trust on TripAdvisor.

8) Photos and Video

Local Advertising

It is very helpful to take photos and videos in the evenings and publish the day after the page Facebook stimulating views, shares, and comments. Nowadays just a next generation mobile phone to get good results. Your photos on Facebook are usually get a lot more views than a normal post.

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9) Press Online

Local Advertising

The least of your local events on the 10 largest portals of local and national events should be reported. When an event is very important it is useful to publish more than a statement about it, to have a better ranking on Google is better to have communication. If you do not have an online press office, you should use Google to search for sites that talk about events in your city. You can also use Twitter or email to report your events to webzine, journalists and bloggers.

10) Create a weekly newsletter

Local Advertising

Each week send a newsletter with all the main events that will be held at the venue. You can retrieve the emails of your customers with a free enrollment or by entering a specific form within your site.

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11) Create an Internet Marketing Strategy

Local Advertising

To better optimize your local advertising expenses, board of realizing a real annual internet marketing strategy, planning activities and costs. By taking into account the occasions such as Halloween, Carnival or Festival of Women, for example.

12) Include your business on Google Maps

Local Advertising

Enter your business on Google Maps is free and simple. You just need to create a Google Plus page. Then enter the appropriate badge within your local site and request verification of your business to Google. Appearing on Google Maps can help you find new customers.

In the end, thanks for reading the article, you can now choose whether to try to put into practice our advice alone or if you want to learn more about it ask a digital marketing consultancy.

Local SEO

Local SEO: 5 SEO Optimization Tips For Local Business

Welcome back to the Local Advertising Journal! If you own or manage a local business such as a shop, a restaurant or a farm you are aware of the competition in which you have to cope every day to catch the attention of customers. More and more determined to find convenience and quality in a few clicks and that, before taking decisions, require to obtain assurances on the quality of the exercises to turn. You’ll be interested to know that there are simple steps to optimize Local SEO and the reasoning behind the creation of contents that allow you to increase – in some cases considerably – the scope of the promotion of your business.

The Local SEO, in particular, is the branch of activities aimed at improving the ranking on search engines and more generally to enhance accounts of local activities “be found” – as they say – results in further opportunities for revenue, to say nothing of the possibility of getting positive reviews useful in turn to entice potential contacts to turn to activities recognized as authoritative by other users.

1) Local SEO: Include any information in your Google My Business page

Google My Business is the full and free tool at your disposal to create a full record of all information related to your business (address, hours, phone number, photos, any reviews), and managing the complex of Big G instruments targeting managers of activities, from updates on Google+ introduction of information to show on Google Maps.

You’ve surely noticed that, when you search on Google Maps, you are also reported receptive and restorative facilities near a resort with the chance to see any reviews and deepen through its websites.

To claim your listing in Google Maps through the relevant page Google My Business is the first step to do to take control of the most authoritative – and free – available to showcase and give potential customers an impression of care and attention to the visibility.

Local SEO

Google Maps, for example, offers its users a tool to express restaurant reviews in the form of a comprehensive questionnaire that allows you to highlight features, services and local advantages : who will be interested in eating in the area and will have to choose between alternatives will way to verify all aspects that can make a real difference.

You have already tried to set up a profile on Google My Business, but have not found any tangible results? In all likelihood you’ve overlooked some essential aspect of your target audience definition, or you have committed one of the frequent local SEO Optimization Mistakes – by the lack of contact information for inclusion in incorrect categories (which leads away really interested) – that, fortunately, they are easily correctable.

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2) Local SEO: Choose your niche (thematic and geographic)

Starting from the research made by “keyword + location” Google offers considered relevant results regarding the entered destination as well (watch!) Simply based on the location from which you type the search.

With local SEO, the owners of assets located in the territory can intercept visits related to specific geographic areas and deliver content most relevant to specific needs.

Applying a geographic determination of content profiling can more effectively your target to increase the profitability of your marketing campaigns.

Local SEO

Crucial will be, first of all, choose your keywords best for your business, namely …

  • Those designed to achieve reasonable results in terms of conversion to competitive parity
  • Those defining with relevance a niche of overriding public for our activities

Once you have selected keywords of interest, you will need to use them in the most significant fields of each item – Title, Description, Tags <H>, as well as in the definition of the images – you’ll want to make it traceable for certain search queries geolocated.

If you are a restaurant owner and in your menu plan homemade pasta, can be a good strategy to integrate articles on news of themed pasta territory (festivals or pageants) and report the value given by the quality of your homemade product (uniqueness) and that contributes concurrently with a defined event in time (limited).

A call to action effectively introduced similar items conveys a sense of value (a benefit in the eyes of the law, such as the ability to solve a problem, to obtain a playful advantage and / or emotional) and suggests a sense of urgency or limited availability to call for action in the short term (as indeed book a dinner on the occasion of an event).

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3) Local SEO: Create specific and relevant content

Restaurants, food shops and activities that revolve around the world of food can trigger a company blog in which to publish special recipes, tips to create phenomenal meals, contained in support of an inbound marketing plan designed both to intercept long key lookups that generate buzz on social media through themed shares in the community and among the lovers of good food.

A good assumption to convert your visitors is to decide very carefully the niche to which you want to address: a general approach on the dishes to be served at the table is likely to qualify as yet another portal that talks about cooking in general terms, while only approach a circle of admirers of a certain type of dish (e.g. vegan cuisine, regional dishes, homemade desserts etc.) increases our chances of appearing authoritative for a certain part of the audience.

Local SEO

A confirmation of the value covering the contents (and maybe even the passion with which they are written) will point out an example of how it is possible, almost exclusively by optimizing on page and working for quality content and relevant to a given search query, get in the first position on Google for a culinary research.

Found that your portal has to offer enjoyable and relevant browsing experience to research intentions, you can proceed to generate valuable content (that is able to responder to specific research needs) that will be the basis of a link building value thematic portals (e.g. the organizers of local events that you cite in your turn to updates on local news).

Remember that the official ranking of local signals include relevance (relevance between typed request and the response offered), the distance between your position and that of the writer and the importance (the authority that you can get through mentions found the net in the form of links and citations) in addition to CTR.

Result? Driving online reviews of your business does well, create content that encourage readers to click is good, pushing over insights pertaining to specific needs is just fine!

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4) Local SEO: Consolidate your presence on the network via forums and social networks

We have already spoken of the Local SEO benefits for SMEs focusing on the importance of content within their portal, but we cannot help but remember how much backlinks are important and, in general, the importance of receiving good references from thematic sites and online community.

In the case of the local structures, the bond with the land can be turned into an added value that can attract the attention of potential visitors: the experience maybe many years, perpetrated by convincing practices of storytelling that marry the values and aspect of the target. If the towns evoke the rediscovery of nature sensations you can lever a narration by the sense of adventure and discovery of their origins, farms could instead

Local SEO

Platforms like Instagram or Pinterest allow you to share intriguing visual material on restorative qualities and collect with appropriate hashtag testimonials from guests and patrons to bring to the attention of a wider audience the aesthetic qualities of your business.

The forum are another channel where you can avail yourself to expand your brand awareness: participating in discussions and naturally relying on your experience you will be taken to increase your brand visibility.

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5) Local SEO: Optimize your website for Mobile devices

With the boom of mobile search (and about 30% of them have a local purposes) provide fast and convenient navigation experience has become absolutely essential not to lose precious visits: smartphones and tablets are the ultimate tools for searching local, and thanks to the handy Google tool you can check if your portal also optimized for viewing on small devices.

Local SEO

In the end, I hope these tips – although certainly not exhaustive on the subject – have provided you with useful tips on actions to be implemented to improve your visibility for local searches. What do you think? Comment on this article to tell us your opinion!

Local SEO

Local SEO: 7 Tips To Improve Your Local Positioning

Do you have a local business but your potential customers cannot find you on the search engines?

In Local Advertising Journal, we have collected few tips from SEO experts worldwide. All you need to do is just put into practice these 7 tips to climb the rankings of the search engines and surpass your competitors.

Local SEO

What is Local SEO?

First of all, perhaps you’re wondering “What is Local SEO?”

The Local SEO stands for measures series of optimization activities carried out on the web in order to improve the visibility and the ranking of a website, and therefore it’s ranking on Google and other search engines, so geo or for keyword searches that contain the names of location.

An example? Search Keyword: “Toronto” Mexican restaurant. Or “Websites development Toronto”, “Construction Company Building in New York”.

How many times have you happened to do a search of this type on Google? I guess at least once. Indeed more than once. It is a kind of very common research that users make to find businesses, restaurants, hotels, places of interest close to where they live.

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If you have an activity of local type this article could be your local business solution …

Follow these 7 tips to optimize your website for local searches on Google and other search engines. With Local SEO you will increase your visibility and surpass some competitors!

1) Realize your Google My Business page

Local SEO

Create your page, Google My Business. It is very important, it’s a free service of Google. But above all is the page that displays the results on maps. It must contain the correct and updated information of your business.

Sign in “Google My Business” and make your business card, add a text description of your company and you can add photos or videos.

If your business is already on Google My Business checks that the information is complete, correct and current. Otherwise Provide immediately to update.

2) Use a unique code NAP

Local SEO

The acronym NAP indicates Name, Address and Phone number or name (corporate name), physical address and telephone number.

It is very important that this information is available on the footer of all pages of your website and must be identical to those present in your business card from Google My Business.

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3) Connect Google My Business to Google Plus

Local SEO

Assume you end up with more cards Google My Business and Google Plus profiles disconnected with each other. Make sure you have only one listing Google My Business and make sure it’s connected to your Google Plus profile.

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4) Optimize the Meta tags of your website

Local SEO

The meta tags, i.e. the “Title” and “Description”, must be optimized. They represent one of the most important parameters to optimize when you ranking on search engines, not even local.

Keep in mind that each page on your site has a unique Meta Title and Meta Description, do not use duplicated on different pages. Each page will have its own unique Title and Description and identification. Optimize for inserting in them the keywords with which you want to place on search engines like Google. And do not forget to also put the name of your location.

5) Add to your website pages specific geolocated

Local SEO

Your website must contain pages that describe what you do, what you offer on the market to your customers, or pages related to your products or services, all optimized geolocated.

I’ll try to explain …

Take the case of a construction company in Toronto, Canada. Within their website, there are pages dedicated to the description of each service …

  • New civil construction Toronto;
  • New industrial buildings Toronto;
  • Building Renovation Toronto;
  • Green Building Toronto;
  • Demolition Toronto;
  • Renovation roofs Toronto.

I repeat what I said earlier: there must be a page dedicated to the presentation of each service, not just write some lines on a single page where you group and briefly describe all services.

If inside your website does not have a descriptive text optimized for search engines people will not find you! It will end instead of your competitor’s site.

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6) Create social profiles of your business

Local SEO

Build a social profile for each of the major social networks …

  • Facebook;
  • Twitter;
  • Google Plus;

If your business lends itself well to being told and described through images even consider Pinterest and Instagram, two social networks based on the visual. Keep in mind that there is also YouTube if you have video and you have the desire and passion for realizing them.

When you create these profiles, very careful in using your business information (NAP) just and equal to the web site.

Once created, these profiles will have to commit to keeping them updated. It happens too often see social profiles created and then left to itself. Might as well help but create them. It does not take some kind of effort; just share a couple of news per week. So busy and try to do your best.

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7) Enter your website in the local directory

Local SEO

In Local SEO subscribe to directories is an activity that is still worthwhile to do while in the non-localized SEO is a practice now discouraged and avoided. The directories are simply portals there is possible to report its website and add it to the vast collection of the portal.

The most important directories within which you absolutely need to enter your website are as follows …

  • Yelp: Local the most important directory in the world;
  • Bing Places: Similar to Google My Business;
  • TripAdvisor: Essential if your business is a restaurant or a hotel.


Now that you’ve seen a number of “tricks” to optimize your placement on the web locally and overcome competitors; try to put them into practice immediately. Many of these tips offered are not technically difficult, and you can then try to make do and check later the improvements.

Local SEO

Local SEO: The guide for those who do business in the city

What is Local SEO?

The SEO Local or Local SEO is a very important visibility factor for companies and professionals that offer goods and services in a certain city or a certain range of action. In the design of a Local SEO plan, maximum customer cooperation is necessary in order to evaluate (precisely) what the target zone and the main service sought by the clients.

Only 19% of companies, to date, has made the optimization of their websites while maintaining a local approach. Keep in mind that the benefits derived from this, are really very high.

Generally, when we seek services, we are led to do this by entering the search engine a certain keywords. This keywords will give us different types of results, starting with the most relevant.

Local SEO Factor

Local SEOThere are many search terms made by our potential customers. Citing the example above, you could search for “Dentist Toronto”, “New York lawyer” etc. … The search engine in 99% of cases will return a set of navigation tabs, card local activities, maps, phone numbers and organic results (or the list of results usually appear in the advertising or cards).

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What benefits can bring to your business by operations Local SEO?

Local SEO

Easy to say, but not so to do!

The main benefit is to be present locally to one (or more) keywords (geographical). The relevance of the results, so staying on the first pages, depends on several factors of the website, including …

  • The length of the domain
  • The domain authority
  • The verification activity by the search engines and social channels
  • The inclusion of Rich Snippets (geographical information to be applied to the source site)
  • Entering Markup geographical segments in line with the directives (address, phone number, zip code)
  • The site update frequency
  • Verify your ownership and location
  • Other key factors of SEO (currently over 200)

In addition, Digital Marketing Service provider CYONWO is able to optimize your site in the most appropriate manner possible, based on your business needs.

It’s very useful to know that you can also develop some campaigns online marketing locally, by selecting the geographic area, the province and the city that you want to use as “Target”.

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How to do Local SEO on a website?

Local SEO

In most cases, the Local SEO optimization is carried out and side by side code structure. It’s not about tricks and magic, but only and exclusively optimization! Every experienced webmaster knows how to include the site of their client optimizations for Local SEO, by making sure that they can be particularly useful for the user, and also for the search engine.

Basically, as I said just now, only 19% of companies felt that the Internet, or rather the Web, is a resource to be exploited. In the course right way. When the site appears in the top positions for a local search specific key win in 3: the user, the operator and the search engine.

1) The user will find exact, accurate, useful, fast and relevant.

2) The Manager will receive qualified traffic, looking for his product or his service.

3) The search engine, has done its best (through an increasingly complex and severe algorithm) by offering the best possible results.

How to do Local SEO? Simple, starting to make concrete analyzes on the research of your users at a local level. The support of an SEO firm or an SEO guide can certainly simplify this operation. You should follow the checklist for SEO Local from Moz.

Think factors Local SEO (SEO or Local) are currently more than 70! Do not keep them in the considerations is to be out of business. On this there is little to discuss.

The Local SEO is performed through your website, to be built based on a regional communication and not global. This is the first point to consider.

The SEO optimization is not a simple job. It requires effort, knowledge, expertise and time.

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“Google My Business” helps your business in the search

local search

It’s fantastic to implement. With some purely technical measures, you can place your company or your study in a feature-rich card, which can give you many benefits.

Your online business is decided by the research carried out by your potential clients. When looking for a service in a specific city, Google could bring up your business card, getting many benefits.

First can be contacted immediately on the phone, without forgetting that you can navigate with a smartphone in front of your office, to your hotel or to your store. Lately it has also implemented the “send button contact on the phone.” All data will be immediately stored in the mobile device. A step forward not just!

Google My Business must always be combined with a professional page Google+. This service allows users to be able to review your company, your hotel or your studio, making clear to your prospects a strong “confidence signal.”

The Trust should never miss such a serious company!

Google My Business is a secure tool that help you set the best, making you achieve better local visibility possible.

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How to implement a strategy of Local SEO?

Local SEO

The first step, priority, is to precisely analyze these factors …

  1. Localization of your services in a particular city or province
  2. The “request” made effective by your potential customers online, through search engines

Without this, it is absolutely necessary to focus all efforts on a solid plan of Local Marketing through a solid and reliable online presence.

Tangible results you can then obtain …

  1. In the immediate future: through a paid campaign variable amount. The budget may be decided from time to time, based on the results obtained.
  2. In the medium term (3-6 months) through continuous action optimization, monitoring and updating of your website.
  3. In the long term (1 year / 1 year and a half) through constant updates, shares, and organic marketing campaigns.

It is very useful to know that it is not enough to enter the code, do magic or use unfair practices, as these actions only would get little results (if not all nulled).

Every Local SEO operation, online marketing and optimization, must be consistently followed in perfect symbiosis with the customer. Your philosophy should focuses mainly on the reliability and trust, obtained by continuous efforts and updates.


A good local presence is sure help for your business. It is therefore necessary that you perceive your online presence through your website, as an investment for the future. Creating an effective website, perform local SEO optimization and Local Marketing can revolutionize the way you do business.

Local Marketing

9 Ways to increase the rating of your business in local search

If you own a physical business, you can gain an advantage in the local search engine marketing. Local search is becoming fashionable, but still a lot of companies do not use this opportunity.

What is a local search?

Local search engines take into account the user’s location and geographical inquiry. For example, the query “The best restaurant in Toronto” provides results restaurants in Toronto.

This blended search results. The user has the opportunity to go to the company website, find it on map.

1. Get a Google My Business Page

local search

The Google My Business is a directory of Google. If you have a business (you are in the phone book), it is probably already in the directory.

  • Go to Google My Business and click “Start Now”. Enter the phone number to see if your page exists. If so, you can edit it and request a confirmation from Google. If not, create one from a template.
  • To get a step by step guide, watch a video on how to add a Google business listing.
  • Finished with Google My Business, please create a page on Bing and Yahoo!

2. The region code for the primary phone

local search

  • Make sure that the code corresponds to the address of the enterprise phone.
  • Do not use the toll free number or a country as a major in the Google My Business and other search directories. You can specify them as secondary.

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3. Consistency

local search

  • Google and other search engines – just the program. Do not obstruct their work.
  • Create a list that contains all the information: company name, address, telephone number, description of the site. This information must be consistent in the network.
  • Information on your site should match the information Google My Business and other systems.

4. Address and phone number given on the website

local search

  • It is imperative to indicate your address and phone number on your site. This will not only increase the credibility of the site and its practicality, but also increase the ranking of the local search.
  • Put the address and telephone number in the felling site, make sure that they are available on each page.

5. Create pages for each location

local search

If your business several branches, make sure that each of them has its own page.

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6. Optimize your Website by location

local search

It is important to optimize the site in view of the plant site.

For example, restaurant “Salad king” has the following site headline: “Salad King | Thai restaurant in Toronto.”

7. Online reviews

local search

  • Reviews have become the most reliable source of data for buyers.
  • Reviews can also boost your ranking in local search.
  • If someone from buyers have Gmail, ask them to share their impressions on Google My Business.

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8. Use the canonical URL

local search

When you add your business listing in Google My Business, Bing, Yahoo!, make sure you use the canonical URL. If your main domain, so you and should be written. However, if your primary domain (without the www), and so you have to write.

If you do not have canonical URL will take care of this first!

9. Join the directories

local marketing

There are hundreds of directories. The more entries, the better. You can start with a list of free listings, a tool to see where your business is already listed, and what are the opportunities and receive additional entries.

Local Advertising Local Marketing

The use of display advertising in the local marketing

As a rule, small companies do not have enough money for a full marketing campaign, and they are forced to adhere to the following four local marketing principles:

1) Create a website (for landing pages, SEO, etc.);

2) Use social networks pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram);

3) Create a YouTube channel to upload videos to the website;

4) Optimize listings places on Yelp, Google+, Google Places, etc.

Suppose that you have done all this … What next? How to make local marketing work smarter?

local marketing

The display advertising in the local marketing

In the traditional search marketing (SEO and PPC), a user enters a search query “pizza” and sees a number of local restaurants page issue. Prototyping allows advertising to attract customers when search is not performed.

For example, a user can type a search term “pizza” before and prototyping networks noted that he/she was looking for restaurants with a pizza in the region. Therefore, the potential customer can watch videos online or to seek weather forecast and your display advertising will attract it.

The following strategies will help you to include display advertising into an existing local marketing strategy.

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1. Show display advertising when a user is reading relevant content online

local marketing

When a potential customer is reading restaurant reviews on Yelp or Zagat, your ads will come in handy. To do this, buy keywords on the “Google Display Network” or “Bing Content Network”. These keywords are different from those used for SEO: they should not be long. For example, a “fashionable hairstyles,” would be a great keyword for the beauty salon. Prototyping keywords are not expensive, but be careful: You should look for keywords and understand what effect they will give. Use Google manuals for proper use of keywords. It is also important to start small: not seize large regions, and focus on the campaign in the social networks.

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2. Targeting websites and landing pages

local marketing

Select the number of sites that need to target advertising banners. For example, for a restaurant to be the best site and for B2B business List of sites for targeting submitted to the “Google Display Network”. For the successful targeting, you will need several series of banner ads. Although targeting banners more expensive than the usual placement of advertisements, it is more efficient and faster return on investment. Keep in mind that targeting relevant channel on YouTube is beneficial as well as the targeting of relevant pages on the target site.

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3. The use of behavioral targeting

local marketing

Prototyping networks collect information about users (searches, geo, time of request, etc.). Most search engine users do not realize that advertising banners and displays them based on their search behavior. Also, they do not know what its characteristics can be changed on the page “Ads Preferences”. Obviously, you can use display advertising based on interests and demographics of potential clients. Such targeting is quite expensive, but effective. Use geographical data in a banner.

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Prototyping advertising is indispensable in the local marketing, as it allows you to attract more customers and to use advertising effectively. Prototyping advertising associated with additional costs, which, however, quickly recovered.

Advetising Media

Print Advertising: All You Need To Know About Print Advertising

This article will provide a description of the print advertising, information on advertising media, their purpose, functions and features, as well as detailed descriptions and sample images.

Print advertising, printing or advertising are a set of media made on specially prepared for advertising printed products, non-periodical publications. It refers to the form of advertising and is one of the most common in the advertising of goods and services.

Print advertising includes various advertising materials, placed on different types of print media advertising information. Number of print advertising formats and the corresponding types of print media is very large. The main types of printed products, which are currently, most widely as advertising media …

Print Advertising

Print Advertising – Advertising Directory

Whether or twisted multi-page print edition, which contains a systematic list of a large number of goods or services with pictures and detailed description, as well as other supporting information. It has a high-quality decoration and printing performance, designed for long-term use. Circulation usually a few thousand, sometimes – tens of thousands of copies.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising – Leaflet

Stitched multi-page print edition, which contains advertising information about the goods or services with pictures and detailed description. It could also be devoted to a group of similar goods or services. According to the embodiment resembles the directory, but less volume. It has a high-quality decoration and printing performance. The publication can wear pronounced prestigious character. Circulation usually a few thousand, sometimes tens of thousands of copies.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising – Advertising Booklet

In contrast to the catalog and prospectus are not stitched and folded several times (in other words, folded in an accordion) edition, which contains advertising information about the goods or services with pictures and detailed description. It could also be devoted to a group of similar goods or services. May have different dimensions, volume and folding embodiments, but in the unfolded state it cannot exceed the size of the standard typographic printing sheet. Is inexpensive and economical edition, to produce large print runs and are designed for short-term use and, in most cases, on a single reading.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising – Flyer

Pocketbook or single-fold the print edition, which contains one-sided or two-sided image of the advertised goods or services with a detailed description. Usually dedicated to one product, in rare cases, several similar goods. Designed for rapid distribution in conjunction with a wide coverage. More often than not, because of its efficiency, it is available in large quantities, so among the least expensive media print advertising. Circulation usually dozens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of copies.

Print Advertising

Print Advertising – Poster

Large format edition printed on one side designed to be placed inside the premises. Usually dedicated to one product, in rare cases, several similar goods. It contains advertising information provided in the form of eye-catching combination of one or more images and concise accompanying text, which in brief figurative form displays basic feature of the advertised goods or services. To improve the functionality of the poster is sometimes combined with the calendar grid. Circulation from a few thousand to hundreds of thousands of copies.

By the distribution of printed media, advertising information also includes products such as calendars, greeting cards, envelopes, coupons, stickers, various promotional print ads.

Advertising Media:

Television Advertising: All You Need To Know About TV Advertising

Radio Advertising: All You Need To Know About Radio Advertising

Press Advertising: All You Need To Know About Print Media

Internet Advertising: All You Need To Know About Online Advertising

Outdoor Advertising: All You Need To Know About Outdoor Advertising

Transit Advertising: All You Need To Know About Transit Advertising

Print Advertising: All You Need To Know About Print Advertising

Advetising Media

Transit Advertising: All You Need To Know About Transit Advertising

This article will provide a description of transit advertising or advertising on transport, information on advertising media, their purpose, functions, and features, as well as detailed descriptions and sample images.

Transit advertising or advertising on transport is a text, graphics, or other visual information of advertising character, which is located inside or outside the vehicle, as well as special permanent or temporary structures located on the transport infrastructure and adjacent territories. It represents advertising information delivery channel with advantageously low selectivity acting on the various types of mass audience. It characterized by a wide coverage, mobility, relatively high levels of exposure.

Transport advertising is carried out on the basis of contracts with the owners of vehicles or persons having property rights on vehicles. In this case, the advertiser, as a rule, does not communicate with the owners of vehicles directly and with agencies operators or companies owners of contracts for the placement of transit advertising, which have special rights on the implementation of specific advertising media or bound by the ad space owners. Agency operators also carry out servicing and disposal of promotional materials.

It should be noted that in the segment of transit advertising placed directly on the vehicles used somewhat more complicated than in the advertising industry as a whole, an administrative regulation by government agencies. Placement of outdoor advertising is regulated not only by the federal law “On Advertising”, but also by the individual decisions of the regional and municipal authorities. Cases of advertising restrictions on vehicles to ensure road safety are determined by the authorized authorities entrusted with the control of traffic safety.

Transit Advertising

Features Of Transit Advertising As A Channel For The Delivery Of Advertising Information

The efficiency of transit advertising is a result of many factors, so the planning and implementation of advertising campaigns require the advertiser knowledge of its individual features. Similarly, selected transit advertising format guarantees the attention of the target audience to its content, and a considerable variety of advertising media can form an advertising placement program so as to ensure the greatest number of contacts with the advertising message, and therefore the greater memorability.

However, the presence of a variety of different types of advertising media, including transit advertising, leads to the “advertising noise”, especially in big cities: the user can “get lost” in the huge advertising and information flow and miss advertising. However, advertising is placed in the salons of public transport, can long hold the attention of the recipient because of the absence of other stimuli.

There are five of the most important requirements for transit advertising …

  1. Provide coverage of the modes of transport used by the target audience the advertiser.
  2. Often out of sight.
  3. To attract attention.
  4. Be concise and easily perceived in the process of movement.
  5. Be understandable to a mass audience.

Due to these requirements and relatively low selectivity of transit advertising is used primarily as an aid in the framework of integrated advertising campaigns to support and advertising supplements placed in other media. Such a complex effect can significantly increase the performance efficiency of an advertising campaign.

Advantages and Disadvantages Of Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising



Wide coverage. Public transport has traditionally been the most popular means of transportation, so has a well-developed infrastructure. The lack of selectivity. Transit advertising is almost does not reach a certain audience segments, that is, it can not be aimed at customers of a particular gender, age, occupation, education, and so on.
Coverage of local markets in combination with a high frequency of advertising impressions. Transit advertising is used as an effective means of influencing the mass audience of the local markets, where selectivity does not play a significant role. In conjunction with the outdoor advertising it provides wide coverage of the mobile population in the local markets in a relatively short period of time. In this case, transit advertising provides a high level of frequency with mobile coverage of the population. Transience, brevity of the message. Transit advertising is used to transfer simple and short messages as complex or long messages will not be received by the audience.
Flexibility. An advertiser can choose to advertise the vehicles used by the representatives of its target audience, which results in partial selectivity and significantly increase the effectiveness of advertising. Reaching only the specific audience for advertisements placed in public means of transport (e.g. working women and men who use public transport).
High exposure. Advertisements placed in the salons of public transport, can long hold the attention of the recipient. Limited advertising space. Size is a key means of attracting attention, however, transit advertising, except for some formats cannot provide advertisers large size media advertising information.
The low cost of advertising exposure. At a cost of advertising exposure transit advertising refers to the least expensive channel of distribution of advertising. Thus, in the public transport enjoys a significant number of people, it provides a low cost of advertising per customer. The need for frequent monitoring. Despite the relatively low cost of advertising exposure, the use of transit advertising is often associated with relatively high maintenance costs of promotional materials due to the need for continued monitoring and replacement of ads that are spoiled, erased or damaged in any other way. The cost of this service is usually included in the total advertising budget.

The Main Means Of Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising

Transit advertising is divided, two main groups …

1) Outer transit advertising: Located on the outer surfaces of vehicles, and on special permanent or temporary structures, located outside the transport infrastructure.

2) Internal transit advertising: Placed inside the vehicle, as well as special permanent or temporary structures disposed within transport infrastructure.

Transit Advertising


Vehicles used for advertising, divided into the following main groups …

  • Public land.
  • Metro.
  • Aviation.
  • Railway.
  • Water.
  • Commercial.
  • Taxi.
  • Private.

In use the outer surface of the vehicle, and its inner space as an advertising medium.

Advertising, placed on the outer surface of the vehicle exterior is advertising plates and is subdivided into two main groups …

1) Roof advertisements: It is placed on the roof of the vehicle.

2) Onboard advertising: It is located on the sides of the vehicle (on the back, front and lateral sides).

Advertisements placed inside the vehicle is divided into three main groups, according to the channel of transmission of the advertising message …

1) Video advertising in the vehicle cabin – advertisements on the video screens and displays in various formats.

2) Audio advertising in the transport cabin – audio advertisements.

3) Static advertising in transport salon – advertising boards, posters, leaflets, stickers of various formats.

Transit Advertising

Transport infrastructure

Transport infrastructure used for advertising, divided into the following main groups …

  • Railway stations.
  • Metropolitan.
  • Airports.
  • Bus terminals.
  • Fuel stations.

By advertising space of the transport infrastructure include buildings, premises and adjacent territory of the said facilities. Advertising outside the building and in the surrounding areas of these enterprises are located in special permanent or temporary structures, and, as a rule, does not differ from outdoor advertising in other areas. Advertising within the transport infrastructure, as a rule, is generally consistent format outdoor advertising, placed in other locations.

Advertising Media:

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Radio Advertising: All You Need To Know About Radio Advertising

Press Advertising: All You Need To Know About Print Media

Internet Advertising: All You Need To Know About Online Advertising

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Transit Advertising: All You Need To Know About Transit Advertising

Print Advertising: All You Need To Know About Print Advertising