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Sewer Repair and Regulations in the St. Louis Area


It dates back to Proposition 1 on the St. Louis County Election Ballot. Voting day was April 6, 1999 and that was when electors of unincorporated St. Louis County voted yes to the Proposition. Proposition 1 was formally known at the time as the Residential Sewer Lateral Repair Program. The idea was to charge homeowners $28.00 per year and they would have a defective residential sewer lateral...

Local Marketing: 6 Practical Tips For Your Local Business

Local Marketing

What is the Local Marketing? The Local Marketing is the set of communications and marketing activities that your business or company must implement in order to bring more customers into your store – or any other location where it will complete the transaction – and raising the profile of your brand. In this article of Local Advertising Journal, we reveal six easy tips to put into...

12 Tips To Local Advertising With Social Media

Local Advertising

Local advertising with social media means promoting a local business with social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram. In addition, you will also need photographs, videos and local SEO optimization to always following a precise social media marketing strategy. This article is a first approach to the world of social media and internet marketing aimed at anyone who manages a...

Local SEO: 5 SEO Optimization Tips For Local Business

Local SEO

Welcome back to the Local Advertising Journal! If you own or manage a local business such as a shop, a restaurant or a farm you are aware of the competition in which you have to cope every day to catch the attention of customers. More and more determined to find convenience and quality in a few clicks and that, before taking decisions, require to obtain assurances on the quality of the exercises...

Local SEO: 7 Tips To Improve Your Local Positioning

Local SEO

Do you have a local business but your potential customers cannot find you on the search engines? In Local Advertising Journal, we have collected few tips from SEO experts worldwide. All you need to do is just put into practice these 7 tips to climb the rankings of the search engines and surpass your competitors. What is Local SEO? First of all, perhaps you’re wondering “What is Local...

Local SEO: The guide for those who do business in the city

Local SEO

What is Local SEO? The SEO Local or Local SEO is a very important visibility factor for companies and professionals that offer goods and services in a certain city or a certain range of action. In the design of a Local SEO plan, maximum customer cooperation is necessary in order to evaluate (precisely) what the target zone and the main service sought by the clients. Only 19% of companies, to...

9 Ways to increase the rating of your business in local search

local search

If you own a physical business, you can gain an advantage in the local search engine marketing. Local search is becoming fashionable, but still a lot of companies do not use this opportunity. What is a local search? Local search engines take into account the user’s location and geographical inquiry. For example, the query “The best restaurant in Toronto” provides results...

The use of display advertising in the local marketing

local marketing

As a rule, small companies do not have enough money for a full marketing campaign, and they are forced to adhere to the following four local marketing principles: 1) Create a website (for landing pages, SEO, etc.); 2) Use social networks pages (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram); 3) Create a YouTube channel to upload videos to the website; 4) Optimize listings places on Yelp, Google+, Google Places...

Print Advertising: All You Need To Know About Print Advertising

Print Advertising

This article will provide a description of the print advertising, information on advertising media, their purpose, functions and features, as well as detailed descriptions and sample images. Print advertising, printing or advertising are a set of media made on specially prepared for advertising printed products, non-periodical publications. It refers to the form of advertising and is one of the...

Transit Advertising: All You Need To Know About Transit Advertising

Transit Advertising

This article will provide a description of transit advertising or advertising on transport, information on advertising media, their purpose, functions, and features, as well as detailed descriptions and sample images. Transit advertising or advertising on transport is a text, graphics, or other visual information of advertising character, which is located inside or outside the vehicle, as well as...

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