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Ad Copy

Advice and The Best Strategies To Better Write an Ad Copy

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Good Ad Copy is the one and only bridge between your landing pages and all the potential customers who search online for products and services like yours. The way it is written affects your rankings in paid search results and click costs. The copy of a PPC ad is much more important than what most people realize.

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Types of advertising

What kind of advertising to choose? Types of advertising today

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Every successful entrepreneur knows how important competent advertising in the modern business, promotion of the brand, products, services. Even if you produce the best quality product on the market, there is no guarantee that it will be in demand unless there are different types of advertising. At the same time, a competitor that offers a less-quality product, but which untwists it, will receive much more profit due to impressive sales volumes. It is important that potential buyers are aware of the existence of the product, its advantages. Otherwise, they will choose the one they listened to. But what kind of…

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Advertising On Facebook

5 Factors Of Effective Advertising On Facebook

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In this article, we’ll look at 5 factors of effective advertising on Facebook. You know that millions of people use Facebook daily! That’s why the conversion rate of CTR increased from 0.5% to 0.9%. Advertising on Facebook has become more effective, but not for everyone: many target the audience by interests, demographic data, geography, create beautiful advertising models and write texts, but clients do not. What are they doing wrong and what should be done to make the advertisement work. Factor 1: Strong offer The principle works in any advertising: if you have a strong proposal, your advertising on Facebook campaign will…

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How To Advertise

How To Advertise? Tips For Beginners

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A beginner entrepreneur often spends a lot of money on advertising campaigns. But it can hurt to spend these funds in vain without plan. It is difficult for a person without experience to understand how to advertise correctly, since it does not always understand the principle of its work. How To Advertise To get the desired result from advertising and save your money? The experience of marketers and advertisers suggests that the ways of advertising promotion for different areas of activity are different. You may also like to read: Creative Advertising: Ideas For A Creative Approach To Marketing There are…

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Functions of Advertising

The Functions of Advertising

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There are four universal functions of advertising that performs any advertising campaign … 1) The economic functions. 2) The social functions. 3) The marketing functions. 4) Communication functions. Here we are going to describe you about the four advertising functions … but before that we are going to recommend you to read our previous article “The Definition of Advertising Exposure“. If you have already read about the definition then let’s know about the functions of advertising. 1) Economic Functions Of Advertising Advertising at its core is primarily economic phenomenon, which has a significant impact on the market players and economic…

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Definition Of Advertising

The Definition of Advertising Exposure

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Definition Of Advertising: The word “advertising” is derived from the Latin word Reclamare, which means, “to approve, shout, shout, cry”, reflecting the existence of the primary advertising communication – oral verbal advertising. This lexeme has survived in a number of Western European languages and through French influence has taken root. The concept Werbung, used in the German language, focuses on the impact of advertising function, as shown by a related root of the word – a well-known verb “to recruit”. In English, the beginning of the XIX century was widely used verb “Advertise”, which in XV-XVI centuries, as indicated by…

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