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Content Marketing: Who to direct it to? To people or search engines?

Many think that writing is the easy part when it comes to creating a blog or any other website, but they couldn’t be more wrong, especially when you have to take Content Marketing into account. This is where I ask you, do you have it in mind? Do you know who should be addressed?

Writing for people or search engines, that is the question. Discover in this article how to solve one of the biggest and recurring dilemmas of Content Marketing to learn how to delight users and search engines alike.

When Digital Marketing experts repeat over and over again that “CONTENT IS KING”, they don’t lie or exaggerate. It is through content in text, image or video that users solve their doubts, educate and entertain.

Without content, the Internet as we know it simply would not exist. Therefore, the work of content creators and producers, such as SEO copywriters, is increasingly required and better paid for projects and companies in all sectors.

However, creating content becomes a thorny task for new SEO copywriters who must face one of the great questions of Content Marketing … Whom should it be written for people or for search engines?

If you had this doubt when creating your content, you have reached the right place. In this article, you will discover the solution to this concern with the intention that you learn to write better materials for companies that hire your copywriting services.

We start!

Whom do you write for? People or Search Engines

Before getting into the matter, let’s briefly review the main aspects of Content Marketing.

In simple terms, Content Marketing seeks to attract, convert and enchant Internet users through the generation of valuable content with the intention of closing a sale, creating lasting relationships of trust between users and brands.

Well, the matter is a bit complicated because, as you can see, Content Marketing must respond to the business objectives of a company while addressing an audience – person buyer – that searches for relevant content in the oceans of content that we call search engines.

So, here comes the great mystery of all content products: should it be written for people or search engines? The great answer is… You must write for people and optimize for search engines!

What does that mean? When creating quality material, a web content products should keep in mind that …

  • An article must first enchant users and then conquer Google, in that order.
  • The main purpose of an article will always be to solve the specific concern of a buyer person rather than to position without purpose.
  • The article should be optimized to position in the search engines to increase the probability of being found organically by new users.

Why SEO copywriters should be clear who is going to read the contents?

If the idea of Content Marketing is to create articles that help buyer people, for an SEO editor it is impossible to write them without knowing who they are and what their pain points are.

Knowing the buyer people is crucial to execute a successful content strategy, since they are the ones who will help you determine …

  • The tone and voice of communication
  • The topics that will be addressed in each article
  • The channels through which they will be distributed

Put yourself in your user’s shoes. If you do a Google search, what kind of result do you expect to find? Keeping that thought in your mind at the time of writing will make you create materials that will be useful for your users, with objectivity and quality.

Remember that the ultimate goal of a Content Marketing strategy is to create relationships of trust between users and the company through content that addresses their concerns.

If it is you or the company you work for who create this content, users will rely on it to make a purchase before anyone else. Do you understand now why the work of the content editor is so important and well paid?

Why is this skill a competitive advantage for content marketing?

Believe it or not! Many copywriters simply implement all kinds of SEO techniques to improve their search engine rankings without considering that the content is to connect with people.

Obsolete practices such as Keyword Stuffing, where the keyword is repeated over and over throughout the text, often meaningless, are preferred by some of these editors.

However, when you understand the importance of resolving a user’s doubts and writing content intended for a specific buyer, it is when you create valuable content that will engage your users and retain them with your company.

To stand out from the ocean of information available on the web is only possible with quality content and to produce content of this type it is necessary the work of editors who are clear that the content is to be consumed by people, not by robots.

How to enchant users and search engines with your content?

1. Know your buyer person

Being the semi-fictional representations of your ideal client, as an editor you should concentrate all your efforts on enchanting them with your content.

By knowing their concerns and challenges, you can create useful content that will help them solve them, eventually improving the relationships between them and your business. Remember the main objective is not to please Google but to deliver value to your users.

2. Consider your person’s search intent

There are three types of search …

  • Navigational search: The user wants to reach a specific website.
  • Informational search: The user wants to find information to clarify a doubt.
  • Transactional search: The user wants to buy a product or pay for a service online.

Taking into account the search intention will help you to better direct your content, because you will be able to understand in what type of search your materials may appear and what type of information they should contain to meet the expectations of your users.

3. Choose the keywords well

Keywords are what unites user content. These are the ones that trigger the appearance of your articles in the SERP.

Using them correctly will make all the difference. Avoid Keyword Stuffing, use its natural variations and only add it if it is consistent with the structure of the text.

4. Write quality content

Needless to say, right? Once you know your buyer people, you understand their problems and what their search intentions might be, you should create the best possible content to solve your concern.

Remember that you must meet the expectations of the users, not yours.

Look for quality references, learn about the subject and write a complete and original content. Rather than worrying about the number of words required to position, worry about solving your user’s doubt.

5. Transmit ideas clearly and concisely

Web content is characterized by offering direct responses to the point.

It is essential to have an excellent command of the language and its grammatical norms, as well as to have knowledge of the subject on which it is written to correctly convey the message to the reader.

In addition, you can use persuasive writing techniques to convince your users and keep their curiosity to the fullest while they read your article.

6. Create SEO titles that grab your attention and enchant Google

The function of an SEO title is to attract users to your material and briefly describe its content to search engines.

Among the best practices are to include the keyword, create a sense of urgency and keep it short, between 50 and 55 characters.

7. Learn a lot about SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial in the production of web content. You must dedicate a lot of study to know and apply all the positioning factors On Page and Off Page.

However, if you are just starting in web writing, the main thing is not to neglect factors such as SEO title, intertitles or heading tags, friendly URL, alt attributes of images, meta description and backlinks.

8. Format your texts

Give your articles a simple structure to understand for both people and search engines.

  • Create an introduction that catches the reader.
  • Use the heading tags – which go from title H1 to title H6 – to organize the ideas of the text in hierarchical order.
  • Keep the paragraphs short but relevant, that is, do not leave an idea in the middle.
  • Keep blank spaces, that is, look for an “F” shape in the structure of your articles.
  • Use bold only when necessary.


The demand for SEO copywriters is on the rise thanks to the success of content strategies.

To become an attractive SEO editor for the market you must be dedicated, practice and study tirelessly about Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

The good news is that, little by little, reading and applying articles like this, you will learn to create valuable materials for your customers that, in the end, will be reflected in good payments for you.

Freelance copywriting can become a source of substantial income if you know how to deliver quality content written for people and optimized for search engines.

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The Secret Of Effective Content Marketing

“Content is the king!” Bill Gates once said. Let me paraphrase the great computer genius: effective content marketing can make you the king of the Internet audience.

What do you have in mind?

“We are a serious company, we are engaged in the supply of goods, we provide services, and we have no time to take care of the content.”

Quite just reasoning. But your company has a website, right? You have taken care of the creation of the site, because you understand how many opportunities for business gives you the Internet. But you do not use half of these features, if you are not at all involved in creating high-quality content.

Traditional methods of search promotion are a thing of the past. The algorithms of Google and Bing, forming search results, increasingly focus on behavioral factors: the time spent by the visitor on the site, the number of pages viewed, the size of the permanent audience of the site. Users are becoming more selective, even capricious – they ignore advertising appeals and do not read useless articles. For those who want to settle in the leaders, the only way out is to attract and retain people, creating high quality, popular content.

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Contrary to the prevailing opinion, “content” is not equal to “text on the site.” The term “content” refers to the entire body of information in the text, visual, video and audio format that you broadcast to your audience using the site, e-mail, corporate accounts in social networks and other Internet channels.

Text content is an indispensable basis, but do not limit yourself to articles on the site. Look at companies that successfully distribute their viral videos, draw infographics, create presentations and record audio-lectures-podcast. Regardless of the field of activity, they are “overgrown” by potential buyers on the Internet, using all possible formats for presenting information. And this is quite possible for you too!

Effective Content Marketing


The surrounding media world daily throws tons of commercial offers on our heads. Advertising of all kinds and sorts at times hinders to find necessary, to choose the necessary, and even simply to have a rest and have fun. Against this background, unobtrusive, but high quality and useful content looks the most profitable way.

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The task of a good article or an interesting presentation is to find and entice someone who seeks answers to questions or problems, but not the seller of a product or service. Help persons do what they needs, do it for free – and they will remember you, do it again – and they will stay with you forever.


There are several signs of effective content marketing that can lead to you a huge number of real and potential customers …

  • High relevance
  • Learning Aspect
  • Ease of learning
  • Visual appeal
  • Invitation to dialogue
  • Lack of advertising!

The most important property of good content is its usefulness. Explore your customer; find out what he cares about, what information will be valuable and relevant to him. Then write about this article, conduct an interview with a specialist, shoot a video or a series of photos, make a review or organize your own research. What’s next? Repeat first, and do it regularly.

Do not forget about the form of information. Easiness of mastering is achieved by simple and understandable formulations. To read long, complex, abounding with participial turns, enumerations and commas, which involve several sentences at once, is painful, is not it? Whether it’s short sentences! They are easy to read and remember.

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The whole set of methods for achieving business goals through the creation and dissemination of quality content was called “content marketing.” This is a fundamentally new approach to the promotion of goods and services on the Internet, which places the satisfaction of the client’s information needs first.

Effective content marketing involves an in-depth analysis of the target audience and regular publications at various venues, both internal (company website, corporate blog, groups in social networks), and external (media, partner sites, etc.). In addition, it is expected that readers will actively engage in a dialogue with the authors of the content, collecting opinions, conducting surveys and competitions. Thus, you establish strong trust relationships with a large number of potential consumers of your products or services.

Effective Content Marketing


Regardless of which of the levels of the sales funnel is your potential buyer, the effecrive content marketing can gently push it to the desired action. Usually the process of involvement occurs in 3 steps …

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Step 1 – Engage the audience: The site, which is regularly replenished with high-quality text materials, is doomed to high positions in search engines Google and Bing. In addition, I want to share useful and interesting content: send a link to a friend, “like” or “tweet” in social networks. So the news spreads about you among a wide range of users. By the way, studies have shown that 70% of people prefer to learn about the company from articles of non-advertising nature.

Step 2 – Increase the popularity and trust in the brand: At the moment when the visitor receives from you really valuable information (instead of the usual advertising promises), you are transformed from an impersonal service provider into an ally. Good content is a measure of sincere customer care, which prevails over taking care of your own financial result. Would you yourself be indifferent?

Step 3 – Increase the level of sales: After you inspire confidence, it’s time to move on to conversion actions. Publish information that reveals your values and real benefits. Place customer testimonials and convincing evidence that your proposal is better than others. Your loyal audience will receive the signal and will probably contact you as soon as there is a need – and possibly without it.


“Many thinks that nobody reads the texts on the Internet. Will not all our efforts go to waste?”

The myth of lazy readers is born and supported by lazy copywriters. Each of us, being really interested in something, carefully studies all sources of useful information about the subject of interest. If your resource does not have enough reader attention, this means only one thing: it’s time to work on the content.

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Content Marketing: Why it’s important for your business?

You just heard someone mention content marketing, and then you probably have a few questions about what it is and why everyone suddenly started talking about it. Here in this article we will try to clarify the situation.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is the process of creating and distributing valuable and relevant content to attract and win the target audience. The goal of content marketing is to motivate the consumer to perform beneficial actions.

Content Marketing

The key word is “VALUABLE”.

This word distinguishes the definition from one that can describe almost any form of advertising or marketing activities. You can say that the material can be part of the content marketing campaign, if people are looking for it; they want to use it, and not to avoid it. Naturally, the purpose of your content marketing is to provide as much value as possible to the broadest possible target audience. Let’s consider some examples …

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Examples Of Content Marketing

There are as many types of content marketing as there are types of content – too much to tell about all of them here. We want to introduce you to content marketing and encourage you to think like a content marketer so you can see the opportunities surrounding you to work. You will constantly see opportunities for creating content …


Content MarketingAs a rule, these are long vertically oriented graphic objects, including statistical data, graphs, charts and other information. If you need examples, here are 200+ copies of infographics on content marketing rel=”nofollow”, saved by Michael Schmitz.

Infographics can be effective in the sense that, in case of successful implementation, it can for years roam along social networks and be published on websites. You can get infographics in professional execution by hiring a contractor on the site, for example UpWork or Fiverr, or if you want to avoid some risks, you can contact a company specializing in this kind of work.

The design of a decent infographic will cost you at least 100 dollars, and can cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars, if the contractor or agency under your order will develop a strategy, plan, conduct research, copywriting and design. It is also necessary to think about the promotion of this infographics among bloggers and in the media.

Landing Pages

Content MarketingRemember the “SEO Guide for Beginners” from Moz, a provider of tools and resources related to SEO. This free benefit was viewed several million times and brought to countless customers who otherwise might not have stumbled upon Moz and the services they offer.

Many companies hesitate to discuss the work of their colleagues, but specialists are so confident that they are not afraid to face the competition face to face! Their analysis is fascinating and useful to many beginner designers. This is the difference between the simple placement of content on the site and content marketing.

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Podcasts and Videos

Content MarketingOne of the best examples of content marketing is audio podcast. Useful information about business, start-ups, corporate culture, management, sales, etc. The popular YouTube channel is also an outstanding example of content marketing, which tells about business and marketing on the Internet. Familiar viewers, not only with the basic concepts of Internet marketing, but also raises difficult questions, discussing them with opinion leaders.

Video and podcasts in general are an immensely mastered form of content marketing, because people think that it is expensive and time-consuming to deal with. However, given the lower prices for equipment, it is easier to create high-quality video and audio content today than ever before. Amateur videos of popular YouTubers give a huge coverage to brands that host advertising. At the same time, the cost of contact is significantly lower than in any other marketing channels.

You could create for your company a video or audio podcast, which narrated about the features and tricks useful to your customers. It’s easier than you think!


Content MarketingAs in the case of films, people often think that eBooks are sold by themselves. But educated marketers do not sell books to just sell eBooks. They sell them as marketing tools. The eBook is a tool that encourages clients to turn to the experts and projects mentioned in the book. Although there is no place to publish the eBook at your own expense, there is still an opinion that it is difficult and only professional experts can issue a business eBook. Publish your work, and even if it is not read, you can still use it as a form of content marketing every time you introduce yourself: “The author of the book …”

These are just a few examples of content marketing. You can also mention information materials, applications, public presentations, presentations and blogs. About the use of all of this for the purpose of content marketing written whole volumes.

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Why do you need content marketing?

Perhaps the answer to the question “Why?” Is more important than the answer to the question “What is this?” First of all, it is necessary to understand the four stages of the buying cycle …

1) Awareness: Prior to the emergence of awareness, the buyers may have a need, but they does not know how to satisfy it.

2) Study: When the buyers realizes that there is a solution, they begins the research to get an idea of the subject. For example, a person buying a car will try to find out what types of cars exist and which one will suit his/her needs.

3) Consideration: At this stage, the buyers begins to compare different products from different vendors to make sure that they will receive a quality product at a fair price.

4) Purchase: Finally, the buyers makes a decision and proceeds to the transaction.

Content Marketing

Traditional advertising and marketing are good at the last two stages. Content marketing deals with the first two: it increases awareness of opportunities and tells customers about the product, i.e. about what they could have not thought about before!

Potential customers find content, consider it valuable and by the time they contact the company-author, they are already convinced that they want to buy from them. The trust that usually needs to be built during a long sales cycle has already been created.

With the right approach, the return on investment in content marketing can be phenomenal. There are ways to not spend a penny – this is called crow road marketing, but we’ll talk about it in another article.

Content marketing also brings additional benefits: it supports other channels of digital marketing. It provides additional content for marketing on social networks and fuels SEO activities, generating natural incoming links and creating good content on your site that appears in the search engines. In fact, many companies should focus most of their activity in the field of search engine optimization and promotion on content marketing.

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Where To Start?

There are many firms offering services in the field of content marketing, often together with SEO and PR. If you are too busy to do it yourself, and are not ready to manage it in your company, then engaging a contractor company can be the best solution.

But if you want to quickly start and engage in content marketing yourself, the easiest way is to start blogging. At first it will be difficult, but the more you do this, the better it will turn out. Watching the readers, you will quickly learn how to create content for a blog or site that will attract and turn them into customers. However, the techniques are not the key to writing great content, which is the best form of content marketing.

Great Content

Content MarketingIf you have ever waded through marketing material and finished reading just because you need it, then you are faced with an example of poor content marketing. Content is good if you really want to read it. Content is good if you are willing to pay to read it.

If you watched “The Lego Movie”, you saw one of the greatest examples of content marketing. This movie was created to sell movie tickets? It was a 100-minute advertisement for the Lego designer, and instead of skipping advertising on YouTube before watching, you pay money and watch it at the cinema!

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By the way, recently Lego went around the capitalization of Mattel, the creator of Barbie dolls, and became the world’s largest toy company. Perhaps your budget is not enough to shoot a feature film to advertise your products or services …

Secret #1 Content marketing: Increase the value!

That’s the whole secret! We talked about this throughout this article. Although, when you watch the work of some marketing companies, you will be surprised that they deliberately avoid the obvious. If you are not sure how you can add value to your content marketing, ask your customers: how and what they read / watched when they were looking for your products or services.

Current information on content marketing is now quite available and there are many. You have a sea of information from the pioneers of the content marketing industry and its leaders. Subscribe to blogs of authoritative experts in content marketing, watch their performances. Here in Local Advertising Journal you can learn many useful information of digital marketing, please follow our blog and we will love to assist you with new materials and case studies in various fields of business.