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SEO web design

SEO web design: How to design an SEO Friendly website?

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SEO web design is a process of creating websites that search engines can scan, index and understand. Search engine crawlers cannot “read” and “interact” with a website as with a human being. For this reason, they access the HTML code of the site and look for signals that help them understand the structure of the site and the meaning of its content.

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design your own brand

How to design your own brand?

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Just as you read it … in this article, we will discuss with you to design your own brand. It is a matter of giving a few brushstrokes on the fundamental steps you must take to give identity to a company, project or personal brand. Yes, nobody has said that it was easy and above all, we do not take responsibility for the results … #1 – Make a brand workshop Every creative process must begin with a reflective and participatory period. Your brand, your company, or your project will coexist in a market full of competitors, customers and suppliers.…

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