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6 digital marketing strategies to attract customers

Do you have a business but don’t attract customers? Your sales are low and you don’t know what to do to increase them? The best method you can use to remedy these situations – and it won’t cost you a lot of money – is to put in place some digital marketing strategies that will help you win buyers in no time.

Internet advertising is a way of promoting yourself that you should use whatever your type of business; it doesn’t matter if you have a physical clothing store or an online store where you send the products by mail.

Although there are many digital marketing strategies you can use to increase your profits, not all of them work equally well.

A recent study by the marketing research agency Ascend2 to different businesses shows that there are 6 main strategies that give better results than others to promote a company on the Internet.

These 6 digital marketing strategies are: email marketing, social media, SEO positioning, content marketing, mobile optimization, and visual storytelling. Below I explain how each of these strategies works and how you can put them into practice in your business to increase your customer base and sales.

1. Email marketing

Email marketing is the best strategy that continues to work, both to convert visits to a website to customers and to increase sales of any business.

Why? Because it is a way of reaching the buyer directly by sending an email to your email, and also the different offers or launches can be sent in a personalized way according to the interests of each client.

If a person comes to your business website, and gives you their email address to send them news about the products you sell, it is because they are really interested in your brand.

And this makes it much easier to sell new items or services than you launch.

In addition, you can customize what offers you send to each subscriber.

For example: if you have just launched a product that fits men between 18 and 30 years old, through this strategy you can send an email only to subscribers on your list who are men and are between 18 and 30 years old.

Thus, you are targeting a much more specific group that has a real interest in what you offer, and it is much more likely that those users make the purchase of what you are promoting at the time.

How to put this email marketing strategy into action?

To start, you will need to have a web page where you sell your products or services, or where you show your physical business to attract customers to it.

If you already have a website, you will only have to include in it a newsletter or newsletter to which your visitors can subscribe when they enter your page.

There are different companies where you can register to start using this type of service, but I recommend the 3 best ones I know: Getresponse (the best and cheapest), Mailchimp, and MailRelay.

Make sure to put a box so that your visits are subscribed on the main page of your website, and also on the rest of the subpages through a box in the side menus or through a pop up.

When you have enough subscribers, start sending them emails with attractive offers and discounts, and news about new products for sale.

Remember that for email marketing to be effective, the titles of your emails must be seductive for subscribers to open them, and it is good that you include an image in every email you send.

2. Marketing in social networks

83% of people who use the Internet also use social networks. And that’s why this has become the second best online marketing strategy to promote yourself.

Many physical businesses, even if they do not sell any type of product on the Internet, have profiles on some social network because they know how important the online presence is to grow their ventures.

If you also have some type of company, it is essential that you register on these platforms to advertise.

Best of all, social media marketing won’t cost you a thing!

You can buy some ads on Facebook or pay Twitter to promote your account. But if you do not have money at first, you do not need to spend anything on using these types of accounts.

How to put this social media marketing strategy into action?

The first advice is that you do not register on all the social networks that exist. With this, you will only lose time and surely, what you do will not be effective.

Start by creating a profile on only two social networks, but make sure these social networks are the ones your customers use.

If instead you sell motorcycles, where the public is usually mostly men, it is preferable that you make a profile on Facebook and Twitter where there are more men than women.

Once you have chosen your two main social networks, be sure to publish content frequently (a couple of posts a day are fine) about your products or services, but it also includes content such as photos, funny, interesting or motivating phrases.

Interact with your fans and ALWAYS answer the questions they ask you by these means. And publish here exclusive promotions and discounts for your followers; This way you will make them feel special, and want to buy you more.

3. SEO positioning

SEO positioning is a technique with which web pages manage to be among the first results of search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

You may think what this can do for you, but it is really very important.

If you have an online toy store, and your page appears first in Google results when someone searches for words like “buy dolls” or “toy store”, that person will most likely visit your website instead of looking at another appearing on the second page of results.

And if the products you have are attractive, you will make the purchase at that time or save the link to your online store to place an order later.

Therefore, this is one of the best digital marketing strategies to generate traffic to your website, that more people know you, and with which to attract visits that later become customers.

How to put this digital marketing strategy into action?

Although SEO positioning is usually a tactic that large companies commission experts in this sector, you can also start using it without having to be a professional in this area.

Read the following article where you have the step by step to start implementing SEO positioning to promote yourself: How to generate web traffic to your page in less than 5 days.

With the instructions you will find in that post, you can start a basic but very effective SEO strategy, and without costing you any money to implement it.

4. Content Marketing

This type of marketing consists of publishing content such as articles, images, games, presentations, or eBooks, that are related to the product or service you sell.

In this way, you offer unpublished or attractive content to users to capture their attention.

Once they reach you, and access the content you have generated, you will have to convert that interest into a purchase.

How to put this content marketing strategy into action?

There are many methods you can choose to do content marketing for your business.

One of them is to create a blog on your website, and write quality articles related to your articles or services that may interest your potential customers.

You can also use this technique on social networks by posting photos of your products with a direct link to your store.

5. Web design adaptable to cell phones

Although they have never told you about this strategy, you should know that it is also vital to get customers and increase your sales.

The smartphones and tablets or tablets are devices that are increasingly being used to surf the Internet, check our emails, or buy online stores.

And that is why it is essential that if you have a web page, it is adapted so that it is also viewed correctly on a cell phone or tablet, not only on a computer.

Browsing a page from a computer is very different from doing it from your phone. There are even websites that cannot even be seen on a smartphone!

And if someone who only has access to the Internet from their mobile, or who cannot use their computer at the moment, cannot enter or navigate that page is very difficult, guess what?

It will leave that website and it will be a sale that you will lose.

How to put this digital marketing strategy into action?

If you are going to start an online store or a website of another type, I recommend that when you choose a template to install your design you make sure that it is responsive or adaptable.

Most templates that exist today (both paid and free) already have this feature built in.

And in this way, you will not have to do absolutely anything to make your page look good on any device.

But if you already have a page, and you see that it doesn’t look good on your phone, it is best to hire a computer scientist to make a few small adjustments to your website code and the design adapts to any type of screen.

6. Visual narrative to attract customers

90% of the information sent to the brain is visual. A video on YouTube is shared 12 times more on social networks than a written article. Photos are also shared 2 times more than a link.

All this data is for you to realize that using visual elements in your business can mean a significant increase in both your customers and your sales.

Through the visual narrative on the Internet, a company, without spending anything or very little money, can reach the target audience it wants in a very short time.

Because be honest: what do you prefer, that they sell you a product through a long text that you must read, or through a fun video that you can see in a couple of minutes?

How to put this digital marketing strategy into action?

Here comes into play any idea you can think of with visuals.

You can start a YouTube channel by uploading videos about what products you sell, how they are used, what any day in your business is like, tutorials to learn something related to them …

You can also post photos on Facebook with inspirational phrases to share and get your company to know more, or with images that show fun ways to use what you sell.

Even create games like engaging puzzles that, if completed correctly, reveal a discount coupon or some original content.

Attracting customers and increasing your sales is very easy if you combine several of these digital marketing strategies. And also in most of them you will not have to invest any money to put them into practice.

What digital marketing strategies are the best for you? Leave me a comment below to find out what you think.

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Content Marketing: Who to direct it to? To people or search engines?

Many think that writing is the easy part when it comes to creating a blog or any other website, but they couldn’t be more wrong, especially when you have to take Content Marketing into account. This is where I ask you, do you have it in mind? Do you know who should be addressed?

Writing for people or search engines, that is the question. Discover in this article how to solve one of the biggest and recurring dilemmas of Content Marketing to learn how to delight users and search engines alike.

When Digital Marketing experts repeat over and over again that “CONTENT IS KING”, they don’t lie or exaggerate. It is through content in text, image or video that users solve their doubts, educate and entertain.

Without content, the Internet as we know it simply would not exist. Therefore, the work of content creators and producers, such as SEO copywriters, is increasingly required and better paid for projects and companies in all sectors.

However, creating content becomes a thorny task for new SEO copywriters who must face one of the great questions of Content Marketing … Whom should it be written for people or for search engines?

If you had this doubt when creating your content, you have reached the right place. In this article, you will discover the solution to this concern with the intention that you learn to write better materials for companies that hire your copywriting services.

We start!

Whom do you write for? People or Search Engines

Before getting into the matter, let’s briefly review the main aspects of Content Marketing.

In simple terms, Content Marketing seeks to attract, convert and enchant Internet users through the generation of valuable content with the intention of closing a sale, creating lasting relationships of trust between users and brands.

Well, the matter is a bit complicated because, as you can see, Content Marketing must respond to the business objectives of a company while addressing an audience – person buyer – that searches for relevant content in the oceans of content that we call search engines.

So, here comes the great mystery of all content products: should it be written for people or search engines? The great answer is… You must write for people and optimize for search engines!

What does that mean? When creating quality material, a web content products should keep in mind that …

  • An article must first enchant users and then conquer Google, in that order.
  • The main purpose of an article will always be to solve the specific concern of a buyer person rather than to position without purpose.
  • The article should be optimized to position in the search engines to increase the probability of being found organically by new users.

Why SEO copywriters should be clear who is going to read the contents?

If the idea of Content Marketing is to create articles that help buyer people, for an SEO editor it is impossible to write them without knowing who they are and what their pain points are.

Knowing the buyer people is crucial to execute a successful content strategy, since they are the ones who will help you determine …

  • The tone and voice of communication
  • The topics that will be addressed in each article
  • The channels through which they will be distributed

Put yourself in your user’s shoes. If you do a Google search, what kind of result do you expect to find? Keeping that thought in your mind at the time of writing will make you create materials that will be useful for your users, with objectivity and quality.

Remember that the ultimate goal of a Content Marketing strategy is to create relationships of trust between users and the company through content that addresses their concerns.

If it is you or the company you work for who create this content, users will rely on it to make a purchase before anyone else. Do you understand now why the work of the content editor is so important and well paid?

Why is this skill a competitive advantage for content marketing?

Believe it or not! Many copywriters simply implement all kinds of SEO techniques to improve their search engine rankings without considering that the content is to connect with people.

Obsolete practices such as Keyword Stuffing, where the keyword is repeated over and over throughout the text, often meaningless, are preferred by some of these editors.

However, when you understand the importance of resolving a user’s doubts and writing content intended for a specific buyer, it is when you create valuable content that will engage your users and retain them with your company.

To stand out from the ocean of information available on the web is only possible with quality content and to produce content of this type it is necessary the work of editors who are clear that the content is to be consumed by people, not by robots.

How to enchant users and search engines with your content?

1. Know your buyer person

Being the semi-fictional representations of your ideal client, as an editor you should concentrate all your efforts on enchanting them with your content.

By knowing their concerns and challenges, you can create useful content that will help them solve them, eventually improving the relationships between them and your business. Remember the main objective is not to please Google but to deliver value to your users.

2. Consider your person’s search intent

There are three types of search …

  • Navigational search: The user wants to reach a specific website.
  • Informational search: The user wants to find information to clarify a doubt.
  • Transactional search: The user wants to buy a product or pay for a service online.

Taking into account the search intention will help you to better direct your content, because you will be able to understand in what type of search your materials may appear and what type of information they should contain to meet the expectations of your users.

3. Choose the keywords well

Keywords are what unites user content. These are the ones that trigger the appearance of your articles in the SERP.

Using them correctly will make all the difference. Avoid Keyword Stuffing, use its natural variations and only add it if it is consistent with the structure of the text.

4. Write quality content

Needless to say, right? Once you know your buyer people, you understand their problems and what their search intentions might be, you should create the best possible content to solve your concern.

Remember that you must meet the expectations of the users, not yours.

Look for quality references, learn about the subject and write a complete and original content. Rather than worrying about the number of words required to position, worry about solving your user’s doubt.

5. Transmit ideas clearly and concisely

Web content is characterized by offering direct responses to the point.

It is essential to have an excellent command of the language and its grammatical norms, as well as to have knowledge of the subject on which it is written to correctly convey the message to the reader.

In addition, you can use persuasive writing techniques to convince your users and keep their curiosity to the fullest while they read your article.

6. Create SEO titles that grab your attention and enchant Google

The function of an SEO title is to attract users to your material and briefly describe its content to search engines.

Among the best practices are to include the keyword, create a sense of urgency and keep it short, between 50 and 55 characters.

7. Learn a lot about SEO

Search engine optimization is crucial in the production of web content. You must dedicate a lot of study to know and apply all the positioning factors On Page and Off Page.

However, if you are just starting in web writing, the main thing is not to neglect factors such as SEO title, intertitles or heading tags, friendly URL, alt attributes of images, meta description and backlinks.

8. Format your texts

Give your articles a simple structure to understand for both people and search engines.

  • Create an introduction that catches the reader.
  • Use the heading tags – which go from title H1 to title H6 – to organize the ideas of the text in hierarchical order.
  • Keep the paragraphs short but relevant, that is, do not leave an idea in the middle.
  • Keep blank spaces, that is, look for an “F” shape in the structure of your articles.
  • Use bold only when necessary.


The demand for SEO copywriters is on the rise thanks to the success of content strategies.

To become an attractive SEO editor for the market you must be dedicated, practice and study tirelessly about Digital Marketing and Content Marketing.

The good news is that, little by little, reading and applying articles like this, you will learn to create valuable materials for your customers that, in the end, will be reflected in good payments for you.

Freelance copywriting can become a source of substantial income if you know how to deliver quality content written for people and optimized for search engines.