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How to sell on Instagram? 10 tips to improve your business

You want to sell on Instagram, well you are not alone as it is an indispensable activity for every company: the Social Network has reached the figure of 1 billion users in 2018, 400 million people use the application every day for about 50 minutes and 72% of consumers declare to at least once purchase a product previously viewed on Instagram.

The research conducted by the US information network ‘The Verge’ underline the positive and constantly growing trend of Instagram: the Social Network is no doubt confirmed not only the most used platform, but one of the most effective marketing and communication channels. Selling on Instagram thus becomes a priority activity for any business with the aim of positively positioning itself on the online market.

Most business subjects have now understood the importance of structuring Instagram marketing strategies to achieve significant results: the effectiveness of communication through images and the extremely intuitive functioning of the Social Network allow marketers to develop effective and targeted communication strategies, aimed at the active promotion of products and the loyalty of the potential customer.

Instagram has recently implemented its functionality with the Shopping tool, a business tool that allows you to advertise products by adding specific tags within their posts in order to redirect the user to the reference e-commerce. The persuasive impact of the image and the ability to add filters or captions to their photos are considered by the professionals of the industry real tools of Content Marketing: sharing post-shopping the company has the real possibility of directing users to their own store guaranteeing them an unparalleled shopping experience.

How to sell on Instagram: 10 tips to optimize your business

If you are reading this article, it is because you have understood the actual potential of the Instagram Social Network. Here are some useful tips to effectively implement your communication and sales strategies with this platform …

1) Open an Instagram business account

The first activity to be carried out for a company that wants to sell on Instagram is undoubtedly to open a company profile: the transition to a corporate account Instagram provides the user with many useful functions to analyze the behavior of followers and improve the flow of users of the profile. Direct connection with the Facebook page, tools for processing statistics and insights about the behavior of the target audience, direct links to company contacts and free access to advertising are just some of the features of Instagram business. The Instagram company profile must be carefully and carefully set up: the presence of a simple and visually impacting logo allows the user to intuitively recognize the brand and the addition of contacts communicates a present and reliable corporate image.

2) Share quality images

Instagram focuses on the image: posting photos with catchy and original photos is an essential activity to achieve significant goals with your profile. With professional and high quality images, shared products are more likely to be successful: a product appreciated by users not only helps increase sales, but also greatly enhances online image and reputation business. A marketing strategy widely used within the Social Network consists of the re-sharing of images posted by consumers themselves: photos of satisfied users following the purchase of a product are the most effective tool to communicate to their public the effectiveness of own commercial proposals. Another essential activity to sell on Instagram is the creation of constantly renewed and different scenarios as the background of their offers: the product is important, the context is fundamental.

3) Use Shoppable Post

An essential innovation for companies that use Instagram for commercial purposes is the Shopping feature: by inserting specific tags within the published photos, it becomes possible to link the products shown in a specific post with the e-commerce of the brand of reference. The intuitive potential of image communication combined with the presence of functional tags for e-commerce is undoubtedly an indispensable tool to achieve considerable profits. Rapidity and continuity are the characteristics most appreciated by users during the purchase flow: through the use of post-shopping the company guarantees its consumers a revolutionary, original and very intuitive consumer experience.

4) Tell stories with Storytelling

To achieve optimal business results and be able to sell on Instagram, you need to plan your production flow: an editorial calendar and a Content Marketing strategy based on the use of Storytelling are the tools that you cannot do without. Posts must be published according to a precise previously planned logic and the images must be able to tell stories: post creative, catchy and able to show the benefits offered by products in the window are the perfect solution for any Instagram business.

5) Use effective hashtags

#Hashtag is a key tool for sharing successful posts: you need to carefully select popular hashtags that perfectly communicate the idea of your company brand. Hashtags are particular keywords that give the post a precise identity thanks to an immediate and intuitive communication with the user. For a company that wishes to establish itself in its own sector of reference, it is not impossible to create a custom hashtag: this tool can be used in photos shared by its customers to create communities or to plan original brand positioning strategies.

6) Suggest a lifestyle

The real success of Instagram is based on the ability of users to offer glimpses of their daily life through the sharing of images: even the brands, to get profit and success with this Social Network, should transmit a particular idea about the lifestyle that its products give to those who use it. The coherence of multimedia content shared on your Instagram profile is essential to create a solid and original image of your brand: a winning business does not plan its communication solely to sell on Instagram, but to create a community of users with whom to constantly share their real experiences and the realization of their products.

7) Create partnerships with Influencers

The growing popularity of Instagram has given rise to a very large network of Influencers, in other words public figures with a considerable amount of followers. Building an effective Influencer relationship program is undoubtedly a win-win activity for companies with the goal of making profits through Instagram: successful Instagrammer product sponsorship (in exchange for a payment or free products) may turn out to be the winning strategy to establish itself in its own niche market in an original and completely natural way.

8) Interact with followers and with the community

Instagrammers love to follow the most active profiles: it is important to post content with a good frequency in order to thrill users and give credibility to their brand. Followers love interactive brands: republishing photos shared by users, responding to comments, taking part in community activities and socializing with other accounts are essential activities to strengthen the relationship between company and consumer.

9) Create promotions reserved for Instagram

It is well known: users love discounts. Instagram is the ideal place to share promotions with its customers: posting images or captions with promotions or discount codes to be used in online stores, you can create traffic to your Instagram page and then increase accessibility and turnout. In this way, users will be prompted to frequently consult the company’s Instagram profile, optimizing the combination of Social Network and e-commerce.

10) Use Instagram ads

Instagram, just like Facebook, provides its users with innovative business interfaces for purchase announcements and original promotions directly from the App. Selling on Instagram is not difficult: after activating a business account, the activity can determine the budget to be invested, the online time required for the advertising activity and the reference Instagram target. This feature allows the company profile to get more visibility and to share its contents with all users who are nearby, greatly optimizing the relationship between brand and consumer.

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5 Tips For Success with Instagram Stories Ads

The success of Instagram Stories in 2018 has gone well beyond the most optimistic expectations, as demonstrated by the 400 million and pass of daily active users. For this reason, the fact that more and more companies have started to publish advertisements within them is not a little astonished. It’s known as Instagram Stories Ads, and these advertisements are an excellent tool for online communication for companies, as they guarantee the achievement of new audiences to display the brand, products, promotions and the core business, involving at the same time the audience that already has interest in its activity.

The data published by Instagram leaves no doubt: the Stories have rates of involvement far above the average. Over 30% of the most viewed stories on this social network have direct, renowned corporate brands as protagonists. But that is not all. Those who view the Instagram Stories in more than 20% of cases issue a message to the person who posted it. This means that the interaction rate is very high.

Instagram Stories Ads: Definition

Instagram Stories Ads

What are the Instagram Stories Ads?

Advertisements that have the aforementioned characteristics …

  • Maximum movie length of 15 seconds
  • Video formats .MOV and .MP4
  • Ideal resolution: 1080 X 1920, minimum 600 X 1067
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB
  • Screen proportion: 9:16.

These in essence the specifics to follow to achieve Instagram ads with a sure success.

If the primary intent is focused on making major improvements to the announcements in the Stories on Instagram, it is appropriate to take these aspects into account and use videos and images that occupy the entire screen.

The numbers are very clear: a research conducted by Mobile Marketer highlights how to create a full-screen advertising campaign can be synonymous with success with a conversion rate up to 5 times more than the classic banner.

In fact, the viewer does not get distracted, as is the case for almost 47% of the cases related to more or less involuntary clicks on advertising banners.

Here is a list of interesting tips for posting successful Instagram ads …

#1. Choice of the right audience

The ads contained in the Instagram Stories are distinguished by a different positioning than the classic ads of Instagram. The same applies to the function.

Not surprisingly, the reasons that determine the spread of ads in Instagram Stories are many …

  • Reaching as many users as possible
  • Increase of visitors on the website
  • Increase the views of a movie
  • Generation of conversions, sales and acquisitions of leads in primes
  • Invitation to users to download a mobile app or software

Taking into account the short duration of the Instagram Stories, equal to 45 seconds and 4 content, to really earn with Instagram, it is advisable to be aware that those who see the advertising insertion already know in depth or briefly the distinctive value of the brand.

Only in case of favorable situation, in fact, the various call to action will be clicked. Specifically, the use of audiences who have already had the opportunity to interact with certain contents can be even better. Finally, on the same lines of what happens with Facebook ads, even with those Instagram you can refine the search, selecting the public of interest by affinity in common, geographical area, gender and age.

From the point of view of the company, the experimentation of multiple targets, with reference to different audiences, turns out to be the right move. The reason? Companies, in fact, have the awareness of being aware of the best solution, with high results and low costs.

Instagram Stories Ads

#2. Where to place the text?

In a strategic position. Clear, right? Do you want to capture the attention of your audience? Positioning the text in a central position is a valid choice, as the main message allows you to arouse the interest of those who watch the contents, even before their attention is actually directed to the tag sponsored.

#3. Synthesis is everything: Messages must be short and high impact

When the Instagram Stories sponsor an ad, you must consider that you will see the <> label at the top left. What does it mean? Simply that the ad has nothing to do with the stories published by the profiles that you follow with greater diligence.

If catching the attention of those on the other side of the screen is the number one goal of Instagram Stories, it is all about the writing of texts of immediate comprehension, characterized by the most complete synthesis.

#4. Clarity is an unavoidable requirement for a self-respecting call to action

The call to action (CTA) must be clear in the ad on Instagram Stories. Only in this way, encouraging the public to take action will be an achievable goal. Do you want to be more incisive? The insertion of elements in graphic format or vocal comments is the classic example with which viewers are exhorted to the completion of an action.

#5. The brand logo must never be missing

As the increase in brand awareness is one of the primary objectives of any campaign, inserting the brand is useful for approaching new types of public. To see the stories on Instagram there will be yes followers, but also users who do not have such in-depth knowledge of your brand.


As you have clearly guessed, the Instagram Stories are a decidedly new tool for companies that, in any case, find immense potential in the field of online communication to reach new audiences.

Making an Instagram listing as captivating as possible, on the basis of the advice just indicated, will allow your company to interact with new customers, transmitting the values of your corporate image to them. Seeing is believing.