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What are the differences between online and offline advertising?

The advertising traditional, one defined offline, takes place in the “physical” world while online advertising is moving into the Internet; simplifying to the maximum we can take this distinction as good, even if in some circumstances the nuances between online and offline advertising are more subtle. But my goal is to make your life easier, indeed easy reading, so no technicalities and big words that can confuse and put you in difficulty, beyond your knowledge in this sector, whatever they may be.

Local Advertising

How to use digital resources to advertise locally

Local advertising is an effective and convenient tool, sometimes even totally free, to get in touch with customers close to you. In this article we will find out how to use digital resources to advertise locally … and we will try to cover few questions those often rise in our mind when we talking about advertise locally …

  • Why local advertising is important?
  • Where to place online ads aimed at local customers?
  • What are some special features of “local” ads?

Online advertising has changed the way sellers and buyers meet: once there were the Yellow Pages or the telephone directory, now it has been almost exclusively to search engines, online directories, review sites and social network. And while these digital tools are open to everyone, anywhere in the world, many also offer the opportunity to publicize their business with a local clientele.

In this article we will discover the basics of local advertising and how to exploit them for your business. We’ll find out why local ads are so important, where to buy space and what to do to narrow down the field to a local clients.

Advertising On Facebook

Why local advertising is important?

First of all, always remember that the Internet is everywhere. This means that if your bike shop is located in the east of New York, the inhabitants of the west of New York will find you online, but also those who live in New Jersey.

Assuming that those who live in New Jersey will not be very interested in going through a boot to make a purchase in your store, it is probably not a good idea to invest to advertise your business in New Jersey.

And this is precisely what characterizes local advertising: it allows you to limit the display of your ads to people in your area and who could become your client.

Online Advertising

Where to place online ads for local customers?

You can place local advertising online through many different channels: search engines, local directories, review sites and social networks are the best places to start.

On search engines you can choose to show your ad when people enter certain search terms, and all major engines allow you to limit the display of ads to people who live only in certain areas and locations.

For example, if you choose “bicycle repair” as a keyword, you can create a campaign aimed only at those who type these terms and are within a radius of 10 kilometers from your store.

And then? Well, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offer professional pages, as well as paid ads targeted to local customers. Social networks are able to detect the position of people and, just like search engines, allow you to show your ads only to those nearby, through local and relevant messages.

Of course, local directories and review sites also offer opportunities to advertise locally. Apart from inserting your card, which is usually free, you can take advantage of paid features to show your ads in prominent positions, such as search results or even your competitors’ cards.

Social Media Trends

What are some special features of “local” ads?

Local advertising gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the presence of people in the vicinity of your store. First of all, your message can be targeted to those who are physically close to the store.

And some local advertising channels offer unique features.

You can in fact enter the opening hours or show the ads only when you are open.

Or you can guide customers with smartphones or mobile devices to your door with step-by-step directions, get in touch with just one click or even let them read the reviews you’ve received.

To Recap

Local advertising can help you find customers near your business, offering you numerous channels and opportunities.

You can choose to use search engines, social networks, directories or review sites, limiting your advertising budget to those nearby, and take advantage of special features to bring out your business in the neighborhood.

Do you have a project in mind to grow your business and need help getting it done?

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Advetising Media Local Advertising

7 Tips For Your Print Advertising

When talking about graphic design applied to marketing and promotion strategies, it is important to remember that not all designers have the same skills, and in marketing matters, for any business, it is important to apply some rules or advice so that the design of all the marketing material has better possibilities of reaching its objective, which is to put in the minds of the people, and the print advertising that promotes and induce the public to purchase.

Also remember that when it comes to small businesses, there is a disadvantage against the large advertising companies that exist everywhere, however, these tips will help us to make printed material, ads, posters, postcards, cards of presentation, etc. They can compete with the greats and not get lost in the crowd.

1 – Avoid saturation

Too many elements in a small space can distract the eye of the viewer, the client or future client in this case, the use of too many graphic elements can make a card or advertising postcard very attractive, but as a marketing element, it can make it difficult for the recipient get the main message, that is why you have to always try to balance between space and image, so that the receiver’s eye can read the most important messages.

This is particularly important when space is limited, as in the case of business cards, flyers, advertising postcards, small brochures, etc.

Print Advertising

2 – The size strategy

Try to use large images, instead of very small elements that can be difficult to read, large images in a negative space, tend to draw more attention of the reader.

3 – An image says more than a thousand words

The visual aspects tend to call more attention than words, however, we must try to maintain a balance between the image and the text used, should try to use the image as a reinforcement of the message, and not around. If you are going to combine image with text, try to have at least 50% of the same space on the page, if you need or think it is convenient to use a large image.

4 – Easy reading

Always try that your brochure, flyer or print advertising form, has an accommodation that is easy to read, since what you want to achieve is to read the important information contained in the marketing piece that you are delivering, besides, it is very important that you a look at all the texts and that the message you want to send is disseminated among the spectators around the printed element.

Print Advertising

5 – Use of typography

We must take special care in the use of typographies, sizes and colors of the texts, use too many high letters (capital letters), it may seem like a good idea at times, and however, it is not, so we must try to keep the text in its proper proportion, between high and low letters.

You also have to limit the use of fonts, shapes and sizes, since this can give an impression of visual chaos, which would act to the detriment of your message in print advertising.

6 – The key is the consistency

Keeping the information where it is easiest to read and access for readers in any printed marketing element, is the key to such information being remembered and reaching the objective of the advertising material in question.

7 – Be consistent

Again this applies to the entire layout of any printed marketing element, be it advertising postcards, magazine ads, business cards, posters, etc. Maintaining consistency in the entire area of your brochure, card or ad, will make your advertising message be remembered, and above all be read.

The use and results of these print advertising tips will vary depending on the product and / or services that you want to promote.

Local Advertising

What is the target audience of advertising? How to define it?

In this article I will talk with you about the definition of target audience. Here you will learn what the target audience of advertising is and what its features are.

What is the target audience of advertising?

So, what is the target audience? Target audience – these are people who are interested in a particular product or service. For the most part, some products or services are designed based on the needs or problems that exist for some specific people or companies.

That is, the right service or product must have demand, since there is a specific problem and need.

Accordingly, a product or service must solve this problem and satisfy the needs of a person or company. It is this kind of product and service that will be successfully promoted in the market.

For each service there is a segmented target audience. This is a certain community of people who are interested in buying or ordering this product.

In principle, the concept of the target audience of advertising is quite simple. It is a community of people who are interested in our specific products or services.

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target audience of advertising

Features of the target audience of advertising

Now let’s examine the main features of the target audience. Please note that the target audience of advertising in its structure is not uniform. There are different categories of people in the CA. For maximum convenience, let’s divide it into three large classes:

  • Potential buyers – Those people who are looking for certain information. For example, a brand of Citroen car is interesting to curious people. They just look for some kind of information on some specific request.
  • Seekers – These are people who already have some information and currently choose a product or service. For example, if a person searches for Citroën C4 Review, he or she already selects a specific product. It is clear that here the user is interested in reviewing and describing some characteristics, reviews of the Citroën C4 car.
  • Buyers – These are people who have already chosen the right product and are only looking for a specific seller so that you can buy this product. Such a participant can be characterized, for example, by the request “Citroen S4 Ontario to buy.” There is a clear concept of what to buy. That is, the product has already been selected. There are already additional components of the query. This is a geographical (Ontario) and a transaction element (buy). A transaction is a user’s desire to do something. In our case, this is “buy”. But depending on the market, there may be words: order, dealer and others.

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target audience of advertising

Types of target audience of advertising

Let’s take a closer look at each type of target audience …

Potential buyers

As you can see, there are three different types of target audience. It is based on these types and you need to customize your advertising campaign. Three types of target audience are three large CAs, which consist of several segments.

Potential buyers are those people who could potentially buy our goods. That is, in our example they are looking for information about cars and most likely, this information is important to them and very interesting. Therefore, potentially these people could buy our goods.


The second kind is those people who could buy our goods. That is, in our case, if a person is looking for information about Citroën C4, then it is quite possible to buy our goods. A visitor chooses a car, he needs it and he has a need for it.

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And the last kind is the buyers. These are the people who are buying now. They specifically want to buy something and are looking for a specific seller of this product.

Look at the picture above, each of these species become less and less. A lot of potential buyers. Those people who could buy, they are already less. And those who want to buy at the moment, they are even smaller.

It’s still a kind of sales funnel. The funnel is to what extent users are interested in buying our products or in ordering services.

So, you already know what the target audience of advertising is, its basic concept and definition. Also, you know all of its types, characteristics and features for these species.

Social Media Advertising

How to Use Local Facebook Advertising for Your Business

Local Facebook Advertising allows us to reach people within a defined reach range from anywhere on a geographic map, such as your business address.

It’s a different advertisement than the other, because it finds the user locating it on the device: cellular, tablet, or laptop with location services. Unlike the classic target by location, based on what the user says about their profile information, Local Facebook Advertising target the user based on their actual physical location at a given time, with auto-localized location services on Facebook applications for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

Local Facebook Advertising

8 Local Facebook Advertising Ads

Since launch till today, Facebook has added so many interesting features, favoring its use to many local companies. Let’s look at some of the best advertising strategies to adopt with this advertising tool, collected by Facebook on its blog.

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1) Encourage people to visit a store

Local Facebook AdvertisingUGG Australia wanted to encourage people to visit specific stores in San Francisco.

It has created popularity ads to the area and button “get directions”, inviting residents and tourists to reach the stores. Result? A return on sales of 3 times the advertising spend.

2) Increase Local Awareness

Local Facebook AdvertisingA Professional Make Up School in Los Angeles wanted to get in touch with boys aged 18 to 35 years of age with interest in makeup, who lived at home away from school.

They created popularity ads to the zone and “call now” button, inviting the kids to call the school for more information. Results? A 100% increase in lead from advertising.

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3) Let everyone know of a new store

Local Facebook AdvertisingYou can use local advertising (remember again, popularity in the area) to highlight shops or new openings to people around you.

This leads to a lower cost per view (we’ll better explain why at the end of the article), just like it did at Sears Hometown & Outlet Stores.

4) Helping outlets to reach their goals

Local Facebook AdvertisingInstead of dispersing a marketing budget across the territory, Tire Discounters has been thinking of concentrating only on retail outlets with difficulty in reaching their sales targets.

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5) Promoting an Event

Local Facebook AdvertisingLocal awareness ads can also be used to let everyone know about a nearby event, just as Hex Performance did in the example.

Here we talk about companies, but the same potential is possible for associations and organizers who want to promote evenings and events in a range of action.

6) Telling about something that is happening right now

Local Facebook AdvertisingWith ad scheduling, you can combine the power of local advertising to trigger ads in specific hours of the day and / or days of the week.

Here is the example of BarKogi, who sponsored their Happy Hour from 16 to 19.

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7) Involving a Local Community

Local Facebook AdvertisingThe Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau wanted to showcase the cultural diversity of Miami’s 17 neighborhoods to promote tourism. They used local advertising to encourage residents in each neighborhood to share photos with a hashtag.

8) Announce promotions and special offers

Local Facebook AdvertisingYou can also announce promotions in specific areas, so you can reach potential customers at a certain radius from the outlets, just as Whole Foods Market did in the example.

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Local awareness ads or local advertisements are still an inadequate tool for advertisers, enabling people to reach people within a defined range in a map.

Local Facebook Advertising is countless, and their cost is lower than other advertising goals. By referring to a local target, the ads are most likely to be interesting and targeting the right target, so they are preferable to other ads. Since the goal of the Facebook algorithm remains to show the right content to the right people, it’s clear that these ads will have a lower viewing cost.

In the examples, only two of the four call-to-action available are available: Send a Message, Call Now, Get Directions, Find Out More. The last call to action, in particular, allows you to bring users to any page on your site to provide more information and also combine the functionality of Facebook Re-targeting.

Local Advertising

12 Tips To Local Advertising With Social Media

Local advertising with social media means promoting a local business with social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram. In addition, you will also need photographs, videos and local SEO optimization to always following a precise social media marketing strategy.

This article is a first approach to the world of social media and internet marketing aimed at anyone who manages a local business but cannot expand their business with traditional media (print or flyers), or not yet obtained good results by investing in social media.

What you need to local advertising with social media?

  • A website made respecting the local SEO
  • A section “Blog” or Web pages to insert useful content for its customers
  • A Facebook page
  • A profile Instagram
  • A Twitter Profile
  • A list of useful contacts who report their events
  • Establish a budget for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Why invest in a website and social media?

A website is like your business card, and if its not optimize with local SEO, your potential customers will never find you. If you do not have a site council to evaluate WordPress, a simple to use platform full of very useful for the internet marketing functions.

Having a blog or to submit content with ease is crucial to create local advertising campaigns to promote certain initiatives such as private parties. Many local businesses still use a “Facebook Profile” to advertise, knowing that they can effectively promote their business on Facebook only using a “Fan Page”. Twitter is a social network underestimated by many people, even though they can reach users who can give a lot of visibility to events or news. The best local advertising is certainly at the time that offered by Google, but for search only; using Facebook Ads can be even more beneficial.

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After this introduction, it is finally time to read our 12 tips to local advertising with social media …

1) Create a website with a blog section

Local Advertising

The site must have at least the following pages: Events, Photo, Video, Contacts. It is very useful to include other sections like “artists” present where DJ’s and musicians who perform in the room, and “private parties” which illustrate the packages available to reserve to customers who want to celebrate birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

2) Local SEO: Search the best keywords for your business

Local Advertising

Using the tool for search of keywords Google AdWords, you’ll find the best keywords for your business, for example: “Disco Miami”, “Live music Toronto,” “Private parties New York” and so on. Of course local SEO is a topic much wider and you should therefore read the Google Help, or contact a digital marketing consultant. Once you find the most useful keywords for your business, you can write the contents of your site.

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3) Create a Facebook page

Local Advertising

Many people do not even know the difference between a “personal profile” and “one page”, but only the Fan Page can be considered a professional tool for internet marketing campaign. If you want to create a personal profile related to the room must be something like “Stefano Local Name”. People do not like talking to “abstract entities”, they prefer real people. The page Facebook needs to be update regularly by posting the events of local, involving customers and friends and sharing useful content for their community.

4) Facebook Ads

Local Advertising

Local advertising services provided by Facebook are very useful for a local business. With Facebook Ads can promote a post, page or an event with a high level of “target marketing”, choosing age, interests and location of your potential customers. Having so many “like” is not the most important thing; it is so much more to have a community of users who have a real interest in your services.

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5) Take advantage of “Micro-Communities”

Local Advertising

Very often local clubs organize theme nights such as a party-based theme or a concert-tribute to a particular artist. To promote this type of events social media is a great tool because it is very easy to identify their target within groups, Facebook pages, blogs or forums dedicated, also when an event has a very specific topic, Facebook campaigns are more effective because it can place inside the “interests” very useful tag to increase the effectiveness of the promotion of a post. If for example you have to promote a concert-tribute band dedicated to “specific artist”, it will be very useful to include in the “interests”, within a sponsored post with Facebook Ads.

6) Google AdWords

Local Advertising

As I said earlier, local advertising offered by Google is the best in the world both in terms of cost and in terms of yield. Google AdWords is very useful to promote a restaurant or in a city than in a district, as well as can be very effective in promoting the opportunity to rent their room for a private party. I do not consider very effective instead to promote a concert (for this kind of events is better Facebook), in the evening unless that does not include a host of national and international importance and the opportunity to buy the ticket online also.

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7) Mobile Marketing

Local Advertising

There are millions of mobile phones user and now people when looking for a local option rely very often to the App as Trip Advisor, Forsquare or the same Google. The geolocation apps are many and should in any case be present and monitor the comments and photos you share your customers, because competition is often release negative feedback that can deter customers. Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool to be found because it often, especially in big cities, to seek such an Asian restaurant, or a room with good live music where to take a girl, turning to their smartphones. However, my advice is not to take it too much if you leave a few negative comments because there are many suspicious of this kind of activity, so that also intervened Anti-Trust on TripAdvisor.

8) Photos and Video

Local Advertising

It is very helpful to take photos and videos in the evenings and publish the day after the page Facebook stimulating views, shares, and comments. Nowadays just a next generation mobile phone to get good results. Your photos on Facebook are usually get a lot more views than a normal post.

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9) Press Online

Local Advertising

The least of your local events on the 10 largest portals of local and national events should be reported. When an event is very important it is useful to publish more than a statement about it, to have a better ranking on Google is better to have communication. If you do not have an online press office, you should use Google to search for sites that talk about events in your city. You can also use Twitter or email to report your events to webzine, journalists and bloggers.

10) Create a weekly newsletter

Local Advertising

Each week send a newsletter with all the main events that will be held at the venue. You can retrieve the emails of your customers with a free enrollment or by entering a specific form within your site.

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11) Create an Internet Marketing Strategy

Local Advertising

To better optimize your local advertising expenses, board of realizing a real annual internet marketing strategy, planning activities and costs. By taking into account the occasions such as Halloween, Carnival or Festival of Women, for example.

12) Include your business on Google Maps

Local Advertising

Enter your business on Google Maps is free and simple. You just need to create a Google Plus page. Then enter the appropriate badge within your local site and request verification of your business to Google. Appearing on Google Maps can help you find new customers.

In the end, thanks for reading the article, you can now choose whether to try to put into practice our advice alone or if you want to learn more about it ask a digital marketing consultancy.

Local Advertising

Location Advertising Will Move Million Dollar Amounts In The Immediate Future

What will make the difference between getting connected with consumers in the near future and that the messages are more or less blurred amid all that is being received in these times? Brands have to find that element that will make a difference, the issue that will make consumers connect better with one brand than another and receive better products than others. Location advertising is the issue that could completely mark the difference, which could work as an absolutely differentiating element, could be how the ads are served? When is the message sent to the consumer? Is it the most appropriate time to do it and the one that best fits to what they want to hear and need to receive at that moment?

Location advertising

Therefore, one of the issues that seems to be getting more and more fashionable between brands and to which they seem to be lending more and more attention to it begins to be the use of location advertising with intentions. That is, it is now much easier than ever to know where the consumer is and therefore offer messages that fit that location. Logic makes it clear that the results to be achieved are going to be much better and much more efficient if you offer a message associated with what the consumer wants at the time they wants it. An advertisement about a restaurant is going to get better when you are wandering around a city at noon looking for what to eat than when you are, for example, comfortably sitting at home after the meal.

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One of the ways to prove that an element has more and more predicament and is being increasingly considered more and more relevant by marketers is in analyzing how much interest lend the studies and experts. The more studies there are on an issue and the more experts spend time and resources on it, the more interest it is arousing and the more attention it is getting from businesses.

Location advertising

Other ways to visualize the potential that has an issue and how decisive begins to be considered is to see what brands are doing. Combining marketing budgets can help you understand what you are considering and what you are going to do for the future.

One of the latest data on spending forecast comes from the US market, one of those that usually set the standard in marketing strategy and one that usually establishes what other markets will do later. According to a BIA / Kelsey study, it is expected that in 2021 brands will spend only US $32 billion on location advertising. Overall, mobile advertising is going to grow a lot. In five years, the forecast is to increase by 118%, which will also indirectly raise the location advertising. A very high part of this growth will be in ads that will be based on the location of the consumer.

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Location advertising

Location Advertising: What the numbers say?

Broadly speaking, mobile advertising will move from billing about $33 billion (with which it closed 2016) to $72 billion. So far, non-location advertising was who took the bulk of the pie ($20.2 billion versus $12.4 billion), but forecasts are that things will change in the future. Local advertising will be the one that grows the most by 2021 and will be increasingly closer to the non-localized. In 2021 will be 45% of mobile advertising spending (now is 38%) and will move 32.4 billion dollars out of the total 72,000 market.

This determining weight of location advertising will cause other formats to lose weight. Mobile searches as a general scenario will lose weight, just like native advertising on social networks.

Local Advertising

Top 10 Tips To Promote Yourself and Make Local Advertising Success

It is easy to talk about online promotion, but a bit less figure out that how to make it in the best way independently, without help of experts or expensive consulting. In this article you will find the top 10 tips to promote yourself and make local advertising success.

It is not to said that digital marketing agencies and consultants have their own purpose to help you, simply to get the most from their mobile and web campaigns. But when investments and contents are available, may be a good solution is to try on your own to promote your business yourself.

Local AdvertisingTherefore, here are the top 10 tips to promote your business, a local advertising journal mini-guide to help you get the best with limited investments …

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1) Local Advertising Success: Specify very clearly name and type of your business

It is important that you understand right way “Who you are and What you do?” your potential customers do not have to guess

2) Local Advertising Success: Use clear images, which define at first glance your products or services

It is often the “glance” to drive attention and then “click” of a customer concerned. On mobile, you catch the attention first with the image and then with words.

3) Local Advertising Success: Simply put, the right ones

Needless to dwell in long descriptions: immediately explains what you offer and will be easier to get your “audience.”

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4) Local Advertising Success: Locate a special offer

If there is a benefit, potential customers will be more willing to come and see you in the store.

Local Advertising5) Local Advertising Success: Make sense of the luxurious hospitality

If it is dedicated only to those who, at that time, has cut the listing, the proposal will be much more attractive.

6) Local Advertising Success: From a certain date to the commercial proposal

If you are advertising an offer (as well as an opening), “temporary” is the best way to communicate a sense of urgency. “Just for a few days” it is a message that gives wings to the persons concerned.

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7) Local Advertising Success: Use symbols that define the type of activity

A chef’s hat for a restaurant or a cup of coffee for a bar … are “icons” that recall to mind of people a type of activity. If used in the right way, they help you communicate quickly and incisively.

8) Local Advertising Success: Limit advertising in your area

Aim to people more than others can actually become your customers it allows you to save money and get more results.

Local Advertising9) Local Advertising Success: Know your area and how many people you can potentially reach

The numbers are always important, in advertising even more. Analyze well how many people you can reach in a radius around your business; it is essential for good results.

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10) Local Advertising Success: Search certain numbers

Investing knowing that reach a precise and verifiable number of people in your area, it allows you to invest without fail, knowing they will not waste a single dollar.

Now you have a small list to check you in planning your local advertising. If you need pretty pictures, appropriate icons and a platform that allows you to manage all this in total autonomy, try professional agencies or consultants.

In the end, according to experts local advertising, web design and communication have joined forces to allow you to program and test independently the power of direct marketing via mobile.

Local Advertising

Local Advertising: How Internet Changes The Investment

Which direction is going the local advertising? As digital tools, have changed the habits of investment in advertising and promotion activities of the smaller investors? We analyze one of the study by Borrell, an media agency specializing in digital.

The results shows a profound change from a few years ago, characterized by the expected transition from analogue to digital. Much of the budget before reserved to the “traditional” advertising in newspapers and local TV, in fact, is now being invested to develop strategies of digital marketing.

A surprise, but not too much, is also supremacy of Facebook in this field. At least 90% of local businesses have a page on the social network of Mark Zuckerberg and at least 62% has invested in Facebook Ads, rate double that of the year and increased last year that the total investment in other environments such as Google, Twitter and LinkedIn. What matters most is that the vast majority of those who have invested in local advertising on Facebook is happy with their choice. This is primarily used to find new customers, as is indeed impossible relying only on the company website.

Local AdvertisingNo wonder then if, as confirmed by Borrell, also local investors plan to increase budgets for digital. At least 40% of local businesses, in fact, would count for 2017 to invest more in its digital strategy. To make the cost of this digital transition would seem to be, therefore, even in the case of local advertising, especially newspapers and magazines: TV and radio, in fact, always more resistant to erosion in spending on local advertising activities.

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The reasons that go even local businesses and small investors to prefer the digital according to Borrell have to do with the wide availability of data and insight on their customers, ease of investment and the ability to track and possibly revise each stage campaign. Not to mention that online advertising, and more specifically that of the company, is able to guarantee today the best quality / price ratio, if well managed course.

All is not lost, for traditional media. As mentioned, in fact, TV and radio still have a significant weight in terms of advertising spending and nearly half of the local activities they say inclined to keep them in your marketing plan. Less good situation for local newspapers and magazines, even in their online version, continue to have advertising resources allocated only 28% of cases.

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A curious note comes from Borrell just about advertising in newspapers and local journals: the advertising space inside them sell mostly through commercial departments and their employees and, moreover, the average monthly telephone calls intended for the purpose has grown from a 14.7% to 23.7% last year at this.

The great contradiction noted by the study in question is, finally, the lack of a solid digital culture among investors. Despite the desire to invest in the field, that is, small businesses say they need help with the site and the company account, especially in the definition of a digital marketing strategy. What do you need them? Knowing more, better its customers, and their needs, offering tailor made products and services, playing on trust and credibility.

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What role can still reserve the right, then, in a similar frame of the more traditional local media? “It’s happening to them exactly what happened centuries ago blacksmiths – comments the CEO of Borrell – when cars were introduced. Then there were those who continued to believe that their activity was only forge horseshoes. Others, however, began with a view to having to meet the needs of the community movement, beginning to work on gasoline or putting on gasoline distributors and in some cases even car dealerships. If the local media learn to define their role in order to service the needs of the market, will certainly find new ways to survive. “