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Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO Optimization For Local Searches: 6 Key Tips For Businesses and Brands

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Today most of online search is geolocated and companies that want to be found by internet users need to make local SEO optimization a priority. But! How important is the geolocated SEO? According to the study … “88% of consumers doing a search for a local business, then calling it or visiting it personally in the next 24 hours. In other words, having geolocalized research has a strong rate of generation of new sales opportunities.” You may also like to read: Local SEO: The guide for those who do business in the city 1) Implement local SEO optimization on your…

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9 Ways to increase the rating of your business in local search

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If you own a physical business, you can gain an advantage in the local search engine marketing. Local search is becoming fashionable, but still a lot of companies do not use this opportunity. What is a local search? Local search engines take into account the user’s location and geographical inquiry. For example, the query “The best restaurant in Toronto” provides results restaurants in Toronto. This blended search results. The user has the opportunity to go to the company website, find it on map. 1. Get a Google My Business Page The Google My Business is a directory of Google. If…

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