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Email marketing for the store: Mini-guide to start off on the right foot

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If used well, email marketing remains an effective tool for most businesses: 8 guidelines to develop a perfect email marketing strategy. Despite the growing predominance of Social Media, email marketing remains one of the most effective marketing tools for the store as well as for most businesses. It is in fact an excellent channel to keep in touch with customers, but how can it be used to increase sales? Here is a brief guide to find out how to do it. We assume that each of your clients has at least one e-mail address. An e-mail account is, in general,…

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Advertise On The Internet

How To Advertise On The Internet? Mini Guide For Strong Businessmen

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How to advertise on the Internet? Maybe I’ve talked about that before, but I like to repeat the concept. The Internet is the most democratic means of communication that the most enlightened minds have gently donated to us. How to advertise on the Internet? To support our companies and sell our products? How do you advertise on the internet? This is what is the real dilemma of all the entrepreneurs! From here, the idea of this mini guide designed for the aggressive entrepreneurs who want to win. It’s a set of tricks and tips to use the web (as it…

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