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LinkedIn for companies: The professional social network that optimizes company performance

There are more than 400 million LinkedIn members in the world: only in USA the Social Network have more than 10 million users, of which 2 out of 3 are professionals. 92% of recruiting companies use LinkedIn to select personnel and 57% of companies have a LinkedIn page for companies.

These are the data collected from the screening of the Social Network itself and from the market surveys, numbers that highlight the undisputed positive trend of LinkedIn.

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How to improve your videos on YouTube

If your dream is to be a YouTuber or if you simply need to shoot videos to promote your activities or enrich your personal blog, but at the same time you can’t afford to pay a video operator and his shooting and editing work, then you need your home videos to look professional. As professional as possible, because YouTube is full of users who upload home movies. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need to follow the right advice and take care of the details before, during and after the shoot. Here is a guide with tips to follow to become a skilled YouTuber.


Chatbot: What it is and why it is important for companies?

Chatbot messenger: artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize business strategies.

The immediate interaction between company and customer is a fundamental tool to achieve significant business success: about 30% of consumers interact with virtual agents at least once a week constantly increasing the global turnover of chatbot services that will arrive in 2024 close to 995 million dollars.

The data emerging from the research of the digital communication company Amdocs and the reports of Transparency Marketing Research, a leading organization in the field of market research and analysis, leave no room for doubt: instant messaging systems, commonly known as chatbots, represent the last frontier of digital marketing 4.0.

Instant Messaging Apps are now an integral part of every individual’s everyday life, people love to communicate in an immediate and essential way, not only on a personal level, but also in the commercial sphere: according to Facebook, about 63% of users register a particularly positive opinion companies willing to communicate directly with their customers.

Within a market strictly dependent on the direct interaction between brand and customer, it is essential for company marketers to develop personalized communication and promotion strategies that are particularly focused on the needs of the specific user: a chatbot is undoubtedly the most appropriate tool to obtain considerable results in the innovative world of online sales.

What is a chatbot? What are its characteristics?

The chatbot is a software based on artificial intelligence that can simulate a one-on-one conversation with the user and provide the answers necessary to meet the needs of customers: in other words, it is a conversation window managed directly by the companies for entertain direct and immediate relationships with its consumers.

The particularly innovative features that distinguish the chatbot are the immediacy of communications, the ability to record multiple data and the ability to provide the user with an interactive and immediate experience: any business with the aim of differentiating themselves from their competitors and building a valid online reputation will have to invest its resources in the implementation of its marketing strategies with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

There are two particular types of smart platforms …

1# Informative chatbots

software that base their functioning on well-defined and previously planned rules. Information bots have basic and limited functions and are usually used to find information about the user.

2# Utility chatbots

Complete and structured platforms with advanced technologies, able to automatically learn multiple information and to provide the user with detailed and qualified indications through fluid and natural conversations. Online chatbot utilities do not require programming and are able to understand natural language by constantly optimizing its performance.

Chatbot: The possible functions of the software within a company

The chatbots can be essential tools to optimize your web marketing strategies, we find out what are the most common application areas of smart instant messaging systems within the commercial realities …

Customer service and customer support

The support activities and customer care are without scope the ideal fields of application for chatbots: the instant communication platforms allow the company to provide constant support 24 hours on 24 to their users by sharing qualified information and answering the most frequent questions of customer center. A chatbot is the ideal tool to automate the communication between brand and consumer and make it efficient and immediate.

Business automation

A chatbot platform is able to automate business processes and functions significantly optimizing costs and timing: with the implementation of an artificial intelligence system, the company will be able to perfect the use and analysis of business data.


A smart bot system can be an indispensable tool to optimize the shopping experience by increasing sales and conversions: the automated chat is able to easily develop targeted marketing messages convincing the user to perform a specific action.

Information and entertainment

A chatbot messenger software can be essential for developing relational marketing and entertainment: the distribution of personalized content, based on information obtained through automated chat, is an activity aimed at improving the corporate image and sharing a customer satisfying experience.

Outbound activities

The implementation of its corporate communication strategy with the use of a chatbot messenger within the Social Network can be the winning tool to establish a relationship of mutual trust with the customer: a company present and willing to communicate with their consumers in an immediate and informal way is particularly appreciated by their target audience.

Chatbot: The benefits of smart communication for your business

A recent US business survey conducted by BI Intelligence highlights the constantly growing trend of the business regarding smart communication: automation through the use of chatbot has enabled US companies to save about $23 billion in 2017.

It is evident that artificial intelligence and the immediate communication technology systems do not only lead to an improvement in business performance in the strategic field, but also guarantee a considerable optimization of resources in economic terms.

Let’s find out what are the benefits that the use of a chatbot guarantees to a commercial reality …

Improving assistance and communication

The use of a chatbot guarantees the customer constant assistance 24 hours a day: immediate and instant communication contributes to the promotion of an authoritative and qualified company image.

Automated data collection

The chatbot software is able to store user requests and store useful information to personalize the marketing campaigns of email marketing and digital marketing: the artificial intelligence system automatically categorizes the collected data and provides a quick and immediate analysis.

Optimization of the purchasing process

An automated chatbot is able to guide the user during the buying process by providing immediate and personalized information and optimizing the corporate image in the eyes of the consumer.

Incentivisation of loyalty

The chatbot platforms are particularly suitable tools for sharing and promoting discounts and personalized offers: the one-to-one communication guaranteed by the instant messaging service is able to dedicate to each contact a unique and original type of communication, encouraging customer loyalty.

Brand personality

With the use of a smart bot, the company brand assumes a virtual identity: the user, through direct messages, has the perception of communicating directly with the company, establishing a personalized contact with the customer and directed to loyalty.

Chatbot: 5 tips to start using an instant messaging tool

Here are 5 useful tips to start using a chatbot software in an appropriate way …

1) Develop a suitable digital marketing strategy

A smart bot system is an indispensable tool for implementing the functions of a company, but before investing its resources in creating an instant messaging business platform, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of its objectives and its marketing and communication strategy: the chatbot is a tool to be integrated within its own communication plan, by itself it is not enough to obtain significant results.

2) Define the primary features

Analyzing the objectives to be achieved, it is possible to elaborate a list of functionalities to be assigned to the chatbot: it is recommended to start with the priority activities and then implement the operation at a later time.

3) Design conversations

Designing conversations and planning the user experience trying to predict the user’s actions is an indispensable activity to ensure the proper functioning of the chatbot software: trying to analyze the user’s needs the company will be able to provide authoritative answers in any situation by creating a real workflow of your bot.

4) Monitor the chatbot with training systems

The activity of a smart bot starts with a training phase and then continues during the actual online use: the chatbot is a smart system able to constantly optimize based on the information shared by the users and for this it requires an initial period of tests to test their functionality.

5) Periodically analyze the collected data

A chatbot is a tool able to find innumerable information about the user thanks to the direct interaction system: the company must periodically analyze the collected data in order to optimize its marketing and communication campaigns, personalizing them and making them targeted based on the different needs of consumers.

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WhatsApp Business: What it is? Why it is important?

In 2018 about 1.5 billion people use WhatsApp direct chats: 67% of users assume the possibility of directly contacting business realities through the application and 53% would prefer to rely on activities available using instant messaging systems: WhatsApp business it is the company chat that revolutionizes the marketing of SMEs.

The research carried out by Morning Consult and the statistics analyzed by Hootsuite clearly describe the constantly growing trends of the WhatsApp app: users no longer limit their messaging activity to the private sphere, they perceive, in fact, the need to establish a direct contact also with the business realities. WhatsApp business is the first instant messaging app that can establish direct communication between the company and the customer by developing an optimized experience for both parties.

What is WhatsApp business?

WhatsApp business is an application designed in 2018 specifically for SMEs: the app is a direct channel of communication between businesses and customers and is aimed at optimizing the brand and corporate web reputation and constantly improving the consumer experience. WhatsApp is a free app currently downloadable only at the Google Play Store of Android: the application can also be used in the Web version on any type of device, but there are short-term projects to make usable business service even on the iOS mobile device.

The new business chat maintains the standard setting of WhatsApp, remaining essentially an instant messaging app, introducing however some significant innovations: WhatsApp users can create a profile of their business activity and insert details such as company page, geographical position and contact information of the activity. WhatsApp business is therefore a system designed and designed solely for business users in order to automate and organize one-to-one business communication methods.

WhatsApp Business: How does it work?

The WhatsApp for business application allows companies to process messages that are targeted and directly shared with their users: it is important to underline that business content is different from classic advertising, in fact, consumers can decide whether or not to receive information from company accounts.

The new WhatsApp chat provides two types of different business profiles …

  • Verified Business: Verified accounts are profiles directly supervised and approved by the WhatsApp team itself. This type of account is characterized by the presence of a specific emoticon corresponding to the name of the activity.
  • Unverified Business: Unverified accounts are company profiles that have not received prior approval from the application itself. All the business features of an unverified profile are active, it is simply recommended that users pay more attention to shared business content.

WhatsApp business provides its members with various innovative features not present in the messenger version of the application …

Creating a company profile

Even WhatsApp business, just like the other platforms dedicated to the corporate world, offers the user the possibility to create a real company profile with references to the web page and the company’s direct contacts. You can choose the name associated with your account, which cannot be changed, and select a profile photo, which can be replaced or updated repeatedly and at any time.

Set default messages

WhatsApp business offers a communication service always present to its customers: it is, in fact, possible to set automated and predefined messages to be shared periodically with your contacts. The application allows business users to create three different types of pre-set messages: welcome messages, aimed at the warm welcome of all new potential customers; quick answers, set up in advance for the purpose of automatically answering questions asked with particular frequency; and absence messages, created to communicate their availability and inform the customer about the activity hours.

“Structured messages” functionality

Corporate communications can be shared in different languages thanks to the “structured messages” function, which is a type of message that can be automatically translated into multiple languages without having to previously set any type of change.

Availability of tool analytics

WhatsApp for business allows business accounts to constantly monitor the effectiveness of their activities: through the use of specific tools it is possible to analyze which content is most read, appreciated and shared by its customers.

Possibility to segment customers

The business application offers an interesting marketing feature: it is possible to segment your contact lists, create different categories based on customers’ shopping experiences and to share personalized and particularly targeted messages with the different types of users.

How do I set up a WhatsApp business profile?

Here’s how to properly configure a WhatsApp for business account …

1) Configure the telephone number

After opening the application, the first action to be taken is to accept the terms and conditions of the service, the following are required to enter and verify the telephone number that you want to associate with the business profile. The fixed number of the company can also be set as default contact: in order to use WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp business on your device at the same time, you must associate the accounts with different numbers. unlike facetime for windows 10, whatsapp can be used in multiple platform as well.

2) Choose the name of the activity

Following registration, the first information requested is the name of the activity: it is important to choose carefully and correctly enter the company name as, following the first confirmation, it cannot be changed.

3) Enter the contacts and the required information

WhatsApp offers the business user the opportunity to enter company contacts, references to company web pages and a brief description of their work: it is important to accurately enter this information to be credible and reliable in the eyes of potential customers.

4) Try to get the verification from the WhatsApp team

To not have problems of reliability it is essential to try to get the official verification of the company profile by WhatsApp: users put, in fact, more confidence in the business profiles already verified.

WhatsApp Business: Why is it important for SMEs?

Some Morning Consult research reports that 69% of SMEs consider WhatsApp for business an instrument able to greatly facilitate interaction with customers. It is clear that the new WhatsApp chat business allows companies to carry out in a simple and innovative way some marketing activities essential for optimizing their communication strategies …

Communicate directly with the customer

WhatsApp business offers the business user the possibility to establish a direct and informal relationship with the customer: chat communications are short and intuitive, the use of emoticons can be an essential tool to intrigue and entertain consumers and the possibility to formulate Informal answers can greatly optimize the company-client communication experience.

Develop new marketing strategies and share promotions via chat

WhatsApp’s business chat can be an indispensable tool for devising new methods of direct marketing: surveys, special promotions, interactive messages and sharing of targeted multimedia content are the innovative tools that WhatsApp business uses to promote its contents in a direct and informal.

Constantly support the customer

A company WhatsApp account is an essential tool for customer care: customers do not like communicating by voice using phone calls, they prefer, in fact, a fast communication with instant messages. To effectively use WhatsApp business you need to be available to your customers: an unanswered chat message is considered to be particularly negative and can undermine corporate reputation.

Know the opinion of users

Knowing the needs of its customers is an essential activity to plan their marketing activities: WhatsApp is a platform particularly suitable for promoting surveys and questionnaires as communication is particularly clear and rapid.

Monitor your activities

WhatsApp’s business app allows its members to constantly monitor their activities: for a company it is important to know which communication strategies have been more successful in order to select new and previously planned marketing solutions.

WhatsApp Business: Tips to get started

WhatsApp business is a potentially very effective tool to increase the visibility of your business, here are some useful tips to use the application in an optimal way …

  • Attract customers’ attention using surveys or interactive promotions: customers are more involved in activities that involve direct feedback and see them as protagonists in the first person;
  • Share your WhatsApp profile on Social channels and on the company website;
  • Promote “personal shopping” activities: divide your contacts into groups and create personalized promotions based on the specific experiences of each user;
  • Set automated and predefined messages to be always available: customers want to get immediate answers especially when talking about chat communications;
  • Use images and videos: multimedia content is appreciated by a greater number of users as they attract more attention;
  • Try to develop direct and informal communication strategies: WhatsApp is a platform used routinely to exchange friendly messages, maintaining an informal and personalized profile can increase the trust placed by the customer in the company.

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How to sell on Instagram? 10 tips to improve your business

You want to sell on Instagram, well you are not alone as it is an indispensable activity for every company: the Social Network has reached the figure of 1 billion users in 2018, 400 million people use the application every day for about 50 minutes and 72% of consumers declare to at least once purchase a product previously viewed on Instagram.

The research conducted by the US information network ‘The Verge’ underline the positive and constantly growing trend of Instagram: the Social Network is no doubt confirmed not only the most used platform, but one of the most effective marketing and communication channels. Selling on Instagram thus becomes a priority activity for any business with the aim of positively positioning itself on the online market.

Most business subjects have now understood the importance of structuring Instagram marketing strategies to achieve significant results: the effectiveness of communication through images and the extremely intuitive functioning of the Social Network allow marketers to develop effective and targeted communication strategies, aimed at the active promotion of products and the loyalty of the potential customer.

Instagram has recently implemented its functionality with the Shopping tool, a business tool that allows you to advertise products by adding specific tags within their posts in order to redirect the user to the reference e-commerce. The persuasive impact of the image and the ability to add filters or captions to their photos are considered by the professionals of the industry real tools of Content Marketing: sharing post-shopping the company has the real possibility of directing users to their own store guaranteeing them an unparalleled shopping experience.

How to sell on Instagram: 10 tips to optimize your business

If you are reading this article, it is because you have understood the actual potential of the Instagram Social Network. Here are some useful tips to effectively implement your communication and sales strategies with this platform …

1) Open an Instagram business account

The first activity to be carried out for a company that wants to sell on Instagram is undoubtedly to open a company profile: the transition to a corporate account Instagram provides the user with many useful functions to analyze the behavior of followers and improve the flow of users of the profile. Direct connection with the Facebook page, tools for processing statistics and insights about the behavior of the target audience, direct links to company contacts and free access to advertising are just some of the features of Instagram business. The Instagram company profile must be carefully and carefully set up: the presence of a simple and visually impacting logo allows the user to intuitively recognize the brand and the addition of contacts communicates a present and reliable corporate image.

2) Share quality images

Instagram focuses on the image: posting photos with catchy and original photos is an essential activity to achieve significant goals with your profile. With professional and high quality images, shared products are more likely to be successful: a product appreciated by users not only helps increase sales, but also greatly enhances online image and reputation business. A marketing strategy widely used within the Social Network consists of the re-sharing of images posted by consumers themselves: photos of satisfied users following the purchase of a product are the most effective tool to communicate to their public the effectiveness of own commercial proposals. Another essential activity to sell on Instagram is the creation of constantly renewed and different scenarios as the background of their offers: the product is important, the context is fundamental.

3) Use Shoppable Post

An essential innovation for companies that use Instagram for commercial purposes is the Shopping feature: by inserting specific tags within the published photos, it becomes possible to link the products shown in a specific post with the e-commerce of the brand of reference. The intuitive potential of image communication combined with the presence of functional tags for e-commerce is undoubtedly an indispensable tool to achieve considerable profits. Rapidity and continuity are the characteristics most appreciated by users during the purchase flow: through the use of post-shopping the company guarantees its consumers a revolutionary, original and very intuitive consumer experience.

4) Tell stories with Storytelling

To achieve optimal business results and be able to sell on Instagram, you need to plan your production flow: an editorial calendar and a Content Marketing strategy based on the use of Storytelling are the tools that you cannot do without. Posts must be published according to a precise previously planned logic and the images must be able to tell stories: post creative, catchy and able to show the benefits offered by products in the window are the perfect solution for any Instagram business.

5) Use effective hashtags

#Hashtag is a key tool for sharing successful posts: you need to carefully select popular hashtags that perfectly communicate the idea of your company brand. Hashtags are particular keywords that give the post a precise identity thanks to an immediate and intuitive communication with the user. For a company that wishes to establish itself in its own sector of reference, it is not impossible to create a custom hashtag: this tool can be used in photos shared by its customers to create communities or to plan original brand positioning strategies.

6) Suggest a lifestyle

The real success of Instagram is based on the ability of users to offer glimpses of their daily life through the sharing of images: even the brands, to get profit and success with this Social Network, should transmit a particular idea about the lifestyle that its products give to those who use it. The coherence of multimedia content shared on your Instagram profile is essential to create a solid and original image of your brand: a winning business does not plan its communication solely to sell on Instagram, but to create a community of users with whom to constantly share their real experiences and the realization of their products.

7) Create partnerships with Influencers

The growing popularity of Instagram has given rise to a very large network of Influencers, in other words public figures with a considerable amount of followers. Building an effective Influencer relationship program is undoubtedly a win-win activity for companies with the goal of making profits through Instagram: successful Instagrammer product sponsorship (in exchange for a payment or free products) may turn out to be the winning strategy to establish itself in its own niche market in an original and completely natural way.

8) Interact with followers and with the community

Instagrammers love to follow the most active profiles: it is important to post content with a good frequency in order to thrill users and give credibility to their brand. Followers love interactive brands: republishing photos shared by users, responding to comments, taking part in community activities and socializing with other accounts are essential activities to strengthen the relationship between company and consumer.

9) Create promotions reserved for Instagram

It is well known: users love discounts. Instagram is the ideal place to share promotions with its customers: posting images or captions with promotions or discount codes to be used in online stores, you can create traffic to your Instagram page and then increase accessibility and turnout. In this way, users will be prompted to frequently consult the company’s Instagram profile, optimizing the combination of Social Network and e-commerce.

10) Use Instagram ads

Instagram, just like Facebook, provides its users with innovative business interfaces for purchase announcements and original promotions directly from the App. Selling on Instagram is not difficult: after activating a business account, the activity can determine the budget to be invested, the online time required for the advertising activity and the reference Instagram target. This feature allows the company profile to get more visibility and to share its contents with all users who are nearby, greatly optimizing the relationship between brand and consumer.

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Facebook Ads: 3 classic slips to avoid

Like it or not: for a simple “communication” presence through a Fan Page, to manage a community with Facebook Groups or to try to grab some extra leads or sales by sponsoring posts or Facebook Ads.

On the effective management of a Fan page on Facebook, however, you read everything online and the opposite of everything: anyone has his own opinion and that’s Okay, but you often meet 3 great myths that I think you need to refute before possible.

Let’s see …

More budget in Facebook Ads, better performance -> Not necessarily

A greater amount of resources to invest in Social can translate into more budgets to invest in Facebook Ads.

An increase in the published announcements or the adv budget does not necessarily lead to a proportional increase in the results, in fact usually there is a worsening of key values such as the cost per conversion (of contacts, sales, etc). Also testing various types of advertisements – virtuous action in terms of performance study, during testing – can only lower the average yield of the most performing ads.

Resources must be conscientiously invested; certainly it is good to think in terms of …

  • Raising the average quality of the published contents (with consequent improvement of both the organic results and the results from Adv). The higher quality can also pass through a reduced frequency of publication.
  • Budget optimization through different types of campaigns; this means going out of Facebook and testing other types of promotions, from LinkedIn to Twitter Ads, even though the never-defunct DEM. Or maybe it means totally changing the type of actions, with a view to integrated Marketing Mix (perhaps with campaigns to influencers or focusing more on SEO Copywriting … There are not only social).

Sponsor any post to give it visibility

By staying inside Facebook Ads, a little advice below can be the following. First observe how the post is going in terms of natural reach; if you get some results, then it can mean that you like your target and then you can decide to ride the wave, sponsoring it.

On the contrary, given the poor visibility of natural posts, we tend to sponsor any post or almost all (I mean: who has budget to invest). Instead the most sensible procedure could be just the opposite, as mentioned above, that is to sponsor only the posts that actually find a user’s interest, in addition to the central posts from the commercial point of view. To see if a post gets natural results, you may have to wait even a day or two.

In any case, keep an eye on your Facebook Insights during the campaigns: when the scope of the sponsored post begins to fall, it may be appropriate to stop the sponsorship, to avoid filling up (spending!) of off-target users.

The more fans I have, the more visibility I get … sure?

The vast majority of fan pages find that as the absolute number of fans grows, the number of fans who see / interact with posts decreases more and more.

The number of fans that will interact with the posts of a page will therefore be quite low compared to the total number of fans, ergo the percentage of these users who interact with the posts will tend to lower more as the number of page fans grows.

The greater the number of fans in absolute terms, the lesser the percentage of fans that interact will be.

In addition to this, user news feeds tend to show more and more content published by family and friends (due to updates to the Facebook algorithm that took place between 2017 and 2018), so the fan pages will be getting harder and harder.

This leads us to consider an aspect, often underestimated: the advertising campaigns for the increase of fans are substantially useless and sometimes even potentially harmful.

I do not go into the details of the Facebook algorithm; a super depth was done a few months ago by Hubspot.

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5 Tips For Success with Instagram Stories Ads

The success of Instagram Stories in 2018 has gone well beyond the most optimistic expectations, as demonstrated by the 400 million and pass of daily active users. For this reason, the fact that more and more companies have started to publish advertisements within them is not a little astonished. It’s known as Instagram Stories Ads, and these advertisements are an excellent tool for online communication for companies, as they guarantee the achievement of new audiences to display the brand, products, promotions and the core business, involving at the same time the audience that already has interest in its activity.

The data published by Instagram leaves no doubt: the Stories have rates of involvement far above the average. Over 30% of the most viewed stories on this social network have direct, renowned corporate brands as protagonists. But that is not all. Those who view the Instagram Stories in more than 20% of cases issue a message to the person who posted it. This means that the interaction rate is very high.

Instagram Stories Ads: Definition

Instagram Stories Ads

What are the Instagram Stories Ads?

Advertisements that have the aforementioned characteristics …

  • Maximum movie length of 15 seconds
  • Video formats .MOV and .MP4
  • Ideal resolution: 1080 X 1920, minimum 600 X 1067
  • Maximum file size: 4 GB
  • Screen proportion: 9:16.

These in essence the specifics to follow to achieve Instagram ads with a sure success.

If the primary intent is focused on making major improvements to the announcements in the Stories on Instagram, it is appropriate to take these aspects into account and use videos and images that occupy the entire screen.

The numbers are very clear: a research conducted by Mobile Marketer highlights how to create a full-screen advertising campaign can be synonymous with success with a conversion rate up to 5 times more than the classic banner.

In fact, the viewer does not get distracted, as is the case for almost 47% of the cases related to more or less involuntary clicks on advertising banners.

Here is a list of interesting tips for posting successful Instagram ads …

#1. Choice of the right audience

The ads contained in the Instagram Stories are distinguished by a different positioning than the classic ads of Instagram. The same applies to the function.

Not surprisingly, the reasons that determine the spread of ads in Instagram Stories are many …

  • Reaching as many users as possible
  • Increase of visitors on the website
  • Increase the views of a movie
  • Generation of conversions, sales and acquisitions of leads in primes
  • Invitation to users to download a mobile app or software

Taking into account the short duration of the Instagram Stories, equal to 45 seconds and 4 content, to really earn with Instagram, it is advisable to be aware that those who see the advertising insertion already know in depth or briefly the distinctive value of the brand.

Only in case of favorable situation, in fact, the various call to action will be clicked. Specifically, the use of audiences who have already had the opportunity to interact with certain contents can be even better. Finally, on the same lines of what happens with Facebook ads, even with those Instagram you can refine the search, selecting the public of interest by affinity in common, geographical area, gender and age.

From the point of view of the company, the experimentation of multiple targets, with reference to different audiences, turns out to be the right move. The reason? Companies, in fact, have the awareness of being aware of the best solution, with high results and low costs.

Instagram Stories Ads

#2. Where to place the text?

In a strategic position. Clear, right? Do you want to capture the attention of your audience? Positioning the text in a central position is a valid choice, as the main message allows you to arouse the interest of those who watch the contents, even before their attention is actually directed to the tag sponsored.

#3. Synthesis is everything: Messages must be short and high impact

When the Instagram Stories sponsor an ad, you must consider that you will see the <> label at the top left. What does it mean? Simply that the ad has nothing to do with the stories published by the profiles that you follow with greater diligence.

If catching the attention of those on the other side of the screen is the number one goal of Instagram Stories, it is all about the writing of texts of immediate comprehension, characterized by the most complete synthesis.

#4. Clarity is an unavoidable requirement for a self-respecting call to action

The call to action (CTA) must be clear in the ad on Instagram Stories. Only in this way, encouraging the public to take action will be an achievable goal. Do you want to be more incisive? The insertion of elements in graphic format or vocal comments is the classic example with which viewers are exhorted to the completion of an action.

#5. The brand logo must never be missing

As the increase in brand awareness is one of the primary objectives of any campaign, inserting the brand is useful for approaching new types of public. To see the stories on Instagram there will be yes followers, but also users who do not have such in-depth knowledge of your brand.


As you have clearly guessed, the Instagram Stories are a decidedly new tool for companies that, in any case, find immense potential in the field of online communication to reach new audiences.

Making an Instagram listing as captivating as possible, on the basis of the advice just indicated, will allow your company to interact with new customers, transmitting the values of your corporate image to them. Seeing is believing.

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6 Tips To Beat The LinkedIn Algorithm

The use of social networks has evolved over time. At first they were not as established as they are today. Its development in society has led to the management of these platforms also evolve as time progresses. LinkedIn is a clear example of this advance given that it is changing from an online curriculum to a platform that looks more like Facebook every day.  In it, certain users make publications that are more personal than professional and this feature along with some other has led to this social network to establish a stricter algorithm in their publications. In this article we about how to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and get the LinkedIn work for your publications.

For this reason, you will notice that your LinkedIn feed does not show everything that your network is publishing by default showing only the content that you think is relevant to you.

Next, we expose 6 tips to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and thus get the algorithm to work in your favor so that your publications are seen by as many people as possible.

Understand the type of content that LinkedIn craves

The sources of LinkedIn are quite clear about what they want to be the focus of their platform: the professional world. It aims to show users news, work publications, popular and timely content related to their career within the professional field. This type of content can be images, videos, and links to external web pages or text updates.

Any content that you publish must …

  • Be valuable to someone’s career (either as a business owner or as an employee).
  • Offer advice related to the growth of the business or a career.
  • Inspire someone in your work life.
  • Be relevant to the industry in which it operates
  • Come from a credible source.

Part of the LinkedIn algorithm is designed to find a relevance factor for the audience with which a publication is shared.

LinkedIn Algorithm

Create your audience strategically

Relevance, credibility, followers and connections play an important role in the LinkedIn algorithm. When executing a personal profile or a company page on LinkedIn, you must ensure …

  • Fill out your personal profile and the company’s page as complete as you can and always updated.
  • Add connections (people you know, or think it would be interesting to see the updates).
  • Encourage employees to indicate that they work in your company.
  • Follow others and attract followers (these are different from connections on LinkedIn).
  • Participate in LinkedIn Groups or host yours.
  • Give and receive recommendations.
  • Make sure that your profile is public, so that more people can find it, add it and see their publications.
  • Join the conversations and be active in the network, in general.
  • Promote your LinkedIn profiles and the Company’s pages on your website and in other appropriate spaces (for example, employee biographies, business cards and brochures, email newsletters, email signatures, etc.). Custom URL settings are useful for this.

Always optimize the content

The content that you always post on LinkedIn must be optimized to always offer the highest quality. For this, we give you four very useful tips to produce the best content on LinkedIn …

  • Include word games.
  • It provides useful tips, especially related to your work sector.
  • Show statistics of your industry or company.
  • Always try to be brief and include a link, image or video.

Post at the right time

It is vital to publish in a schedule that we generally consider is the correct one to make our publication. Now, at what time exactly should we do it? A popular hypothesis is in “working hours” because LinkedIn is a professional network and most people work from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. However, some experts suggest that it is best to publish at 20:00 p.m. at which time people have finished their workday and can make decisions, even if they are at home. Regardless of this, nowadays more than 50% of the users of LinkedIn verify their accounts through mobile devices, which implies that they have as many possibilities of reaching people after working hours as they do during working hours.

What we are clear, is that we should never publish at 2:00 am for example, since most of the network is inactive and the publication can be for hours without receiving any “Like or Comments.”

LinkedIn Algorithm

Share the posts of other users, and they will probably share yours

Share the publications of others. Many users like you to share their publications to give credit in your network. This simple action will help significantly increase the scope of your profile. Also, if you want to be a LinkedIn Influencer, making friends on this platform is a good idea.

Promote your articles

When you write a publication, be sure to actively share it to improve personal connections that will benefit relationships with the other professionals in this network. For this, it is fundamental …

  • Use hashtags: They will make your publication detectable by other users looking for information on that topic.
  • Use common marketing and SEO tactics: Search engines, at one time or another, need to rely on factors such as keywords to determine what a URL is about. Therefore, it is essential to implement this tactic.
  • Ask for a follow-up: When you share your post, try adding a short sentence, with a clear benefit like Follow me for more information on this topic! It’s a simple way to have more followers and the more you have, the more people will see your future posts on your home page. Thus, your content will have more potential.
  • Share on external social networks: Use a platform such as HootSuite to distribute your article in multiple social network profiles, thus achieving greater traffic.
  • Share in LinkedIn groups: Take the opportunity to publish your articles in those groups when content is useful for group members. You will show the article to the group members that may not be your connections or first degree followers.
  • Allow comments on your articles and respond to them: Keep your audience engaged and let them know you are listening.
  • Use the LinkedIn analysis: Always use data and analysis to continuously improve the content and reach.

In the end, we expose 6 tips to beat the LinkedIn algorithm and thus get the algorithm to work in your favor so that your publications are seen by as many people as possible.

Social Media Advertising

The importance of advertising on social networks

Online advertising has incorporated new platforms and business opportunities for companies and brands, there are many types of advertising channels on the Internet. According to the latest studies the most used by brands is advertising in searches, but has gained a presence in the plans of the companies the advertising on social networks. Since the business models of the social platforms in the last years, has been oriented in subtracting presence to the organic contents so that the companies invest in advertising on social networks with the purpose of obtaining a greater scope for publications.

The importance of advertising on social networks is that it has become a key means …

  • 80% of marketing professionals consider advertising on social networks with an important source of sales opportunities.
  • They allow an additional boost to attract visitors.
  • You can offer the same value (content) as your organic sources but increasing the reach.
  • These advertising media are the new weapon to promote business , some of its keys are:
  • It allows to generate notoriety in the short term.
  • It has advanced segmentation. (Micro-segmentation).
  • It helps to boost the branding of business.
  • More measurement capacity that allows cost optimization.
  • It is a new medium, more tolerated and with more integrated formats in the communication of users.

advertising on social networks

You must consider the use of advertising on social networks to achieve a greater scope of your actions …

In a proper digital marketing planning, you should consider the use of several means to achieve a greater scope of your actions, diversifying efforts in the different media in which your client can be. If you cannot make a large technical and economic deployment, we advise you to focus on the social networks that your target audience uses the most, because it allows you a great level of budget segmentation and control.

One factor to consider are the algorithms that condition what users see in your timeline: if you achieve greater reach and more participation, those users are more likely to see your organic publications as well, getting more commitment from your audience.

This type of promotion is more effective in the long term and creates a stronger bond with clients because it reaches a participatory audience.

The main advantages of advertising on social networks are …

  • With little investment, a large impact on potential customers is possible. The cost per click is very low compared to other advertising formats.
  • You have more means to segment and find your target audience, since you can create specific campaigns depending on demographic and sociodemographic data, interests, behaviors, business experience, etc.
  • Social networks offer us greater flexibility in ad formats. It can be visual, written, videos or announcements of simple texts and most of them are displayed in the same spaces in which users interact, so it is more integrated and accepted.
  • Greater monitoring through reports on how your advertising campaign progresses or the visits you have received. This will help you evaluate results and get to know your most loyal followers, to be able to make configuration adjustments or improve in future campaigns.

Social networks should not only be seen as entertainment but also as a way to take your business further. If you have not yet made room in your business planning to social networks, get down to work, you will see how this new way of advertising on social networks allows you to carry out a better analysis of both your target audience and your results, with a better targeting and of course better overall performance. Each one allows different types of segmentation, so it improves the optimization of the budget focusing on the audience and objectives that most interest you.

Now that we know the advantages, we will briefly know the characteristics of the advertising on social networks and in the different platforms, where to promote our products and services …

advertising on social networks

Facebook Ads

Facebook and Instagram share a platform for advertising management and some formats are the same in both, although the strategy may be very different since the audience may be different and especially the conversation and relationship between users is very different, creativity must be adapted

The ads that stand out are the sponsored stories or relevant ads. Ads can link to web pages, events or applications. Advertisers can sponsor their most relevant activity for their businesses and make sure they have an audience that sees it. The social network offers us different types of ads according to the objectives we look for in our strategy and broad options for audience segmentation.

Ad types / Objective of the promotion

  • Promoted publications → Scope: Increase visibility of post and web traffic and focused on conversions. “Advertising”
  • Published publications → Scope: Increase post visibility among fans audience and focused on getting more post interaction and promote post published organically.
  • Clicks to the website: Increases the traffic of visits to your website.
  • Conversions on the website: Measurable promotion according to the conversion actions you establish. You will need a conversion pixel for your website before you can create this ad.
  • Interaction with a publication: To promote your publications.
  • I like the page: Promote your page and get fans to connect with more relevant people.
  • Application downloads: Increase the number of downloads of your application.
  • Interaction with the application: Increases the interaction in your application.
  • Requests for offers: Create offers so that users can exchange them in your establishment.
  • Local diffusion: Reach people who are close to your company.
  • Responses to events: Increases the number of attendees to your event.
  • Sales of the product catalog: Automatically shows the products of your product catalog according to the target audience.
  • Notoriety of the brand: It reaches people who are more likely to pay attention to your brand.
  • Generation of potential customers: Generate leads for your company.
  • Video Views: Create ads that get more people to watch a video.

Budget and bids

  • You can set a daily maximum and a campaign total.
  • Choose start and end dates.
  • You can vary the rhythm of the announcement.
  • CPC bids on website → click that came to the web.
  • CPC bids → one click on the ad.
  • CPM bids → cost per thousand impressions.
  • Important the results in the first 24 h. Start with a high initial budget and then adjust. Check the audience threshold and timing.
  • Set maximums of your bid. It will be shown more times.

Some analysis metrics

  • Results: Number of clicks on the website, clicks or impressions based on your goal.
  • Cost: Money that was spent per click on the website.
  • Scope: Number of people reached by the advertisement.
  • Frequency: Average number of times each person has seen your ad.
  • Clicks: Number of clicks on your ad.
  • Click-through rate (CTR): Number of clicks on your ad with respect to the number of times it was shown.
  • Daily spend: The money spent on the ad during the current day.
  • Total spent: The money you spent in total on the ad.
  • Average price: Average cost per click or cost per thousand.

Beware of the creativity of your ads. Remember that Facebook gives less diffusion to ads with more than 20% text in image.

advertising on social networks

Twitter Ads

It has ad formats designed to generate notoriety, dissemination of content and promotion of tweets. It allows an advanced segmentation and usually has good CTR improving the organic publications.

It stands out because it has a high segmentation: sociodemographic data, keywords in tweets and searches, by hashtags, by user names, by followers of interest accounts, by audiences or television programs among others.

Ad types / Objectives

  • Promoted Tweets → to generate more reach to increase post visibility and web traffic.
  • Promoted account → to get followers, increase your community / brand recognition.
  • Downloads or application interactions → Promote APPs and increase app downloads.
  • Video views → Promote video content to increase your views.
  • Budget and bids
  • You can establish a maximum daily and total campaign budget.
  • Choose start and end dates of promotions.
  • Important the results in the first 24 h. Start with a high initial budget and then adjust.
  • Bids for CPC if you care about interactions and traffic.
  • Bids for CPM if you are looking for brand exposure.
  • Set maximums of your bid. It will be shown more times.

Some analysis metrics

  • Expense: The money that was spent on an ad.
  • Impressions: Number of times the ad was viewed.
  • Interactions with the tweet: Number of clicks, retweets or favorites.
  • Interaction rate: Number of tweet interactions among the number of impressions.
  • Cost per interaction: The money spent on each interaction.

advertising on social networks

Instagram Ads

When sharing platform with Facebook, you must have a page in this social network to be able to make ads on Instagram.

Ads allow you to promote images to reach a wider audience, advertisers can place advertising between photo and photo of your friends,

According to several reports, based  on reach metrics, ad recognition and brand awareness instead of focusing only on “likes”, comments and number of followers obtained, they  are demonstrating that Instagram advertising is effective when it comes to gaining notoriety branded.

Ad types / Objectives

There are three main types of Instagram ads that you can choose from. Whether it’s improving your brand awareness, getting more visits to your website or increasing downloads of your mobile application, Instagram can help you access a huge and active audience.

  • Photo ads → To show stories or present products with attractive images.
  • Video ads → You can create video ads with more than 60 seconds in length, although only the first 30 seconds are the most important of a video on social networks. Try to engage your audience at the beginning and they will be more likely to want to see it complete.
  • Ads by sequence → Ads with multiple images and an n call-to-action button links to the promotion’s landing page.
  • Ads in the Stories → Will show the ads in full screen enter the stories they review in your timeline.

Budget and Bids

  • It has the same bidding system as Facebook, you can choose pay-per-click model, impressions and conversions on the website.
  • You can assign a daily budget and the algorithm is responsible for showing your ad to control your expenses.
  • It allows you to configure the campaign by dates and assign a budget for the campaign, in this way the platform adjusts the expenditure to the period of time.
  • You can change campaign optimization and campaign options manually.

Some analysis metrics

Use the same as Facebook, but you must adapt the results evaluation data to your business objectives, therefore, the results depend on the objectives that you would have assigned to the ad and based on the data offered of the total amount spent and conversions of objectives, you can have a cost per result.

advertising on social networks

LinkedIn Ads

This platform is more limited in terms of advertising formats, but it has a high segmentation in relation to professional data from its user database. It is therefore a highly recommended option for companies of products and services for other businesses (B2B).

It helps to gain notoriety and dissemination of the content and has segmentation by professional profiles.

Ad types / Objectives

  • Sponsored content → To increase brand awareness, foster new professional relationships and attract potential customers.
  • InMail → Sends highly segmented messages directly to the LinkedIn mailboxes of the people that most interest your company.
  • Dynamic ads → Interact with the professionals that interest you the most with personalized ads, generated dynamically.
  • Display ads → Promotion in banner format to reach the target audience.
  • Text ads → Short text promotion in prominent LinkedIn locations.

Budget and Bids

  • Set a daily maximum and a campaign total.
  • Choose start and end dates.
  • CPC bids → one click on the ad.
  • CPM bids → cost per thousand impressions.
  • Set maximums of your bid. It will be shown more times.

Some analysis metrics

  • Clicks: The number of clicks your sponsored update received.
  • Impressions: The number of times your ad was viewed.
  • Click through rate: Number of clicks divided by number of impressions.
  • Interactions: The number of interactions achieved.
  • Average cost per click.
  • Total value: The total value of the impressions or clicks that ad got.

General advice for advertising on social networks

  • Take care of the format, sizes and messages of the images.
  • Take advantage of creativity and sizes to the fullest.
  • Analyze segmentation well.
  • Experience ad variants.
  • Track results.
  • It is essential to create “Call to Action” buttons to help achieve the expected conversion.

Once you know the importance of advertising on social networks, you will be interested in expanding information with more about advertising on social social networks, and you are invited to read on Local Advertising Journal.

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising: The Future Of Advertising

Definition of Social Media Advertising

The Social Media Advertising was created to increase the visibility of a particular brand on the network, focusing particularly on the world of social networks and online communities.

The use of these unconventional channels makes the image of the company or brand that you want to sponsor incredibly closer to the users of the network, which are transformed into potential customers.

In this way the communication becomes one-to-one, managing to transfer the promotional message directly from the brand to the customer, in an effective and personalized way.

How can a social media advertising strategy help you?

If you know how to use them, social media allows you to reach exactly that pool of customers interested in your product.

Putting in place a correct Advertising strategy on Social Media brings with it numerous advantages, starting from the possibility of communicating directly with the user, or with the potential client, receiving precious feedback from the latter about the products or services offered.

Social Media Advertising

An aspect not to be underestimated is also given by the extreme speed of diffusion of contents and information among the users of the network.

The latter can also be grouped in such a way as to become the target of a targeted and therefore more effective marketing strategy.

Among the advantages of this innovative approach to campaigns sponsored on Social should be added the customer loyalty, which goes hand in hand with the exponential growth of brand awareness, thanks to targeting.

In this way, the brand is able to monitor its online reputation, modifying the promotion or sales strategy based on the feedback received and the needs of the case.

  • First of all, because social media advertising is aimed at a defined, profiled audience and whose interests you know;
  • But it also allows you to reach users who do not yet know you;
  • Using Social Media Advertising increases the traffic on your site and its SEO;
  • Through social media you can get noticed by experts (tagging for example);
  • Social Media Advertising helps you get to know your audience and builds a relationship with your customers;
  • Facilitates targeting and retargeting;
  • It is necessary to increase the quality of customer service;
  • And it is also indispensable for a good digital PR strategy;
  • It allows you to benefit from news jacking, which is to exploit events or news of the moment to gain visibility.

Social media advertising allows those working in marketing to reach the ideal customers using demographic targeting and personalized advertising messages.

Social media have a very large catchment area: just think that in the first half of 2018 the users registered on the major social networks were: more than 2 billion and 200 thousand on Facebook; 1 billion on Instagram; more than 450 million on LinkedIn; 330 million on Twitter.

Social media platforms offer a means of targeting advertising to massive consumer segments.

Combining relevant ad targeting for a particular segment and an attractive offer is an effective tactic for selling your products.

We help you choose the right social media platform for your business

Social Media Advertising

1) Facebook

Creating sponsored campaigns on Facebook allows you to create a brand awareness; redirect traffic to your site, increase engagement, encourage app installs or video views; encourages people to communicate with you on Facebook Messenger.

It also favors online conversions, sales or drive traffic to your offline stores. Moreover, Facebook is widespread and offers a detailed targeting possibility. Definitively an excellent platform to start social media advertising.

2) Instagram

The rate of Instagram involvement (like + shares + comments / fan number x 100). Was calculated as 58% higher than Facebook, and 2000% compared to Twitter.

60% of people say they discover new products on Instagram and half of the most viewed stories come from companies

Over 200 million instagrammers visit a company profile at least once a day.

Recommended for those who rely a lot on visual, advertising on Instagram allows you to create listings that will be visible in the feed of people or their stories.

3. Twitter

Promoted Tweets appear in the chronologies, on the profile pages and on the pages of the individual Tweets. You can create a campaign for interaction with the Tweets or with the Website Card, an advertising format that allows users to preview an image, a related context and a call to action in their own history.

You can use the Website Card to increase traffic on your site, increase online purchases and incentivize specific actions.

Twitter has 100 million users every day, and most of them are between 20 and 35 years old.

4.  YouTube

YouTube has 1.8 billion users, (most under 35) spending an average of an hour a day watching videos on the platform.

Ads are displayed based on location, age, interests, and characteristics chosen by the video provider.

With TrueView ads, you can reach potential customers when they watch or search for videos on YouTube and pay when they show interest.

5.  Pinterest

Pinterest offers the possibility to buy sponsored Pin: a paid service used by companies that want to improve their brand awareness.

The sponsored pins are shown to you according to your interests and the actions you take on the site. Users are 250 million, of which 81% are women.

6. Snapchat

Users are 301 million. Snapchat is used by 187 million people every day, on average for 30 minutes.

Also in this case there is the possibility of sponsoring the contents, taking into account in planning them that the average user is between 13 and 24 years old.

A search by Mediascience reveals that Snapchat’s sponsored videos attract as much attention as television ads (double Facebook!)

7. LinkedIn

It is a social network that connects more than 300 million professionals.

One quarter of users are between 18 and 31 years old, and 56% are men.

LinkedIn is the ideal platform for those who want to make their company known to other professionals: the data show that the ads on LinkedIn collect impressions 15 times greater than the average of ad sites.

As we have seen, social media have great potential. Knowing how to make the most of it can make the difference, that is, open up the horizons of your company to a very large audience and using tools with which you can intercept those who are interested in your product.

Further insights

Most of the social media platforms to be optimized to the best ROI side, that is, Return On Investment, require rather significant times and efforts. Once you set up an effective advertising campaign on social media, it takes some time to see the first results.

As a Web Agency, we help you plan the advertising strategy best suited to you, based on your requests and the characteristics of your brand.

First of all, we create ads and content that are really interesting and capture the user’s attention and we take care, along with you, to monitor the progress of the same, proceeding to optimize them according to the results obtained.

Social Media Advertising will help you to reduce the distances with your possible buyers and to better spread your products; last but not least, to increase the credibility of your brand.

Local Advertising

12 Tips To Local Advertising With Social Media

Local advertising with social media means promoting a local business with social tools like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, YouTube, Instagram. In addition, you will also need photographs, videos and local SEO optimization to always following a precise social media marketing strategy.

This article is a first approach to the world of social media and internet marketing aimed at anyone who manages a local business but cannot expand their business with traditional media (print or flyers), or not yet obtained good results by investing in social media.

What you need to local advertising with social media?

  • A website made respecting the local SEO
  • A section “Blog” or Web pages to insert useful content for its customers
  • A Facebook page
  • A profile Instagram
  • A Twitter Profile
  • A list of useful contacts who report their events
  • Establish a budget for Facebook Ads and Google AdWords

Why invest in a website and social media?

A website is like your business card, and if its not optimize with local SEO, your potential customers will never find you. If you do not have a site council to evaluate WordPress, a simple to use platform full of very useful for the internet marketing functions.

Having a blog or to submit content with ease is crucial to create local advertising campaigns to promote certain initiatives such as private parties. Many local businesses still use a “Facebook Profile” to advertise, knowing that they can effectively promote their business on Facebook only using a “Fan Page”. Twitter is a social network underestimated by many people, even though they can reach users who can give a lot of visibility to events or news. The best local advertising is certainly at the time that offered by Google, but for search only; using Facebook Ads can be even more beneficial.

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After this introduction, it is finally time to read our 12 tips to local advertising with social media …

1) Create a website with a blog section

Local Advertising

The site must have at least the following pages: Events, Photo, Video, Contacts. It is very useful to include other sections like “artists” present where DJ’s and musicians who perform in the room, and “private parties” which illustrate the packages available to reserve to customers who want to celebrate birthdays, graduations and anniversaries.

2) Local SEO: Search the best keywords for your business

Local Advertising

Using the tool for search of keywords Google AdWords, you’ll find the best keywords for your business, for example: “Disco Miami”, “Live music Toronto,” “Private parties New York” and so on. Of course local SEO is a topic much wider and you should therefore read the Google Help, or contact a digital marketing consultant. Once you find the most useful keywords for your business, you can write the contents of your site.

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3) Create a Facebook page

Local Advertising

Many people do not even know the difference between a “personal profile” and “one page”, but only the Fan Page can be considered a professional tool for internet marketing campaign. If you want to create a personal profile related to the room must be something like “Stefano Local Name”. People do not like talking to “abstract entities”, they prefer real people. The page Facebook needs to be update regularly by posting the events of local, involving customers and friends and sharing useful content for their community.

4) Facebook Ads

Local Advertising

Local advertising services provided by Facebook are very useful for a local business. With Facebook Ads can promote a post, page or an event with a high level of “target marketing”, choosing age, interests and location of your potential customers. Having so many “like” is not the most important thing; it is so much more to have a community of users who have a real interest in your services.

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5) Take advantage of “Micro-Communities”

Local Advertising

Very often local clubs organize theme nights such as a party-based theme or a concert-tribute to a particular artist. To promote this type of events social media is a great tool because it is very easy to identify their target within groups, Facebook pages, blogs or forums dedicated, also when an event has a very specific topic, Facebook campaigns are more effective because it can place inside the “interests” very useful tag to increase the effectiveness of the promotion of a post. If for example you have to promote a concert-tribute band dedicated to “specific artist”, it will be very useful to include in the “interests”, within a sponsored post with Facebook Ads.

6) Google AdWords

Local Advertising

As I said earlier, local advertising offered by Google is the best in the world both in terms of cost and in terms of yield. Google AdWords is very useful to promote a restaurant or in a city than in a district, as well as can be very effective in promoting the opportunity to rent their room for a private party. I do not consider very effective instead to promote a concert (for this kind of events is better Facebook), in the evening unless that does not include a host of national and international importance and the opportunity to buy the ticket online also.

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7) Mobile Marketing

Local Advertising

There are millions of mobile phones user and now people when looking for a local option rely very often to the App as Trip Advisor, Forsquare or the same Google. The geolocation apps are many and should in any case be present and monitor the comments and photos you share your customers, because competition is often release negative feedback that can deter customers. Mobile marketing is a very powerful tool to be found because it often, especially in big cities, to seek such an Asian restaurant, or a room with good live music where to take a girl, turning to their smartphones. However, my advice is not to take it too much if you leave a few negative comments because there are many suspicious of this kind of activity, so that also intervened Anti-Trust on TripAdvisor.

8) Photos and Video

Local Advertising

It is very helpful to take photos and videos in the evenings and publish the day after the page Facebook stimulating views, shares, and comments. Nowadays just a next generation mobile phone to get good results. Your photos on Facebook are usually get a lot more views than a normal post.

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9) Press Online

Local Advertising

The least of your local events on the 10 largest portals of local and national events should be reported. When an event is very important it is useful to publish more than a statement about it, to have a better ranking on Google is better to have communication. If you do not have an online press office, you should use Google to search for sites that talk about events in your city. You can also use Twitter or email to report your events to webzine, journalists and bloggers.

10) Create a weekly newsletter

Local Advertising

Each week send a newsletter with all the main events that will be held at the venue. You can retrieve the emails of your customers with a free enrollment or by entering a specific form within your site.

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11) Create an Internet Marketing Strategy

Local Advertising

To better optimize your local advertising expenses, board of realizing a real annual internet marketing strategy, planning activities and costs. By taking into account the occasions such as Halloween, Carnival or Festival of Women, for example.

12) Include your business on Google Maps

Local Advertising

Enter your business on Google Maps is free and simple. You just need to create a Google Plus page. Then enter the appropriate badge within your local site and request verification of your business to Google. Appearing on Google Maps can help you find new customers.

In the end, thanks for reading the article, you can now choose whether to try to put into practice our advice alone or if you want to learn more about it ask a digital marketing consultancy.