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What kind of advertising to choose? Types of advertising today

Every successful entrepreneur knows how important competent advertising in the modern business, promotion of the brand, products, services. Even if you produce the best quality product on the market, there is no guarantee that it will be in demand unless there are different types of advertising. At the same time, a competitor that offers a less-quality product, but which untwists it, will receive much more profit due to impressive sales volumes.

It is important that potential buyers are aware of the existence of the product, its advantages. Otherwise, they will choose the one they listened to. But what kind of advertising to choose and what types of advertising are popular today? Let’s understand!

Many types of advertising are popular, what to choose?

Types of advertisingMany types of advertising that exist today are very popular. Not surprisingly, having decided to promote their goods, many do not know what exactly to choose. What kind of advertising, so that they works in modern business? It is best to turn to professional marketers or an advertising agency, in the staff of which there are such specialists. They will analyze many types of advertising that you like, will appreciate the features of your company, products, brand and will choose suitable ways of promotion, focusing on a potential target audience. And this is very important!

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There are many of its kinds. Initially, there was only outdoor advertising in the form of signage. Despite the fact that the technologies have moved far ahead, outdoor advertising is still in demand, relevant and highly effective. Therefore, very many companies use it to promote their delusions, goods, services. It can be advertising in the form of a signboard directly above the establishment or banners, volumetric letters and much more.

Which ads to choose?

Types of advertisingWhat kind of advertising to choose to promote products or services? This is the question that millions of people around the world are asking today. Advertising in modern business includes not one and the same direction, but a whole series of comprehensive measures to introduce “advertising companies” in various fields.

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Below are some types of advertising that you can choose to promote your products and services …

  • Audio advertising (for example, on radio stations)
  • TV advertising (advertising on television – various programs, talk shows, television movies and TV shows)
  • Printed products (printing, which includes a huge range of a wide variety of products: business cards, flyers, leaflets, printed catalogs, advertising brochures, calendars and much more)
  • Outdoor advertising (light boxes, passes, all kinds of signs, advertising in shop windows
  • Advertising on transport (branding of vehicles of the company in its brand colors or pasting of transport with stickers with any specific offer)
  • Internet advertising (one of the most powerful types of advertising, which is developing rapidly every day)
  • Advertising in YouTube (advertising your product, services or pages on the Internet with the help of the popular mega YouTube service)

Now very popular is advertising in the media. No wonder, considering how many people watch TV, listen to the radio, use the Internet. On the radio and television advertising, most often, is offered in the form of commercials. Also, it often goes as part of sponsoring a particular program, event or event. It is very effective to advertise in social networks, of which there are many now and a huge number of people use them.

Why is it better to entrust the promotion of the product and brand to professionals?

Types of advertisingThey are professionals; they know their business and will be able to make the most effective promotion project. For example, the entrepreneur himself can spend tons of money on advertising on TV, but it will not bring much effect. Why? Most likely, he chose the wrong way of advertising, not the time, because the target audience did not watch TV at that moment, etc. One could spend much less money, but get a better effect if the right types of promotion were chosen.

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So, let’s sum up, answering the question: What kind of advertisement to choose? The following points are very important …

  • Choose the type of advertising that fits your business the most (this can be consulted with professional marketers who are very knowledgeable about these issues).
  • Define the target audience – to understand who specifically will be directed your advertising and act in accordance with who will be calculated your advertising, which you have chosen.
  • Having decided on the type of advertising and target audience, we choose the strategy of product promotion – here again it is better to consult professional marketers, because the success of the advertising campaign largely depends on this.
  • We form a suitable advertising budget. Choose a budget intelligently, without overpaying for unnecessary options to you. For example, you sell children’s hats and, correspondingly, your Central Asian children and their parents, and you are offered to cover the interests of students and pensioners. This makes no sense, because there will be no response from such advertising.
  • Analyze the advertising campaign at every step to correctly allocate the budget of the advertising campaign and adjust the strategy as necessary.
Advertising Industry

The Types Of Advertising

Types of advertising – A division of advertising on some of its varieties by a classification bases, depending on the purpose and objectives of advertising, advertising tools, methods of advertising exposure, the functional purpose of advertising and other criteria.

Advertising is a special kind of communication activity that accompanies humankind throughout its entire history of the development. Historically, the long-term advertising concept meant everything connected with the spread of information society of goods and services, using all available resources at the time of communication.

Gradually, the development of advertising has led to the fact that from it seceded and became independently develop such communication areas as public relations, direct marketing, promotion of goods and services, point of sale advertising, exhibition activities, sponsorship, branding and others. The multiplicity of tasks of advertising generates considerable diversity of its varieties, channels and means of distribution options and create other elements, of which advertising is shaping up as a system.

The variety of forms of advertising communication, presented at today’s advertising market, creates a basis for the classification of advertising. Its depending on the classification of bases are different types of advertising. There are a significant number of criteria, which may be classified in types of advertising: according to industry characteristics, the nature of the target audience, distribution area (geographic coverage), advertising media types, methods of exposure and other parameters.

For practical use of the most suitable seems general classification of types of advertising, which was based on features of the respective type of advertising is the type of advertising medium or a transmission channel of advertising. Such an approach implies that all forms of advertising conventionally divided into two main groups according to media and banner advertising, which, in turn, are divided into separate functional subgroups.

Types Of Advertising: Media advertising

  1. Television advertising, or advertising on TV.
  2. Radio advertising, or advertising on the radio.
  3. Advertising in print media.
  4. Internet advertising, or advertising on the Internet.
  5. Outdoor advertising.
  6. Indoor advertising or interior advertising.
  7. Transit advertising, or advertising on transport.

Types Of Advertising: Banner advertising

  1. Direct advertising.
  2. Print advertising.
  3. Point of sale advertising.
  4. Souvenir advertising.
  5. Promotional activities.

In practical use of the classification by type of advertising often complements the classification by geographical, territorial, regional coverage of advertising. Under this approach, all types of advertising conditionally divided into the following main groups according to the area of advertising.

  1. Local advertising, which applies to the local area.
  2. Regional advertising, which applies to users in one or more regions.
  3. National advertising, which applies to most of the territory, or across the country.
  4. International advertising, which applies to the territory of more than one country.
  5. Global advertising, which applies to most of the world.

Advertising also to distinguish between the nature of the target audience of advertising consumers, i.e. the recipients of advertising messages – individuals or organizations, which are brought to the attention of, or advertising can be increased. In modern advertising practice, the most common classification of the target audience consists of two main groups: individual consumers and organizations. Under this approach, all types of advertising conventionally divided into two main groups.

  1. B2C advertising (Business to Consumer): Business to consumer advertising is the effect of which is directed to the individual or the so-called “end” consumers.
  2. B2B-ads (Business to Business): Business to business advertising is the effect of which is directed to the organization and scope of business.

In addition to the practice-oriented classification, there are the general classification of advertising, which can be called universal. One of the most common universal approaches to the general classification of the advertisement based on its division on the strategic directions, depending on the purpose and objective of advertising. This approach implies that all forms of advertising conventionally divided into two main groups: commercial and non-commercial advertising, which, in turn, are divided into separate functional subgroups.

Commercial advertising:

1) Trading ads:

  • Product ad.
  • Advertising services.

2) Non-commodity advertising:

  • Advertising company.
  • Brand advertising.
  • Person advertising.
  • Advertising territory.
  • Retail advertising.
  • Advertising activity.
  • Event advertising.
  • Advertisement ideas.

A non-commercial advertising:

1) Political advertising.

2) Social advertising.

3) Confessional advertising.

On the basis of this universal classification in this section are presented the characteristics and features of each type of advertising.

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