If you ask most businesspeople what colour psychology is, they will tell you it is all about visual information and how you can deliver it in your branding efforts. This sounds good, but colour psychology has a lot more to do with your emotions and the subconscious mind than just using colours to make your brand stand out.

It’s about breaking down the wall between sight and emotion, and this is what a great graphic designer does as well as a Marketing Strategy Consultant who will look at all of your marketing activities and the words and images that you use and how they have an impact. It is important that you Find a marketing strategy consultant that can support you in all aspects of your marketing activities.

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Let’s look at some colours that have a direct bearing on how we feel or think.

Orange and green both offer up a range of strong and energetic responses and are often used to represent energy and vitality.

Blue and green both give off a peaceful and relaxing feeling and are often used to evoke a sense of serenity and calm. Interestingly this same theory can be put to use when looking to sell your home with experts supporting the sale process like Building Survey Milton Keynes based Sam Conveyancing.

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Purple is known for its elegance and intellect, and when combined with another colour such as red can create a stunning effect. The range of emotions that can be created using colours is extensive, and if properly executed, your branding can be hugely enhanced.

Using the right colour mixes in the design of your brochure and posters can go a long way towards making your brand memorable, recognised, and respected. It is well worth talking through the colour strategies you have in place with a professional, who can guide you in the right direction.


By Heather Balawender

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related to occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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