Call centres can be stand alone business or departments within a given company. This department is responsible for incoming and outgoing telephone calls and these can be based on anything from customer support, membership or sales and marketing. They differ from contact centres in that the call centre only deals with telephone enquiries rather than also through email and web chat.

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Here are some interesting facts about call centres.

  • People first – the operational costs of a call centre are thought to be around 70% based on the employees wages, training and the desks and Draughtsman Chair like the ones from that are needed to make their desk space comfortable. It is an industry that is people heavy and relies on qualities and skills of the staff that they employ.

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  • Manic Monday – the start of the week is always the busiest in a call centre as they receive the calls that would have occurred over the weekend if the call centre had been open. Those call centres that open seven days a week tend to have a steady flow of calls throughout the week, peaking first thing in the morning, around lunchtime and then again in the evening.

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