Our garages are no longer just the place where you keep the Car. For many of us, the current crisis and pandemic have meant that trips out are not the norm, and the car has been relegated to just essential trips to the shops. So, the car has spent most of the time in the garage, or it’s been out on the drive. Lots of us have taken this opportunity to try and find another use for the space. For example, this might be a home gym, games, or even a craft and sewing room. However, there is one common thing all garages need whatever they are used for; they need to keep out the damp.

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One of the quickest ways that you can do this is to invest in a new set of garage doors. Speaking with a Garage Doors Gloucester based company will ensure that damp does not enter your garage as a result of a leaking or inefficient door. There are several other ways to ensure that damp does not seep into the garage. If it does, it can ruin equipment and promote rust; it can produce black mould and spores that can affect the lungs.

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A decent damp source should already be installed in the garage’s foundations. However, if damp occurs, it might be an idea to check for it. The other way to combat damp is to install heaters to keep the garage at a better temperature. Installation may also be required, and fitting a dehumidifier might also be a good idea.

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