Advice and The Best Strategies To Better Write an Ad Copy

Good Ad Copy is the one and only bridge between your landing pages and all the potential customers who search online for products and services like yours. The way it is written affects your rankings in paid search results and click costs.

The copy of a PPC ad is much more important than what most people realize.

Basic benefits for a good ad copy

You can launch paid ads on a number of different platforms, including major search engines and many social media platforms, but we do not have the time nor the space to analyze them all.

We will therefore deal specifically with Google AdWords, although most of these points are applicable to ad copy on any type of platform.

Keep in mind that an ad copy requires the same attention you give to every other part of your PPC campaign, if not more.

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Quality score

Google is able to tell you how valid the copy of your ad by assigning a “Quality Score” to each ad. The Quality Score range ranges from 0 to 10, where 10 represents the highest quality. The ads with the highest scores obviously enjoy the greatest benefits.

Lower costs

If your ad gets a higher score, you can bid less to get the same rank as an ad with a lower score.

It may be strange that Google prefers smaller offers just because the copy of an ad is better, but the reason is simple: the best publicity are clicked more often, so a “top quality” advertisement with a lower bid can eventually make earn more money at Google.

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Ad Copy

Let’s see in a simple example how it works …

Offer for a high quality ad

  • Offer: 0.5 dollar
  • Number of clicks per day per advertisement: 15
  • Google earning per day: 7.5 dollar

Offer for low quality ad

  • Offer: 1 dollar
  • Number of clicks per day per Ad: 5
  • Google earning per day: 5 dollar

The advantages of a good Ad copy

  1. More Return: For the same reason they value lower costs, higher quality ads rank higher on the page at the same lower quality ad bid. This means higher value to your PPC budget.
  2. Increased Traffic: In addition to lower costs and increased ROI, well-done ads have higher click counts (CTRs) that drive more traffic to your site. If you have optimized your landing page, this means more sales.

How to write a good PPC ad copy?

All you know about writing a good copy for any medium, whether it is printed, electronically or online, comes into play in the 3 lines and 95 characters (including spaces) that Google makes available for your ad copy.

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Your ad may also list your address, phone number, and / or customer reviews, depending on the features you’re using, but they show up as they’re listed in your account details, so you do not have to worry about modifying them for each ad.

If you have done in a workmanlike manner, so that space limited can be used to write an ad that meets the traditional AIDA advertising model criteria.

Ad Copy

The three elements necessary for a good Ad Copy

Instead of writing each ad improvising and hoping that you will come in the best way, break down every announcement into the essential elements that make it up and use the best tactics to get the best out of each element.

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1) The Keyword

If you are here to learn how to write a better ad, you will have already done your research for the keyword, right? Your keyword or keyword for advertising should be as close to your ad as possible.

The key phrase that is highlighted in bold in the ad is displayed in the search results. It is the main confirmation for the person who is doing a research that your ad is related to their research. Researchers tend to scrutinize the ad by selecting the ones that seem most relevant.

Those advertisements that create awareness of this relevance and highlight the key phrase in the title are more likely to attract the researcher and be clicked.

2) Benefit

Unless your product is really rare, you’ll have to compete for your keywords.

How can you make your ad stand out?

Make sure that the benefits and / or the value of your offer are very clear, especially if they represent something unique. You will generate more interest and desire.

Make sure to highlight the benefits of your offer and not just its features. You do not have enough space or time to do both. The products or services of your competitor are probably similar to yours, but you can highlight your stressing those benefits that are missing to your competitor. A 12-volt motor for your vacuum cleaner will not stand out as it “cleans your home faster”.

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Often, the best results do not come to ads that are based on the characteristics of a product, but to those that invoke emotional need and / or insecurities that a buyer can have. The “emotional” benefits that you can connect to your product can be better health, greater safety, better appearance, higher social status, etc.

The insecurity that a potential customer may have towards your product can be allayed by listing your “return policy without asking questions”. Customers are also reassured by social testimonies; clear evidence that your products and services are attractive. Depending on whether your business meets the “Seller Rating” AdWords criteria, Google will give you the opportunity to enter buyers’ rating on your ad. If you have the chance, do it.

3) Call to action

Regardless of how close to your keyword are the searched terms, or how good are your benefits, you never expect to get a click without having to explicitly ask for it. Although “Call Now” or “Buy Now” are standard CTA’s and work well, do not be afraid to go on the emotional side of your CTA.

For example, instead of saying “Call now for music lessons” try “Start your musical journey today”. Your call to action should appear on the second line of the description to capitalize on the interest and desire you have created with the declaration of your benefits.

The infallible formula for an ad copy does not exist. The only way you have to write your best ad copy is to keep rehearsing. Try with different benefits, appeal to different emotions, use different call to action. But do not consider it as a continuous test, on the contrary, think of it as an attempt to continuously improve your ROI.

What do you think about the copy of your ads? Do you think you should improve again or are you on the right track?

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