Contextual Advertising: The Way To Get To The First Page Of Search

How to quickly bring the site to the first position in the search engines?

This question is puzzled by the majority of managers of commercial sites, where the profit directly depends on the number of visitors.

Of course, you can attract specialists to optimize sites, but the first results of their work at best will appear in a few weeks, and most likely – months.

In the meantime, the site takes 50, 60, 70 and other places – it’s appropriate to remember about contextual advertising.

Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a paid placement of advertising text messages that appear depending on the keywords (context) chosen by the site owner.

The most popular is the search advertising – SEA (search engine advertising), i.e. showing banners / text blocks on the search results page in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.).

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The main advantages of contextual advertising

Contextual Advertising

  • High speed of launching an advertising campaign (just a few minutes),
  • High efficiency in attracting users,
  • The ad is shown only to the targeted visitors to your site (sampling not only by keywords, but also by geography),
  • A small minimum budget of the advertising campaign (from about $ 50),
  • Contextual advertising is less irritating to the user (in comparison with banner advertising),
  • The principles of payment – most often you pay for clicks on your advertising, and not for impressions, as in banner advertising,
  • Almost all sites present very high-quality statistics that allow monitoring the course and effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

The main disadvantage is that the attendance of the site is not fixed. Efficiency is short-lived and ends with the end of the campaign. Therefore, it is important to remember here such an aspect as the retention of visitors on the site.

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The economic effectiveness of contextual advertising

Contextual Advertising

  • The average price of the transition (click) now is – 0.10-0.15 Cents (depends on the specific area of the goods / services),
  • 100 visitors will cost $10-15,
  • According to statistics – about 0.5-1% of visitors become buyers,
  • From this it turns out that one buyer costs from $10 to $30.

At once I will note that for each business the figures will be individual.

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Rules for the selection of keywords and the compilation of ads are described in detail on the sites of contextual advertising.

Of all the subtleties of this type of advertising, one thing is important – avoid too general words. For example, you sell mobile phones. If you specify a key query – mobile phones, then your ad will be displayed and on request ringtones for mobile phones, instructions for mobile phones, etc.

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