The tricks of the trade to making advertising posters

Advertising posters and posters today represent a fairly common and consolidated practice through which companies have the opportunity to highlight their products, events or services.

Anyone who claims that off-line advertising is destined to disappear IS WRONG.

Many companies or brands, sometimes, because of the digital or social world, make the mistake of considering traditional “antiquated” off-line advertising.

It is true that for years, the world of marketing has been monopolized by “digital technologies”, but the numbers speak clearly, offline communication is still effective and it is a means that if used in the correct way and with the right message it can still reach exceed the set target.

Today still many users become aware of a product, an event, in their favorite magazine, on public billboards or posters, while waiting in the traffic light … etc., at a later time, they look for the same information at the inside the main search engines.

The digital world can therefore become a valid ally of printed paper.

So when planning an advertising campaign, it is wrong to consider only one medium of communication, for the reasons I have just listed.

The creation of posters or posters presupposes, also the knowledge of certain realization techniques, small “tricks of the trade”, which applied to the design will make the message more effective, impactful, and targeted to the type of message we want to spread.

Today I want to tell you some strategies you can follow to create effective advertising posters …


Used to divide spaces, create contrast but also to convey a precise message or emotion.

We have already talked about the psychology of color, about how colors can influence our purchases.

Remember to use the right color combinations, through similar, complementary, tone-on-tone colors.

The Fonts

Appropriate and creatively used character can emphasize the message to be conveyed. Remember not to overdo the fonts, 2 – 3 families of fonts are more than enough.

We see examples of creative use of the font every day, in particular in recent years food is used …. see examples below.

Fonts convey emotions just like colors, so be careful to use the correct font for the correct “tone of voice” decided in the brief phase.

The Dimensions

A creative use of proportions can help us convey a certain type of message and convey attention exactly where we want it.

The Visual Hierarchy

Often one does not have time to read the text of a poster and therefore it is important to be able to catch the attention at first glance and generally in 3 seconds!!!

This is very easy when there is little information to give but can, on the contrary, become complicated when there is a lot of information to be entered.

Give proper priority to the messages contained in the poster or leaflet.

The Negative Space (or white space)

The contrast of colors is a very effective “trick”, as our brain tends “naturally” to be attracted to this type of composition, as already explained by professional designers.

A wise use of positive and negative space can therefore give life to real communicative meanings.

The Perspective

Another very effective element that can be exploited. Changing the point of view can be the turning point for attractive and effective graphics.

Be simple

I will never tire of saying it. Simple things are often the best because they get straight to the point, it will be trivial, but it’s true !!

So avoid too complex combinations of shapes and colors; sometimes a short and effective sentence is enough to catch the customer’s attention.

All these elements can be combined together to create effective and captivating posters, the important thing is never to lose the main objective of each graphic: to transmit a message clearly.

Trust professionals

The advertising poster is an effective communication tool, if used in the correct way, therefore for your communication entrusted to professionals.

If you still don’t have very clear ideas contact us and we will be happy to help you!!!

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