How To Apply Emotional Intelligence In Marketing Strategy

You have heard about emotional intelligence in marketing and try to apply its principles when directing your teams. You try to manage your emotions to strengthen the bonds with your coworkers and in this way create a positive climate.

However, you have not stopped to think that you can also apply these techniques in the relationship with your clients, and even when launching marketing campaigns to get new contacts.

Why emotional intelligence in marketing is important?

The current trend in the world of marketing is to seek the response of the consumer to generate “engagement”, or what is the same, that the consumer is involved in our actions, participate and commit, as a means of loyalty.

Studies show that using emotional intelligence in marketing tactics a greater response is achieved. For example, did you know that the use of emoticons gets a greater reaction from the audience? They are not just teenagers. The messages of brands that use emoticons have 57% more “likes” on average, and 33% more are shared or commented. This is so because, by reflecting a figure of a human face with an emotion, they are also triggers of our emotions.

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Emotional Intelligence  In Marketing

Tricks To Apply Emotional Intelligence In Marketing

In addition to the use of emoticons – careful not to turn into abuse – there are some other things you can incorporate into your marketing that will help you improve your participation ratios …

1) Create a positive climate: Be careful with the subtext of your communications. One thing is what you write in your tweets, and another thing that your audience interprets of them. Test your messages with people in your environment before publishing them and you will see that, in some cases, they are subject to different interpretations. No matter what you think, it matters what your audience thinks. Especially when you play with a sense of humor, or when you enter sensitive areas.

2) People do not buy a product but buy an idea: The most successful brands are those that have been able to position themselves in the mind of the consumer, awakening a specific sensation and directing their messages towards that sensation. “The spark of life” or “you cook or enrich” are just two examples. Find the slogan that defines the idea you sell and make all your communications relevant to it.

3) Define authentic relationships with your consumers: You cannot consider your marketing campaigns as isolated elements, but as part of a set that will establish what type of relationship you maintain with your consumers. Thus, you must know not only your consumer, but also the relationship you have with them. Take into account your past experiences with your brand, remember the previous contacts you had with them. In this way, you will create an authentic and meaningful relationship.

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Emotional Intelligence In Marketing

4) Create messages that excites: Choose the words carefully and synthesize them to the fullest. Enrich them with images that capture attention and that do not need explanation. The image is a powerful resource, since the sense of sight is the one that predominates in our way of perceiving the world. Video is also becoming more and more prevalent in today’s marketing.

5) Take into account emotional intelligence in marketing funnel: What emotions do your customers associate with your product? How do you solve your problems or concerns? Use these answers to focus your messages towards your pain points and to know what kind of reactions you need to trigger in your audience.

6) Manage the times: Publish your contents from 9 to 6 maybe it is not a good idea, because it is possible that the moment in which your consumer is more receptive to receive them is at 9 o’clock at night, right after putting children to bed and when they stays calm. Everything will depend on your product and your client. You must know them well to understand the moment in which a link between them is easier to generate.

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