6 Best Platforms to Advertise Business in 2022

In this article from real money online casino Australia, we will be listing out six best platforms to advertise your business in 2022.

  1. Google

When it comes to advertising your business online, Google is still the biggest online platform of them all. The size and potential audience you can reach through Google AdWords makes it the #1 online platform to use. Because it is so massive, the audience you can find spans any age, geographic region, industry, and so on. If you’re a business owner looking to start marketing online, you should start with Google. It’s the best for reaching the largest portion of your target market online.

  1. Facebook

The next best place to advertise your business online is Facebook. It doesn’t have the same size, scale, or breadth of advertising mediums as Google, but it is still likely the second best platform for most businesses. It is also still the largest social media platform, with over 2 billion users. You can create ads that appear in people’s news feeds as they scroll through their timelines, but also within Messenger, Marketplace, and any other area of the Facebook ecosystem. You are restricted to visual ads, image banners and videos, but the conversion rate can be great.

  1. Instagram

Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is managed through the same Business Manager account as Facebook ads. It has the same capabilities as far as targeting, bidding and mediums. You can even create one ad and set it to appear on both Facebook and Instagram. However, it is usually better to keep them separated. Instagram tends to draw a younger demographic than Facebook. It also tends to be better for your Instagram ads to have better visual quality. It’s a great place for businesses that sell technology, fashion, food, and travel like https://www.bestusaonlinecasinos.com/high-roller-casinos/.

  1. Tiktok.

Although a relatively newer player in the social advertising game, TikTok holds huge potential for reaching potential customers, especially younger audiences. According to eMarketer, many of TikTok’s social commerce capabilities have primarily focused on product ads which appear as native videos on users’ “For You” feeds. The ads are full-screen and appear for nine seconds, just like an organic TikTok post. Under each advertisement, users can tap the “Shop Now” button, which brings them directly to the merchant’s ecommerce site to complete their checkout. Besides in-feed ads, other ad options on TikTok include Brand Takeovers, which means that your ad will be displayed as soon as a user opens the app, or a Branded Hashtag Challenge, which encourages user-generated content through trending hashtags and fun video challenges, like a popular dance or creative filter.

  1. Pinterest.

Like Instagram, Pinterest is a highly visual platform, decorated with whimsical wedding photos, cooking videos and fashion reels. But with that being said, Pinterest is largely geared toward women with a 71% female user base. Considering Pinterest users intentionally use the platform to find and purchase products, Pinterest is one of the most ideal platforms for social media advertising. Promoted pins easily blend into the Pinterest boards without distracting users like some other platforms do. In fact, 85% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on Pins they see from brands. Especially beneficial for ecommerce retailers, Pinterest has a highly targeted search engine which allows brands to advertise their products by promoting their highest-performing pins.

  1. Linkedin.

As the world’s largest professional network, LinkedIn holds a large professional user base and is able to target customers based on job qualifications. Thus, LinkedIn advertising is largely geared toward a corporate audience. Considering 69% of LinkedIn US users earn $50,000 or more per year, this platform tends to hold the highest average disposable income and high-quality leads in certain industries. However, unlike most other platforms, which focus on B2C advertising, the nature of LinkedIn makes it better suited to B2B advertising campaigns. So, service businesses and B2B product businesses tend to get better results on LinkedIn than other platforms.

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