The Best Website Designs of 2018

Last year, it was predicted that 2018 would be an innovative and exciting year. Well, it was correctly foretold. In this article, you’ll discover the web design techniques, tools, and trends that will define digital product and website design in 2018. So, let’s quickly see what web design trends you can expect to find during the course of 2018.

Drop Shadows and Depth

Using of shadows is not something new. You might be wondering why since it’s all about the designs of 2018! Although shadows have been an essential part of web design for a long time, you will now see some stimulating variations thanks to the progress of web browsers. With parallax and grids layouts, web designers are playing with shades more than ever to create illusion and depth of a world beyond the screen.

Vibrant, Saturated Colour Schemes

2018 is surely the year for wonderful excess colours online. In the past years, many designers and brands were stuck with web-safe colours. But nowadays, more designers are becoming brave in their method to colour – including vibrant shades and supersaturation combined with headers. And when it comes to the headers, they are no longer just horizontal. They are reimagined with hard angles and slashes!

This is somewhat helped by high-tech advances in devices and monitors with screens that are more appropriate for reproducing wealthier colours! For instance, when Lucky VIP casino online was designed, the web designers used a lot of vibrant colours. That’s because this type of colours makes it appealing for players on the site. Plus, with the huge array of colourful games that it consists, it makes it so pleasing to scroll on the site! It equally sets it apart from the rest!

Particle Backgrounds

Particle backgrounds are a fantastic result to performance issues websites work into with a video background. The animations are minor JavaScript which enable movement to be formed as a natural part of the background! Like it is often said, an image may say more than hundred words, and a moving one definitely does. Likewise, particle backgrounds instantly attract the user’s attention, so brands can produce an unforgettable impression of themselves in only a few seconds!

Experimental Video and Animation

Web designers usually shake up design with video and animation. However, it is not in the ways that you have traditionally seen it used. There will always be a need for scroll-triggered animations and explainer videos. And 2018 will bring with it more tentative uses of video in the form of animated thumbnail images, virtual or augmented realities, particle backgrounds, and even cinemographs!

Micro Interactions

Animation doesn’t always need to be bold and big. This is particularly the case now as typefaces and colours become rebel and brasher against more safe and traditional norms! Alternatively, what you are going to see more of during this year are micro interactions. Designers will be able to use animation as a sort of reward or signal for visitors that properly engage with their websites. Instead of frequently throw movement at visitors, this understated touch will delight and surprise visitors as they involve with less apparent elements on the site. according to bbm games it should be done.

The best thing about web design is that it’s a continuously developing thing! Between the integrated animations, bold gradients, and bright colours, 2018 is gearing up to be one of the most amusing years in recent memory round the web!

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