Fitted wardrobe ideas

You can use every inch of space with custom-made solutions. If budget is a concern, then you may want to choose an ‘off-the-shelf’ solution. You can select the number of shelves and rails.

No matter what you choose, both wardrobe designs for bedrooms will optimise your space and give you plenty of storage.

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  1. Angles are useful for a variety of tasks

Most houses, particularly period properties, are not perfectly symmetrical. Therefore, any furniture must fit within the quirks and peculiarities of the room, from skirting boards and architraves, to asymmetrical walls and low ceilings. These idiosyncrasies are difficult for freestanding furniture to deal with.

Fitted furniture, on the other hand, works with the architecture of the property to create seamless design. They feel more like a part of the space than just a piece that has been added.

Fitted furniture is more practical because it doesn’t leave any gaps where dust can get stuck. You will also maximise the storage space in your home. For Fitted Wardrobes Poole, consider

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  1. Soften your doors with textured finishes

Fitted furniture is a great way to save space while looking stylish. It’s a good way to add detail by choosing the right finish and door style. Fitted doors are more versatile than freestanding ones, so you can be creative.

Fitted doors can be a great space-saving option, but they tend to look modern and hard. Cover the front panels with a softer material, like rattan.

  1. Use colour to blend into the background

Colour drenching, a trend that is huge this year, involves a single, bold colour covering the walls, skirting, and furniture. This creates a cocoon-like effect, which is perfect for bedrooms.

The drenched effect is echoed in the bedspread that matches the wardrobes, giving the impression of furniture receding against the wall. This style works well with period properties that have traditional architecture and decorative mouldings.

  1. Storage in the kids’ room

The rooms of children can be small. With so many toys, it is best to use fitted furniture to maximise the available space. This allows for a bed and space for play, along with storage for clothing.

Remember to leave plenty of space on the floor so that the room does not feel crowded.

  1. Make the most of your space


You shouldn’t think of fitted furniture in the bedroom as just a row at one end. Fitted wardrobes are great for adding extra storage if you have enough space.

You can have cupboards as shallow or as deep as your space allows. There is no need to use space-wasting back panels. Doors and shelves can be designed in any depth and height to fit slopes, beams and cornicing, and to accommodate architraves.

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