Local Gym: Ten mistakes to avoid at the local gym

“I want to go to a local gym, could you recommend one?”

It is always difficult to point out a local gym because each of has different services. So, before signing up for any subscription, ask for a free trial lesson. It serves to concretely test the changing rooms, the showers, the gym, the ventilation and the courtesy of the staff. It is better to check during the hours when you plan to use the gym: in this way it will be possible to evaluate the crowding, the queues that are created in front of a car or the shower cubicle.

The centers that include divided rooms for the classic courses and the fitness room are to be preferred. Check that in the equipment of the gym there are isotonic machines, free weights and cardio machines. In addition, there should always be a space used for abdominal exercises and stretching. A point of merit also to the centers that include a relaxation area with sauna, turkish bath and relaxation area.

After subscription at local gym, most people’s make mistakes at workout that should be avoided for better fitness. Here we have collected at least 10 mistakes to avoid at the local gym.

1) Do not ask for advice: If you are new members and have chosen to train in the weight room, look for instructor and ask for advice on the type of training you want to follow without fear or embarrassment; you’re just asking that person to do their job.

2) Neglect the heating phase: This is an invitation to avoid muscle soreness or tearing. The best method for warm-up is to practice cardio-fitness for at least 8/10 minutes, then stretching, before moving on to real training.

3) Ballistic stretching: This is one of the most common errors that cause stretching and sometimes lengthening of the ligaments, making them more vulnerable. Do not “float” while stretching, rather stretch the muscle in question gently for at least 20-30 seconds?

4) To expect too much: If you are at the beginning, or it is a lot that you are not training, ask yourself this question: Did I give myself too high a goal? If you cannot sustain an activity for more than 20 minutes, or exercise over 80% of your heart rate, you should review your training program.

5) Dehydration: Did you know that if you train for 45 to 60 minutes even in a conditioned environment you lose a liter, a liter and a half of liquids? For both men and women it is advisable to drink eight to twelve glasses of water a day.

6) Weightlifting technique: You are training your biceps with weights of 18 kg and you are very proud of your talent when an instructor suggests you slow down your movements and control your breathing. Suddenly the 18 kg seems too heavy. Because? Because you are taking advantage of a moment of inertia and not your strength. You must therefore slow down and carefully follow the instructor’s advice.

7) Do not take rest: You have reached your training plateau and the more you increase the intensity of your exercise, the more you feel the situation gets worse. Relax. The more you exercise, the more you need rest because your body needs time to recover energy. Do not need to get too serious, take rest, stream the English Premier League online, cheer and bet for your favorite Liverpool FC, as you know Liverpool FC betting can win you money.

8) Overwork of some muscle groups: Do you always do the same types of exercises every time you train? If so, you are running the risk of reporting injuries.

9) Lack of variety in your program: As already mentioned, the body can derive many benefits from a focused and constant activity. However, if weight loss is your primary goal, you should not only vary the choice of exercises but also the duration, intensity and frequency.

10) Occasional training: It is better to train everyday now and then to train at all, but you will not get the benefits you can draw from a constant training program.

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