Rewiring is necessary in older homes, especially those that are 40 years old and older. This outdated wiring may not be up to date enough to accommodate modern technology, and it could be a safety issue. Some homes are still equipped with 1960s-era aluminum wiring, which was cheaper than copper, but is prone to loose connections and overheating. In addition, it does not have a ground-fault circuit interrupter, which protects against electrical shock.

Many electrical fires start unnoticed – sometimes behind drywall or in the main breaker panel. A faulty electrical system could put your family and property in danger. According to the U.S. Fire Administration, more than half of the 45,000 home fires every year are a result of faulty wiring. You may notice a burning smell around an outlet or electrical appliance, or it could be the result of a shorted outlet.

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Despite how dangerous it might be, electrical fires can be avoided with the help of electricians who can come and assess your property and offer rewiring solutions. A home electrical system can be a safety hazard if it fails to meet safety requirements. If you have concerns about a potential electrical fire, don’t delay repairs. The longer you wait, the more risk you and your family face. If you’re not sure whether or not your home needs rewiring, it’s a good idea to contact a professional electrician.

Another common sign of faulty wiring is a burnt smell near an outlet or electrical appliance. A burning odour is a sign that the wiring in your home is not properly wired. A faulty wiring can cause a fire which can spread to other parts of your home. The electrical system will also be inefficient and can lead to serious injury or death if it is not repaired. If your Electric Meter box is also damaged, consider replacing it at Meterbox

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While the age of a home is not always a determining factor, it is a common sign that your electrical system needs rewiring. If your electrical system is 25 years old or older, it is a good idea to consider rewiring because the older wiring will degrade more quickly than the newer ones. Furthermore, it will be less efficient, which can lead to fire. In addition to the above, your home might also need rewiring if the age of your wiring is over 25 years old.

The presence of static energy is a further common sign that your home needs rewiring. You might notice that some lights are flickering or you receive small shocks from certain power outlets. If your wiring hasn’t been updated for several decades then chances are it cannot cope with the pressure of modern living. By calling a professional electrician, you can avoid a major project and risk putting your family’s safety at risk.


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