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In this article of Local Advertising Journal we will tell you why you should advertise in the print media for your company and how to do it efficiently.

Many people will tell you that investing in the print media is lost money, that it is already dead. We tell you that tens of millions of people in the world still read written press and especially on Sundays.

This article focuses on the national and regional written press to start from the basics. Once you are successful you can expand to the international press.

Print Media

One of the main reasons for advertising in print media

  • It is not ephemeral

Therefore, your advertising would last a lot longer than in digital media.

How do I know if I need to advertise in the print media?

A global survey of over 29,000 consumers conducted by Nielsen showed that advertising in the print media is the best-performing advertising with 63% interest in other media …

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If you have an adult or senior audience: Print media have to be read by those who are older than 35 years of age. According to the Newspaper Association of America’s 66% of adults over 35 have read a newspaper at least once in the week.

If your business traffic comes from mega-sales: A print media can make your message reach more customers who prefer this type of business.

If coupons are an important part of your business: The print media is the ideal medium for coupon distribution.

Print Media Ad Sizes

Print Media

The larger the advertising, the more users noticed. According to Starch Research, the numbers based on size are …

  • Full-page: 42%
  • Page 3/4: 38%
  • Page 1/2: 34%
  • Page 1/4: 26%
  • Page 1/8: 23%

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Print Media Advertising Cost

Print Media

Many companies advertise in the press, using full page advertising if their customers are not necessarily frequent buyers or if their customers are buying items with a high price.

It is much more expensive but over time you will receive more customers. However, advertising of a less secure size will allow you to have a more flexible budget and be able to be present more frequently.

The price of advertising in the written press varies according to …

  • Circulation of the newspaper / magazines
  • Ad size
  • The frequency of publication
  • Section in which the ad is located

In this case, we recommend that you visit the headquarters of the press or send an email to ask about their prices.

* In some cases, press charge taxes for certain types of advertising such as erotica, gambling, etc.

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Frequency of Ads

Print Media

It is advisable to advertise in a print media at least once a week. The publicity in the written press according to its periodicity of publication is classified in …

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Quarterly
  • Monthly
  • Yearbook

Of course, we recommend you to advertise in a press or in extreme cases, minimum in a weekly.

What are the best days to advertise in print media?

Print Media

Each day has your target audience …

  • Monday and Tuesday: Little publicity those days.
  • Wednesday and Thursday: Food stores, supermarkets, fast shopping, home delivery services are the kings of these days.
  • Friday and Saturday: Restaurants, tourist sites, spas and entertainment often use these days.
  • Sunday: Perfect day to announce any product or service. Coupons are usually given on this day.

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Section of your ads

You have several options when buying press ads, you can buy a print run (which is the cheapest) or specific sections. The most read sections in a newspaper are …

  • Main news section (80% of readers)
  • Local News (75%)
  • Sports (55%)

Where should you place your ads?

  • Above the fold (upper half of the page).
  • On the right page or the right edge of that page.
  • Next to an item (not surrounded by other ads).

Print Media

Where NOT to place your ad?

  • On the event page.
  • In obituaries.

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Tips to advertise perfectly in print media

  • Find out about the press ideological principles.
  • Give complete contact information and if you can name it. People do not like to call a mysterious number.
  • Be constant.
  • Take care of writing and spelling.
  • Use coupons, special offers and gifts for your readers.

Examples of misplaced print media advertising

Print Media
In the advertising of the headband a travel agency announces: “it earns a dreamed vacation” and below the main news is the sinking of a tourist boat.
Print Media
On the left: “I said no, but she raped me”; To the right: “We tell you YES when others say no!” With an arrow to the other article.
Print Media
Left: a news article titled “My sister committed suicide accidentally”; Right is regretted an announcement: “Oops!”.

It is advisable to place your ad in the local pages of the newspaper (in addition to the classifieds), on the contrary, announcing it in the main sections is not as favorable as you think because there are many possibilities to leave the side of a terrible human catastrophe that you can unintentionally associate that episode with your company.


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