After the past couple of years, there is finally hope again and we are all looking forward to moving on and enjoying life once more – meeting with family and friends, going out to festivals and concerts and booking holidays that have been long awaited. However, for many people the pandemic has taken its toll and left people feeling that they have aged considerably! If you are looking for ways to turn back the clock a few years and give yourself some life back, here are a few ideas for you to help to embrace life post pandemic…

Change your Hair – Hair can really have a huge impact on the way that we look and feeling and changing your hairstyle and colour is a fantastic way to knock years off your appearance. If you have let your hair grow out and have not paid much attention to it for the last couple of years and fancy a new look, then now is the time to embrace a new style! Going for a more modern style that flatters your face shape will instantly update your look – long 70’s style fringes, modern pixie crops and textured bobs are all styles set to be huge this season. Have a chat with a hairdresser who will be able to recommend what suits your face shape and lifestyle.

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Botox and Fillers – One definite way to take years off you is to get some cosmetic help! Botox and fillers are no longer something that are only used by the rich and famous – there are many places that now can provide you with the gift of youth – of course it is important to make sure that you choose a reputable place to have it done, like this Gloucester fillers clinic for example. Fillers and Botox can help to erase the lines such as marionette lines and forehead lines, as well as adding plumpness back to the skin, which decreases with age.

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Diet and Exercise – You know what they say – looking healthy on the outside comes from being healthy on the inside. Making lifestyle and diet changes can drastically improve your skin and take years off you. Exercise is really good for skin, as the heart pumps more blood to the cells that promote healthy skin, and of course it can also help you to lose weight if that is something that you are struggling with. It is also good to be well hydrated – drinking plenty of water is essential for healthy skin.

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Make up – Many of us can fall into the trap of sticking with the same make up and brands of make-up that we used in our teens and have not done a lot to change it. This can leave us looking dated as well as using make up that is not really suitable for our skin type. Embrace new make-up styles by visiting a few beauty counters and learning about the products, as well as watching YouTube videos on modern make up looks that you like.

By Heather Balawender

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