10 Tips For Killer Web Design

Does web design influence the traffic of your website, will people stay and shop? Of course. You’ve seen websites that scream their own kind: “Bad Idea!”, It’s clear that because of the inept design of the website, this company is losing potential customers. That’s why killer web design is important for all business.

It does not matter whether you are new to the Internet or an experienced marketing professional, in any case, you should be aware that one of the components of the success formula is a good killer web design.

Here are my 10 tips, they will help you create a killer web design that will attract potential customers instead of scare them away …

I. Simple Navigation

The way to success when someone go to your site, people usually look for something specific. These can be recipes for low-calorie dietary dishes, which can be prepared in half an hour, or which online business run the best. Whatever they wanted, in any case, an answer is required. So ask yourself: Why did people come to my site? When you understand why, you will need to do a search for what people are looking for, as simple as possible.

I visited a lot of websites that it was difficult to deal with. And do you know what my first reaction was? – “SKIP!”

And I’m looking at the next website, can I give an answer to my question here. People do not want to waste their time and hunting for things that should be easy to find.

So, if people came to your website in search of tricks, there should be a button for navigation, which is easy to see and identify. The navigation bar people are accustomed to searching on the right side or top of the website.

II. Glittering Nonsense

A direct road to a dead end, you’ve met such sites where elephants dance or on the screen run chips from poker and ask you to click on them. From them, I just have a headache, and on my computer I’m looking for a button “Let me out of here as soon as possible.”

If you are running a professional website, please do not use flashing graphics. It you are guaranteed to scare people away from your site. People came to you for information. Not to click on ads or to destroy your brains.

A killer web design is a pleasant place to stay for clients. As a department store. Think about it when you go shopping. You want to go into a clean store, with well-disposed goods, with good service, and with the products that you are looking for. Your website should be a reflection of such a store. If you wait for everything listed from shopping, is it not fair to assume that customers will expect all the same on your website.

What about music? There’s a difference. I think that on most business sites it should not be. But let’s assume that you work with a realtor who, during summer holidays, leases out houses on the ocean coast. The site sounds music similar to the splash of the ocean at the foot of your desk. It seems to me, in this case the music is good, but I would definitely have it turned off by default with the option to include it if desired. Do not forget that many people look at the sites at work, and they would not want the boss to know about it. If you have loud music on the site, or it’s on by default, and you cannot see the way to turn it off, the visitor will run away from this site faster than the cat that saw the Doberman’s jaws.

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Killer Web Design

III. Color

Improving the industrial landscape in color, the preferences of all have their own, but studies show that colors affect human emotions. Look at the largest sites like Amazon, their layout, as well as color schemes, are simple.

I recommend sticking to the same direction for you killer web design. If you have a financial investment site, then the colors should be conservative. Or you sell beach accessories, then use more cheerful colors. Or you have a site dedicated to pre-wedding parties, then, I would say, gentle-pastel. Think about your audience and understand what the color scheme should be.

IV. Links

The highway to your destination, there is no need for anything smarter, except to check that all your buttons refer to pages and these pages are listed correctly. Nobody, including Google, likes broken links. It can be tedious, but still do it. If you move the pointer over the button and look at the bottom left corner of the screen, you will see which page the hyperlink leads to. Just check their correctness.

V. About Us – Is your VCard correct?

Usually, before you deal with it, people want to know the main points. Who are you, how to contact you, what are your guarantees for goods or services, whether you will resell my e-mail, and what your security policy is, when I receive the goods, etc. You should answer all these questions in order to create an atmosphere of trust between you and your potential clients.

VI. Site Map

How will I find my way in this huge city? Let’s say you have a lot of products or pages and resources. The site map helps people find what they are looking for, quickly and without the need to wander like a lost soul, across your entire site. Maps are not that hard to do, but for large sites they are very useful. They also help search engines get information about you very quickly.

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Vii. Quickly Loading Pages

All the tracks to start! There is nothing worse than slow-loading pages. You can optimize the graphics for your site. People hate cannot wait. You can check the loading time of your page and page rank on Alexa. In the online business, slow pages mean death.

Killer Web Design

Viii. Basket For Shopping

You need to buy several souvenirs if you sell things or services, you need a reliable and well-organized shopping basket. I met websites where a list of a million items was presented, and for the order it was necessary to send a letter there. What a nightmare! Yes, you have to spend money on the shopping basket, but it’s worth it to manage transactions. From the large number of available shopping carts for shopping, I would take a closer look at those that meet the requirements of your business.

IX. Templates or Original Design

Chevrolet or Porsche? People often think that a custom-designed website is expensive. Therefore, they prefer to use templates and compilations. In this approach, there is nothing wrong, but the difference between a site created from scratch and, as I say, “from canned food” I can see right away. Although I think that a website created from templates will not be discouraged by customers, but it will not be attractive either.

Have fun with your online business. You can go to any number of photo sites and download professional photos from cows to racing cars. So you will make your site less mediocre.

Once again, I advise you to hire a good web designer for killer web design. For a simple site you can develop with $400, while others will cost $ 1000 or more. That’s why you should hire good designers and watch examples of their work.

X. Customer Service is The Finish Line!

Okay, so how is the killer web design of the site related to customer service? Well, customer service should be covered throughout the site. From tips to free reports, to guarantees, too fast and trustworthy shopping. People want to know that you know what you’re talking about, and you can deliver the goods they want. Give a little and, I guarantee, you will return with interest.


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