Marketing video production: A new way of attracting customers

According to studies carried out, approximately 85% of brands that want to promote their products use video marketing. This marketing video production with the aim of strategically attracting customers easier, in order to achieve large sales in a short time. But what is Video marketing? It is currently one of the most used techniques in online marketing.

It consists of short videos made by brands or companies to explain in a practical and simple way the use of a product or service, the idea is to connect with the customer, to improve the image of the brand and increase sales.

Marketing video production to attract customers How to achieve it?

marketing video production

It is a reality that online users prefer video formats. So below, we show you at least three ways on how to get their attention.

1.- Promote your product or service

It is about creating a video where you present the product, the characteristics of the product or service you offer and the benefits of using or acquiring it.

2.- Animated Corporate Video

It is one of the most important, as the owner of your brand or company it is ideal that you make it known. Teach users why you are there, the service or product you offer, this will help to connect with customers, and they, in turn, will feel confident with your brand or company and what you offer.

3.- Manual or didactic video

These videos are the order of the day and serve to help the user to do something specifically with real examples, in order to achieve a procedure, they are one of the most used in beauty brands.

Ideal social networks for marketing video production

When asking ourselves the question: What is the social network that best suits my brand or company in order to attract the maximum number of customers? Here we present some of them.

Youtube and video marketing

A digital platform created par excellence, since 2005 it has become one of the largest social networks with the most reach since in 2020 it reached a maximum of 2,000 million active monthly users. Among the most viewed videos are those with approximately 3 minutes of content.


It is considered one of the most popular social networks since it has more than 2,070 million registered users according to the 2020 report and its videos are more likely to be viewed from a Smartphone or mobile device.

Also, it is important to consider that it generates around 8,000 million views per day, and the most popular videos range from 30 to 45 seconds.

Video marketing is achieved on Instagram

Although it is considered the queen of photography social networks, in 2013 it launched its video function, where you can create a profile feed, IGTV, reels, among others. So you can get the most out of it.

Currently millions of people watch videos, to learn or know about something, this leads us to think that if you have an idea why you want to create audiovisual content.

Then without a doubt, it will be one of the best tools to use for your brand or company to achieve great reach, as it presents a more attractive format and increases engagement of marketing video production in social networks.

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