Maybe you haven’t kept a planner since high school. Perhaps it just feels like junk and dirt accumulate whenever you turn away. If you feel disorganized or buried under clutter, you can take small actions each day for a cumulative, rewarding result. Become a more organized person by trying these things.

Find Shortcuts at Work

Your workhour energy feeds into the rest of the day. If you can find ways to save time and smooth out scheduling during work hours, you might feel more energized when you return from work. Calendar software comes in types suited for different professions, from counseling to dentistry. By making your work time into a visual, you and your co-workers can more easily access how it is being spent. If you work in a delivery capacity, you might want to look into time-saving options. You could find a way, for example, to ensure quick dry cleaning pickup and delivery. When faced with emails, you have another opportunity to cut away excess time. Respond in one sentence rather than five as long your point is clear.

Clean Up

Make an agreement with yourself that you’ll clean something. Set specific goals. For instance, maybe on Wednesday you’ll clean and give away items from the top shelf in your closet. If you’re not a successful self-motivator, consider setting aside a day for a group clean-up. Have family members contribute to a weeding day in the yard or invite your co-workers to help you clean the common area one day. If your physical spaces are tidy, but you have messy file folders on your computer, set aside time to declutter your digital spaces. Listen to music or an audiobook to make any kind of cleaning feel more enjoyable.

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Finally, ask for help when you need it. Partner with another disorganized friend and help each other or ask your tidiest friend for some pointers. Your future self will be grateful.

By Heather Balawender

The author is an expert on occupational training and a prolific writer who writes extensively on Business, technology, and education. He can be contacted for professional advice in matters related to occupation and training on his blog Communal Business and Your Business Magazine.

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