Advertising in the Travel Sector – Is it effective?

Advertising in the travel sector is highly competitive. With thousands of travel retailers all competing for your business. In this article we take a look at some of the travel advertising tactics and if they truly work – making your head look twice at bargain deals.

Online Advertising

The online market has got to be one of the toughest to break. There are many established brands out there which have monopolised the travel sector through online advertisements and huge teams that make each website efficient and well optimised. So how do new businesses cope with the ultra-high demand needed to compete in the travel sector? Let’s take a look at Travangelo, who are a flight comparison website. By offering better deal than a lot of its competitor, brands like Travangelo stand out from the crowd. Advertising is also key, hiring a digital marketing agency is important to make sure the website is ranking well and it’s also well optimised. If you are thinking of competing in the travel sector, here are some things to consider:

  • Pay per click
  • Advertorial banners
  • Search engine optimisation
  • Infographics & high quality content with sharing
  • Social media paid placements – Such as Facebook Ads

With a lot of hard work and the features listed above, you will be able to advertise alongside the biggest online brands around the globe.

Television Advertising

TV advertising has always been a popular way for big brands to make themselves house hold names. TV advertisements can be costly with creating your advert and purchasing the allocated time slot. If you are considering TV advertisements, be sure to sponsor a TV program that is relative to your target market. Be sure to portray the correct tone of voice for your brand as you will be put in front of millions of viewers.

Having interesting or funny TV advertisements can also help your online presence, especially if your content goes viral.

Radio Advertising

If you understand that a lot of your target market are listening to the radio, be sure to look into radio advertisements. Radio ads can be a cheap alternative to TV advertisements and if you do this with an agency, you will be able to get national advertisements for a fraction of the cost. If you can, see if you can get a celebrity to voice your ad. Familiar and popular voices can really help make your advertisement stand out compared to the rest. This will help generate sales and leads for your business.

Traditional Graphic Design

Sometimes the oldest techniques can still be the greatest. Advertising design can be a hard market to break as there are so many cutting edge designs these days. When designing your advertising image, be sure that your resolution is correct to begin with! Prepare for the kind of advertisement you are doing, for example you could advertise on the following:

  • Billboard design
  • Trainline posters
  • Viral posters – for example, posters you see on the wall

All of these techniques can work very well, especially if you are dedicated and have a clear idea of what you would like to do. So many times in advertising, mistakes are made and this can not only affect you, but also affect your brand and your rate of growth. Think hard about what your tone of voice is and what you are offering and you will be successful in your advertising campaign.

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