Creative OOH Advertising Campaigns to Draw Inspiration From

Despite the massive use of digital marketing in today’s landscape, prints and out-of-home (OOH) advertising are still among the most effective when it comes to reaching a localized target audience. Whether you are promoting a business that caters to the communities around you, or you want to expand the reach of your brand to new communities, using OOH advertising can be your best strategy.

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As the technology around OOH advertising improves, we are also seeing some very creative campaigns, new and exciting content, and even OOH advertising being used as a part of a more integrated, online-and-offline campaign. Here are some of the creative OOH advertising campaigns you can draw inspiration from.

The Delta Dating Wall

Delta Airlines is in a relatively traditional industry. While there have been some interesting marketing and advertising campaigns from the airline industry over the years, the majority of ads focus on the actual service. This makes Delta’s Dating Wall campaign even more interesting.

The Delta Dating Wall is a campaign in which it partners with Tinder. Delta decorates a corner in Brooklyn with a beautiful display of nine popular travel destinations. There is a big tagline on both sides which says, “World Travelers Are More Likely to Be Swiped Right.” It is a play to Tinder’s swipe feature.

Singles can then take pictures and post them to their Tinder profiles to gain more attention. The design of this OOH advertising is also catchy and fresh, drawing more attention to it in the process. Delta concluded the campaign with a key message, “until you take the trip, we’ll help you fake the trip with these backdrops.”

The Wilshire Grand Center

The Wilshire Grand Center is a new skyscraper in Los Angeles that quickly becomes an advertisement for itself. The unique shape of the 1,100 feet tall skyscraper is only the beginning. There is lighting set up on one side of the building which starts at the bottom and goes all the way to the top.

This lighting setup is highly recognizable from the colors it displays. You always know that you are looking at the Wilshire Grand Center no matter where you are in Los Angeles. The building also gets featured in some news shows on NBC and other networks.

What’s interesting is how the lighting is actually a fully-functional 3D display that can also show videos. If you are looking for an OOH advertising opportunity that creates the biggest impact, you can get in touch with KEVANI and work on a campaign using the Wilshire Grand Center.

Smirnoff Made in America

The family behind the brand Smirnoff fled the USSR in 1917. Vodka, however, remains a product associated with Russia until today. These facts make Smirnoff’s Made in America campaign that much funnier.

In a series of OOH ads, Smirnoff shows a big “Made in America” tagline, followed by a remark underneath it, “but we’d be happy to talk about our ties to Russia under oath.” It is a play to the current Russia election meddling investigation and it gets people talking about the ads.

These campaigns show how OOH advertising, when used creatively, can create both online and offline buzz. Find ways to use OOH advertising to boost your brand awareness by drawing inspiration from these ads.

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