Did you know these facts about Gloucester?

The City of Gloucester is the Capital of the county of Gloucestershire and its largest and most populous urban area. It sits in the northern lea of the Cotswolds, and it has panoramic views of the Hills beauty. It has a close link to the M5 Motorway for the Midlands and the South West; it also features at one end of the A417/A429 providing a quick link to the M4 and London.

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There are many interesting facts about this historic City that can be discovered

  1. The city is the final resting place of a Monarch. King Edward the Second met his somewhat unpleasant end in Berkeley Castle just down the road.
  2. The Cathedral dates back to early Medieval times. It could have in use been even earlier than that. There is evidence that even in the Dark Ages some kind of Christian worship was happening on the site.
  3. Gloucester was once known as Glevum. It rose to become one of the largest Roman settlements in Roman Britain. Huge amounts of Archaeology have been discovered in and there around the City including the presence of Villas on its outskirts. It owes its size to the fact it became a place where Roman Legionnaires could retire after they had finished their active service.

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  1. It was the trade hub for large Docks. Its access to the River Severn meant that goods from Bristol and the English Channel could easily be brought inland. This was helped even further with the introduction of the  Gloucester to Sharpness Canal. This allowed a much easier navigation route for the sailors and traders bringing in the goods. As a result, great wealth came into the City. It can still be seen in the streets surrounding the Dock area.
  2. It is the home to the Gloucester Waterways Museum. Founded in the Late 1980s this multi-storey Museum is housed within one of the old storehouses, in the very heart of the Docks themselves. The Museum is full of boating memorabilia and focuses on the importance of the canal to the City and the huge changes it brought.
  3. There are two prominent Sports in Gloucester, Rugby and Football. The football team plays in colourful orange and black strip that earns them the nickname of the Tigers. However, it is the Rugby Union side that makes up the most important element. Still based in the City limits on Lansdowne Road, the Cherry and Whites of Gloucester are a very successful team. They have won the league many teams and provide several players to the England national side.

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