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Having an email subscriber list is a great way to keep in contact with your customers, and it is a wonderful way to let them know about new products or services that you have available, as well as being a way to offer them discounts and special offers. This can help you to build a loyal audience that looks forward to receiving emails from you. Make sure that you work with an SEO Swansea company such as to ensure that you are installing these subscription buttons in the right way. There are a number of ways that you can use your website to gain email subscribers, and here are a few of them for you to have a look through.

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Newsletters – if you like to keep in regular contact with your customers and followers, you can add a newsletter subscribe button to your website. This is usually in a prominent position, such as in a banner along the top of your site or at regular points on your home page. Once someone gives you their email address, you are then able to send them updates that can include information on your products and services as well as other information that you think they might find useful. It is important that if you start a regular newsletter, you ensure you continue with this and are consistent with when and how you share the newsletters.

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Discounts – another good way to get people to share their email addresses with you is to offer them the opportunity to sign up to hear when you have a sale on or offers on particular products. This works much more for product-based businesses than it does for service-based ones. There are certain times of the year when this works well, and this includes Easter and Christmas. The summer can also be a good time to share out offers, especially if you have products that will be in higher demand over the warmer summer months.

Lead magnets – these are freebies that you give away in exchange for an individual sharing their email address with you. It could be an eBook that will help them with certain aspects of their life or their business, or it could be a checklist for keeping themselves healthy and eating well. There are lots of different types of lead magnets, and the one that you choose will depend very much on your audience and the kinds of products and services that you offer.

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