Could you hack being a courier?

There is a lot of opportunity in the job market right now for courier drivers. Over recent years and the explosion in online shopping, more and more parcels are being sent and received than ever before. Despite a struggling financial climate, this sector is growing. If you’ve thought about working as a courier, you’ve probably wondered what it’s really like. Here are some insights into what to expect working as a courier driver.

  • Hard Work

Many people have the misconception that courier work is easy. It’s just driving, right? Being physically fit is very helpful as a courier could lift hundreds of parcels in one day. Whilst the act of collecting and delivering parcels is simple in theory, the long hours of driving, dealing with rush hour traffic, meeting targets and lifting parcels will all require hard work.

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  • Career Progression

Whilst starting out will take hard work and probably not a huge amount of money, there is opportunity for progression. There are many different careers in the shipping industry, as well as the chance to become the manager of a local distribution centre, for example. Some go into long distance truck driving after starting out as a courier.

  • Busy

Sometimes the expectations will feel impossible. If you’ve ever wondered why couriers don’t tend to stop and chat, it;s because they are off to their next delivery with little time to spare. The days will fly by and there won’t be a dull moment. Being a courier will keep you super busy and you’ll enjoy a lot of experiences out on the road. For more information on Couriers Bracknell, go to a site like

  • Flying Solo

Working as a courier can be a lonely affair as couriers rarely get a chance to interact with their customers or colleagues. However, for those who like a bit of independence and hate being micromanaged, the life of a courier will be ideal.

  • Confident Driver

As 99% of the time a courier will be driving, the need to be a good, safe and confident driver is paramount. Patience and good driving behaviour is also important as a courier often drives a liveried vehicle and whilst driving, is acting as a brand ambassador for the company they work for. Stamina is an important quality to have as well because many hours of driving requires continued concentration and focus.

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  • Lifting

An understanding of health and safety and the ability to lift parcels safely is also necessary. If safe handling techniques aren’t applied then workers run the risk of injuring themselves and being unable to work. There could be hundreds of different packages to transport every day so some upper body strength is required.

  • Greeting Customers

Even though there will be little time to stop and chat, a courier should have excellent customer skills. A smart appearance, a polite attitude and a friendly delivery will go a long way to ensuring your courier firm develops a great reputation.

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