What is Positive Behaviour Support Training?

Positive behaviour support training is an important tool to help people with challenging behaviour develop positive social and communication skills. It focuses on a systems-wide approach to teaching and reinforcing positive behaviours and ensuring consistency in response to problem behaviour. This method has been successfully implemented in several countries. Direct support personnel working with those with challenging behaviours are encouraged to attend this type of course.

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Parents can access training from an accredited psychologist in their local area. Parents can also access positive behaviour support services through organisations that support those dealing with learning disabilities and a range of mental health problems. A Challenging behaviour Course might also be recommended. It is a collaborative approach, which involves parents and other professionals involved in a child’s development. The programme is tailored to the child’s specific needs, and involves a medical assessment, a family discussion, and observation. For more information on the right Challenging behaviour Course for your needs, go to a site like Tidal Training.

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Positive behaviour support teaches children and adults to avoid problems and learn new skills. It takes into account all factors that can affect an individual’s behaviour. Using an evidence-based approach, this technique has been shown to improve a person’s quality of life. The PBIS method involves a series of steps, including goal identification, information gathering, hypothesis development, support plan design, implementation, and monitoring.

Positive behaviour support training courses are often accredited and the courses are designed for individuals and teams working in the healthcare sector, and can be face-to-face or online.


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