How to use digital resources to advertise locally

Local advertising is an effective and convenient tool, sometimes even totally free, to get in touch with customers close to you. In this article we will find out how to use digital resources to advertise locally … and we will try to cover few questions those often rise in our mind when we talking about advertise locally …

  • Why local advertising is important?
  • Where to place online ads aimed at local customers?
  • What are some special features of “local” ads?

Online advertising has changed the way sellers and buyers meet: once there were the Yellow Pages or the telephone directory, now it has been almost exclusively to search engines, online directories, review sites and social network. And while these digital tools are open to everyone, anywhere in the world, many also offer the opportunity to publicize their business with a local clientele.

In this article we will discover the basics of local advertising and how to exploit them for your business. We’ll find out why local ads are so important, where to buy space and what to do to narrow down the field to a local clients.

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Why local advertising is important?

First of all, always remember that the Internet is everywhere. This means that if your bike shop is located in the east of New York, the inhabitants of the west of New York will find you online, but also those who live in New Jersey.

Assuming that those who live in New Jersey will not be very interested in going through a boot to make a purchase in your store, it is probably not a good idea to invest to advertise your business in New Jersey.

And this is precisely what characterizes local advertising: it allows you to limit the display of your ads to people in your area and who could become your client.

Online Advertising

Where to place online ads for local customers?

You can place local advertising online through many different channels: search engines, local directories, review sites and social networks are the best places to start.

On search engines you can choose to show your ad when people enter certain search terms, and all major engines allow you to limit the display of ads to people who live only in certain areas and locations.

For example, if you choose “bicycle repair” as a keyword, you can create a campaign aimed only at those who type these terms and are within a radius of 10 kilometers from your store.

And then? Well, social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn offer professional pages, as well as paid ads targeted to local customers. Social networks are able to detect the position of people and, just like search engines, allow you to show your ads only to those nearby, through local and relevant messages.

Of course, local directories and review sites also offer opportunities to advertise locally. Apart from inserting your card, which is usually free, you can take advantage of paid features to show your ads in prominent positions, such as search results or even your competitors’ cards.

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What are some special features of “local” ads?

Local advertising gives you the opportunity to take advantage of the presence of people in the vicinity of your store. First of all, your message can be targeted to those who are physically close to the store.

And some local advertising channels offer unique features.

You can in fact enter the opening hours or show the ads only when you are open.

Or you can guide customers with smartphones or mobile devices to your door with step-by-step directions, get in touch with just one click or even let them read the reviews you’ve received.

To Recap

Local advertising can help you find customers near your business, offering you numerous channels and opportunities.

You can choose to use search engines, social networks, directories or review sites, limiting your advertising budget to those nearby, and take advantage of special features to bring out your business in the neighborhood.

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