How to identify the target audience of the site for advertising

The topic of the post is the definition of the target audience of the site, product and advertising on the Internet. In order to start an advertising campaign for a product or service, you need to take on the definition of the target audience, that is, the beginning of the demand itself.

It is demand that generates supply.

Therefore, you need to analyze who these people are, who are looking for our product or service. It is from this it is worth starting an advertising campaign. Now we will discuss where you can get the data.

Stand in the client’s place

target audience

You can stand in the client’s place and ask yourself the question: “I want to buy some goods (for example, TV). Who I am and why I need it.” Of course, TV is a fairly popular product, which contains very extensive types of target audience. CA for a product such as a TV will be very large.

Therefore, now the market has a huge number of models of TVs with different diagonals and functionality. It is such an extensive market that generates a large number of models, because manufacturers are trying to give each type of TV to each segment.

At the same time certain types of advertising campaigns are aimed at different segments of the target audience. That is, the first method is to become a customer and ask yourself simple questions. For example, here I wanted to buy some goods.

The first question that comes to my mind: “Why do I need this and why should I buy it?” Accordingly, we need to think about who those people are who want to buy this product and order such a service. Later we will analyze those questions that will help you make a portrait of the target audience.

Sales statistics for the target audience

target audience

The second way, which is aimed at determining the target audience, is sales statistics. When you create any advertising campaigns, the first thing you need to do is ask for sales statistics.

Even can be together with your advertiser you can do analytics (sales statistics, where information about those people who make purchases should be displayed). Based on this statistics, you can select several segments of the CA.

The statistics should be available information on the sales graph (where people buy). For example, they buy more from Moscow or from other regions.

There should also be statistics on sex and age. This statistic is also important. In fact, this includes geographical and sex-age statistics (sex and age).

This is very important in order to further develop segments of the target audience. That is, you take the sales statistics, see who made the most purchases and further downward.

As a result, we make segments of CA based on sales statistics. It is for these segments of the audience then it will be necessary to develop advertising campaigns.

Web Analytics Data

target audience

The third way that will help to describe the target audience is web analytics data. In web analytics systems (for example, in the Google Analytics) there is a special report “sex-age structure”. Here we do a few simple steps.

First, we need to install on our site web analytics counters. Secondly, you can simply set up goals on the site. For example, to purchase goods, subscribe, send an order form or feedback.

And thirdly, after some time of gathering information, you need to look at a special report called “sex-age structure”. I will tell you more about this method in another material.

In principle, we have analyzed three simple methods that will help you to determine the target audience for further successful advertising. Be sure to collect all the statistics for your CA so that you can then properly manage the advertising campaign.

You should always know your target audience and who is your client. I think in the future you will not have questions in how to determine the target audience.

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