How To Promote Your Local Business

Promote your local business online can be a full time job to learn about your services or products to internet users …

We point below 5 very effective ways to promote your local business online …

  • Indexing of the pages web search engine
  • Advertisements on search engines
  • Sheets of business premises
  • Social media
  • Email Marketing

1) Promote Your Local Business Through Indexing Of Web Pages On Search Engines

Promote Your Local Business

A free method to promote your online business is in use the organic results of search engines. A user when searching for a solution to a problem or need often search on the internet through search engines like Google.

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Search engines based on demand the user puts the (Query) returns the results fit the user’s search pages showing internet sites. Usually you would want your customers can view your website on the first page of search engines but since many companies offering services and similar products are not so easy to get positive results.

We listed below some steps to make sure to get a good indexing in Google results …

Step 1– Make sure that your business website is indexed on search engines. To do this simply go to Google, type in the search command “” (replace with your site) and check whether there appear or not your site’s pages. If they do not appear the pages of your site, your site is not indexed and therefore you can report it to Google at by add the portal to Google Search Console and sending the sitemap for scanning. You can do same to submit your site to Bing go on this page Bing – Webmaster Tools.

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Step 2– Even the graphics have a certain importance for placement. As you know for some years, an increasingly large part of the web traffic comes from users of mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). To improve the usability Google has begun to appear in search results, the mobile-friendly sites designed with a responsive graphics designed specifically to be viewed from smartphones and tablets. To find out if your site is mobile-friendly just check with Mobile-Friendly Tools, you will need to just enter your site’s address and shortly you will have the answer from Google.

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Step 3– Rate of creating valuable content for your website and make them easily indexable on search engines (text, images and multimedia content related to the keywords that your potential customers are looking for).

2. Promote Your Local Business Through Advertisements On Search Engines

Promote Your Local Business

An immediate method to appear on search engines when someone is searching for keywords that lead to your local business is the use of paid advertising associated with searching (Ex. Google AdWords). In this case, your ads will appear above or next to organic results, you can select the title and the description with which want the ad to your ad to your potential customers.

Any business can take advantage of the AdWords campaigns; you just need a Google account and a business website. Our advice is still be followed by an internet marketing professional to optimize the available budget to invest.

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Since the AdWords pay per click campaigns you pay according to the clicks your ad receives. A click received may have different costs like 10 cents, 30 cents, 50 cents, $1 etc., If you pay the click 20 cents with $20 of budget received 100 visits to the site, if you pay $1 with $20 campaign you will receive only 20 visits. An experienced trader knows definitely do better than you make your budget to invest to bring more customers as well as use this platform every day, knows advanced techniques and knows how to analyze your competitors better. If you invest money in campaigns DIY will almost certainly happen to have poor results and your invested money will end up almost immediately with low yield.

3. Promote Your Local Business Through The Boards Of Local Business

Promote Your Local Business

If you have a business (shop, office etc.) and propose your products or services in a specific city can use the Local business cards to get in touch with your potential customers just “around the corner” (Google My Business). These localized listings appear in search results when a user searches for a particular product or service in a given specific location.

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In Google’s localized cards your company can enter the business address, phone number, a description, opening times, the cards of your products or services, photographs, video and real-time updates as may be discounts and promotions targeted.

4. Promote Your Local Business with Social Media

Promote Your Local Business

Social media are no longer just for fun for users but professionals or entrepreneurs who want to promote their business using them as channels of communication with their potential customers to share news, tips and much more.

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For Facebook, for example, it is important to properly create a fan page for your business, and continuously post content on a regular basis in order to make inroads in the user. If this is not enough you can always start a campaign for a fee by selecting the target of potential customers through filters that range from the user’s interests, location, age, etc …

5. Promote Your Local Business with Email Marketing

Promote Your Local Business

The email marketing is a method to send information of your products or services to your customers and potential customers. This strategy is used to drive targeted traffic to your business website.

There are many companies that offer email marketing services and you can find a partner with whom a contract for sending newsletters with estimable or monthly basis in order to give continuity to your promotional activities.

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You have to pay attention to the payment terms contracted, it can be a CPC (cost per click), CPV (cost per view), CPM (cost per mile) or CPS (cost per sale), among them there is certainly neither an advantageous than another for your business

This is just a few steps to promote your local business online. We will share more in future articles but in the meantime if you dig out any point please let us know via comments.


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