What are the differences between online and offline advertising?

The advertising traditional, one defined offline, takes place in the “physical” world while online advertising is moving into the Internet; simplifying to the maximum we can take this distinction as good, even if in some circumstances the nuances between online and offline advertising are more subtle. But my goal is to make your life easier, indeed easy reading, so no technicalities and big words that can confuse and put you in difficulty, beyond your knowledge in this sector, whatever they may be.

According to the latest data available, the number of users on the internet is around 4 billion worldwide and in Italy there are over 4 million people; this makes us understand the potential of the communicative scope contained in the medium of virtual communication, internet, an extremely important element and not to be underestimated in advertising, especially for those who sell products and services.

Traditional advertising communication

The advertising that we have defined as traditional, also known as offline, is the one we find on posters, in the media such as television, radio and newspapers. Offline marketing strategies must also be used to disseminate a corporate brand.

What are the offline marketing strategies for a company that wants to make its brand known?

  • Advertising campaigns by mail service
  • Advertising campaigns with distribution of flyers, brochures and even postcards.
  • Purchase of advertisements in newspapers or magazines on a local or national scale
  • Billboards, radio or television advertisements
  • Advertising campaigns by mail, via direct-mail (envelopes with name and logo of the company, usually containing discounts and promotions for the consumer)
  • Events and initiatives at the physical location of the business (for example in a sales shop)
  • Attendance at seminars or thematic courses to distribute business cards and company information sheets.

What communication channels for an online marketing strategy?

The communication channels par excellence are the tools made available by the web, very useful for creating an effective advertising strategy.

  • Social network, then Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter
  • Banner to insert in the site
  • Blog and sites made with care and in detail
  • Search Engine Optimization campaigns to implement the visibility of the site or blog on search engines, in order to improve the dissemination of content and business activities.

Just create a site or a blog? Of course the answer is no.

Very important is that the posts and the contents are constantly updated and well done; insights and catchy news that can arouse the reader’s curiosity are absolutely necessary. The added value within a website is given precisely by the quality content that can respond to user demand. In this way, the virtual container (the site or the blog) is enhanced and consequently the brand of the company, which communicates with its users in correct, functional and above all direct ways.

If you do not have the right skills to create a website, you should rely on a freelance professional, or on a web agency that can take care of the company’s advertising meticulously and professionally, with long-lasting results.

It is fundamental for companies to position their brand on the market and the best solution would be an integrated communication strategy between on-line and offline advertising. The goal is to reach your audience to present products and services that meet people’s needs and any medium is a great opportunity.

The web has enabled companies to get closer to customers, becoming an effective tool to better understand the needs of the market and consumers of goods or services.

The potential expressed by a business unit on the Internet, through the construction of a website or a blog, or through the management of social channels, would bring substantial advantages in the business of a company both in the short and in the medium-long term.

What are the advantages of online advertising?

The visibility for the products and services of a company, a company or even a freelancer is one of the factors that benefit digital communication to promote the business of reference.

The possibility of being able to know and manage feedback from consumers, both positive and negative, allows the company to have a direct interaction with its customers. Therefore greater attention to the reputation and image of a company.

Furthermore, with a view to long-term objectives, factors such as the strengthening of brand awareness and the authority of the brand  on the market are important for a company , which could lead to an increase in the quality and profitability of its reference customers; among the advantages there is the potential unlimited possibility of engagement and the acquisition of new partners.

What should we choose between online or offline advertising?

The best idea is to optimize both advertising modes, both online and off-line: creating an integrated communication strategy would be the best tactic to start to enhance the knowledge of the brand and the products or services of a company. One does not exclude the other!

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