How to create an effective welcome message in Email Marketing?

An excellent way to start a relationship with our clients is using email marketing strategies, which allow us to personalize, automate and optimize the messages we send. However, when using this type of strategy it is very important to take into account not only the content of the message, but also the design and other elements that significantly influence its effectiveness.

To create an effective welcome message in email marketing, there are a number of keys to consider. Here we share some of them …


The subject of the message is decisive in the effectiveness of the email. Be sure to use a topic that is relevant, engaging, and persuasive.

A tip that works very well is to include the name of the client in the subject, thus we maximize the opening rate significantly.

Also, it is recommended to use emojis so that our message stands out from the others and becomes more attractive in the eyes of the client.

As it is a welcome message, try to build trust in the customer, as this is the first opportunity we have to start interacting with him and we have to take advantage of it in the best way.

Avoid using words that mail services can detect as spam, because in the end your message may end up in the “spam” folder.


Developing a clear and simple message that perfectly understands the service offered by a company is essential. If this is not done correctly, communication with the customer may fail. The welcome message is the first contact with the customer and a business opportunity that many companies end up missing. Presenting the services and solving doubts will be the premise of this welcome message. As well as the possibility of establishing future communications as a result of this message. Therefore, it will be very important not to include them in the no reply category. In addition to offering a visual email and that does not offer too much text in order to make the message enjoyable.

Another important detail is that communication can be opened on mobile phones. In this way, it is very important that companies ensure compatibility with these devices.

Starting to create an effective welcome email may be the key to increasing future sales. Offering valuable content that serves the customer is essential to ensure that the welcome email is the step for a new relationship with a customer. In addition to maintaining this one that has captured attention. You cannot let your guard down in this aspect of marketing since the welcome email is the key that will mark the relationship with the customer. Having a lasting relationship with your clients is in your hands.


The physical appearance of the welcome message in email marketing is essential since it will make it possible to distribute the information well throughout the page, as well as to achieve the clarity that is needed at all times. The first element to keep in mind is the logo. Having a logo that represents the values of the company is essential. In this way, it will be important to create a unique logo design that manages to stay in the customer’s mind and immediately associate it with the function of the company. Perhaps this is the most complicated task, but there are many tips that can help in this task. But the main thing above all is to choose what type of logo you want as a company image. In this way, several elements must be taken into account …

  • Image or letters: There are logos that play with an image that directly or indirectly represent the company. Other companies bet on a design based on letters, a word that connects with the values of the company. There is also the possibility of reducing it later to an initial or acronym. Even abstract designs. But the fundamental thing in this is that the logo matches the image and the corporate strategy of the company.
  • Color: It has always been a factor that has been related to the sector in which he worked. However, the present time has risk using colors that detach from this. Thus, they have been based on the theory of colors, a psychological study that takes into account how a certain color affects according to the perception of the subject. Red is associated with strength, orange is usually associated with energy, green with freshness, blue with confidence, purple with power, pink with calm, white with purity and black with elegance. Although the latter also has a negative part, as it is sometimes associated with mourning and death.

Once finished with the logo, you will have to decide where it is placed in the message. It would be recommended that this appear at the beginning of the message in the header. Then it will be necessary to analyze if it is centered, it is located to the left or to the right. This will basically depend on the chosen design, but it would be advisable to place it in the center or on the left.

Another important element in the design is the distribution of the message. In this way, it will be necessary to take into account if you decide to make a single box or it is distributed in columns. Sometimes this option is used so that the message does not become too heavy for the recipient. The structure should include at least three sections throughout the message …

  • Service: The service offered will be the first because it is the key for the customer to build loyalty.
  • Utility: A section for who we are and what we do. Many companies forget to include this important fact in their first message to the customer.
  • Communication: It is important to specify what type of communication is going to be done through this route.

Call to action

A fundamental element in email marketing are the “call to action” or “calls to action”, which refer to the part of the message in which the customer is invited to take a specific action after reading our central message.

The welcome message can include a call to action for the customer to place their first order, giving them a special coupon or discount for that first purchase. Also, we can take advantage of that welcome message to deliver a guide, catalog or relevant information that the client can download to learn more about our products and services.

It is very important to take the client to action so that their commitment to our business is greater so that we can persuade and retain them.

What other element do you consider important to create an effective welcome message in email marketing? Leave your comments and contributions on the subject.

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