How to start a lash business?

Are you a beauty enthusiast? You’ve been wearing false lashes for years and now it’s time to make your passion into a business. This article will help you start your own lash business from the ground up. In this blog post, I will cover everything from how much is needed to get started down to what type of products are most popular with clients.

After reading this post, I hope that you’ll have some great ideas on how to start your own lash business! Keep reading: Creative ways to get referrals for your business growth

How to start a lash business?

How to start a lash business

To understand how to start your own business, you must know what is required in terms of products and tools. To create a complete lash set for a client, the following items are needed:

  • Lash adhesive (individual lashes do not come with an adhesive)
  • Lace ready band (for individual lashes)
  • Plastic tweezers (for placing lashes to avoid glue transfer)
  • Lash tweezers (placing individual lashes)
  • Mink lash applicator (apply mink lashes only with this tool)

Also, it’s important to know that each lash type has its own specific set of tools. For example, you cannot use plastic tweezers for applying strip lashes and can’t use lash tweezers to place mink lashes.

The startup cost for a lash business

After knowing what tools and products are needed to start your lash optometry, let’s look at how much it will set you back altogether! Here is the exact breakdown of costs:

  • Individual lashes: $15-25 for a box of 25 pairs
  • Strip lashes: $20-$50 for a box of 5 pairs
  • Mink lashes: $35-$100+ for a bag of 10 strip lash clusters (each cluster has 10 lashes)
  • Lash glue: $10-30 bottle + shipping fee to your location
  • Lash adhesive remover: $10-30 bottle + shipping fee to your location
  • Pro lash applicator (for mink lashes): $25-$35
  • Tweezers: $5

Each product has its specific tools that are needed, which means it is possible to end up spending well over a thousand dollars if you’re not careful!

Let me clarify something for you. You do not need to buy individual lashes complete with adhesive. Lash glue is sold separately, so if possible, always try to purchase lash products without the lash set already attached. However, if you want to complete your set right away, then by all means, go ahead and pay extra for it.

From the above list of tools and products, you can see that it is impossible to get started without spending some bucks as a newbie in this industry. With that being said, keep in mind that acquiring tools and lash products for your lash business does not require a huge financial investment.

To start working with clients right away, you’ll need about $35-$100 (depending on how much you pay for mink lashes). With that amount, you’re able to purchase lash glue, tweezers and an applicator tool.

As your lash business begins to grow, there’s no doubt that more products will be required. That’s perfectly fine because when that time comes, you will already know how much you need to invest in order to keep your business running.

How to find clients?

I’ve had so many questions from fellow beauty enthusiasts who want to know the answer to this question! And I get it. Finding new clients is probably the most difficult part of starting a lash business. After all, no one wants to travel to your salon or spa to get a full set of lashes when they can go through their instagram feed and find someone who is offering house calls.

So, how does one become an expert in applying individual eyelashes or mink lashes? Well, that’s easy! First off, purchase some tools/products and start practicing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have hands-on experience before setting out for clients.

Secondly, you must establish a social media presence and let people know that you’re now offering lash services! In order to find clients right away, here are the platforms that I recommend:

Facebook instagram youtube snapchat (yes snapchat!)

You may also want to consider joining relevant facebook groups and offer your services there. It’s a good way to connect with potential clients.

Now, the tricky part is that everyone must know that you’re willing to do lash applications for free or at very low costs before they even consider hiring you. Otherwise, they won’t take your services seriously.

You must establish your credibility before clients begin to find you! Remember, you’re not the only business that offers lash services. There are thousands of other people out there doing it right now too. Therefore, set yourself apart from everyone else by offering quality work and make sure to be consistent.


Starting a lash business is not for everyone. It requires a significant amount of time and effort to get started truly. Some individuals who have been in the beauty industry for many years now may already have an in-house clientele that would be willing to pay a reasonable price to get their lashes done by a professional.

However, for those of you who are just starting or have no prior experience working with lashes, going to a lash party maybe your best option. It helps you create a social media presence and helps you gain a ton of clients quickly!

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