Durable and Affordable, the Perfect Flooring Option for Homes and Businesses.

In the past, finding a durable, yet affordable, perfect flooring option for any Home or Business use was not an easy task!  High-trafficked areas were often left looking worn-out and tired very quickly.  Now at last there is an ideal solution to providing a scratch, stain and bump resistant flooring, in the form of top-quality,12mm Laminate Wood Flooring sourced from a reputable, experienced, professional Flooring Specialist such as irwintiles.ie/wooden-flooring/laminate-flooring/12mm-laminate.  Being the highest level of thickness available,12mm Laminate Wood Flooring provides much higher impact resistance, hides subfloor imperfections effectively and better-quality acoustics.  Combining beauty with functionality this type of quality flooring also offers a comprehensive range of wood effect options.

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This thicker, higher-quality Laminate Wood Flooring will easily withstand daily wear-and-tear and is remarkably resilient, providing better insulation for heat retention and isolating sound. High Durability, Excellent Sound Absorption, alongside Affordability makes this product the perfect answer to many flooring dilemmas.  An innovative Click-lock installation process ensures a smooth and sleek finish and because of its unique ability to mask subfloor imperfections it provides a flatter, more even surface.

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Even though the cost of this thicker, higher-quality, laminated wood flooring is slightly more than the thinner products available, the initial investment made when originally purchasing it is quickly outweighed by the durability and natural look obtained. Regarded as the Gold-Standard in Flooring it is proving to be the perfect choice for lounges, bedrooms, offices and boardrooms.

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