Google AdWords: Management of PPC promotional campaigns

Whether it’s the first time you decide to venture into the world of online advertising or that you’re already familiar with the world of Web marketing and Google AdWords, here we have few tips and ideas to better manage your PPC campaign.

What we are going to list are the essential activities for an advertising promotion, however if you do not have proper idea about promotional campaigns, we advise you to further take help from PPC PRO AdWords management professionals, as it is a quite complex method. But if you are familiar with Google AdWords or you want to take ideas for better conversation with professionals for your business then we have 9 tips for you follow to better manage your PPC campaign.

1) Define the objectives

What is the purpose you propose to obtain from the AdWords campaign? Do you want to increase traffic to the site or sales related to products or services? Do you want visitors to take a specific action, such as signing up for the newsletter?

Defining the objectives of the campaign in a clear way is the basis of an effective marketing campaign.

2) Choose the target

Who are you trying to intercept? Which market segment does the AdWords campaign target?

Targeting the public to be intercepted will allow users to optimize conversions and at the same time reduce the investment needed for the campaign.

3) Define the budget

Online marketing does not require exorbitant sums and, if the budget available is limited, you can still afford to advertise online.

A well-structured and organized marketing campaign does not necessarily have to cost a fortune. Very often, 1 simple click costing $2 allows you to earn up to $200.

4) Define the product

What is the area of activity of the product / service? On which product / service will the AdWords campaign be concentrated? This phase will allow to obtain the strengths of what you will propose to the users.

5) Select the appropriate keywords

The selection of the keywords, or user searches, will make the relevant advertising with the latter.

When choosing keywords, it is essential to select also the reverse ones to prevent your ad from being displayed for an irrelevant search.

6) Design effective ads

If the ads that appear are not interesting, you will surely lose potential contact or sales opportunities.

Through ads strictly related to the selected keywords, you will get the maximum correspondence between the user query and the sponsored campaign.

7) Create a Landing Page

To maximize conversions, it’s important to land users on a dedicated page created specifically for the campaign, a Landing Page.

There is nothing more harmful than to land the user on a generic page of the site when you are promoting a specific product instead.

8) Check results

Google AdWords allows the advertiser to monitor the progress of promotional campaigns at any time of the day.

Monitoring campaigns is essential to ensure that the investment is delivering results.

9) Optimization of PPC promotional campaigns

The secret of a successful marketing campaign is the constant and periodic optimization of the same.

The steps to follow are: launching the campaign, testing it, checking the results, optimizing the ads or landing page, checking the results, optimizing, etc.

In the end, we can say that there is no perfect campaign and creating an effective one from the first attempt is really very difficult.

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